Venezuela’s today is China’s tomorrow, says Miles Kwok


Dear friends,

I am in Washington DC today (24th Jan), saying hello to everyone in the best hotel behind the White House. Today’s topic is Venezuela.

The great news happening in Venezuela has inspired all of us. When the people walk down onto the streets, the number of demonstrators outpaces any army or forces of the police.

Venezuela’s democratic undertaking was firstly recognized by the president of the United States, and dozens of countries followed Trump to give their endorsements.

This is significant to us Chinese. 40 years ago at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square when millions walked out the streets, if China’s efforts for democracy had been endorsed by the US, the June Fourth Movement must have achieved a success.

At that time, top CCP officials were prepared to flee. If the Chinese had had a bit more persistence, things could be completely different.

As I said last year, if millions of Chinese shut off and left their vehicles on Beijing streets for a week, the CCP government would come to an end immediately. We don’t have to do anything. Those Chinese soldiers are kids born in the 80s or 90s; I don’t think they would act against the people and raise their guns to shoot.

The event in Venezuela today gives us a very good example. China can also have a peaceful transition without bleeding. We do not have to go through a violent revolution to bring about freedom, democracy and the rule of law to China. No reckoning, no violence, just give the rights to the people or to the government to be elected by the people.

This is our goal. We must use peaceful ways to overthrow the CCP government. But those several top CCP leaders must be punished, like Maduro of Venezuela who must be later be eliminated.

I have been to Venezuela and I met Maduro once. This dictatorship must be eliminated. But the Venezuela people have waited too long.

They key problem with Venezuela is oil -petrol and the money around it. CCP’s collaboration with Venezuela is also about the oil. China’s Norinco sold lots of weaponry and military facilities to Venezuela, also for the purpose of taking control of its oil. This is a huge challenge to the US.

When the people of Venezuela are suffering poverty and hunger, the CCP government and Venezuela’s dictatorship work together to steal the wealth of the local people by way of trade and debt diplomacy.

I met Hugo Chavez several times. Once Chavez was not happy when I challenged his governance of dictatorship, because I have come to understand fully that his government was no more than a group of traitors and all they care about was how to survive a day longer.

Yesterday after the event, I asked some friends from the US military, the Pentagon or the Department of Defense about their views on China. They all have told me that similar thing must happen in China too, and very soon. And the US will also be the first to give its support, together with its western allies. They have the consensus in this respect.

When I asked them what’s next with the trade war if the CCP government has agreed to a structural change, they told me that with the structural change, they mean a government change, from dictatorship to democracy. I was shocked to hear this. Actually we have the same goal, but different interpretations. The idea is the same: to overthrow the CCP regime in China. We now understand that “the structural reform is a political reform, a change of the political system”.

Seeing the doubts in my eyes, these US military officials assured me of their determination that although the top level of Trump’s Administration looks a kind of chaos, the base at all levels is firm; although the government has been shut down for over a month, the system is still running well. If the Chinese government is shut down for a single day, the CCP system shall collapse immediately, I told them.

They too understand that the top levels of the CCP’s system look firm, but the whole system from top to bottom actually is weak and easy to break. In case of one significant event, the whole system will collapse. I completely agree with them. This is the fundamental difference between a dictatorship and a democracy with the rule of law. That sounds very interesting.

Following the collapse of Venezuela’s dictatorship, the CCP regime must be the next. Anyone coming to Washington DC and talk to US officials would all come to this understanding that the US is united when it comes to dealing with the CCP regime in China. Even though there is a change of government in the US by the democrats, things against China won’t change a bit.

The US felt it a shame to have been hacked, cheated, and played around by the CCP. In addition, they are astonished when they hear of how Muslim people in Xinjiang have been abused by the CCP, the story that I have repeated over and over here in Washington. As far as I know, more than one million Xinjiang residents have been detained or persecuted; many Muslim villages were just eliminated. If you check the satellite map of Xinjiang, you would tell the difference of how many of the remote villages have disappeared in the past ten years. The conditions in Tibet are similar.

Also in this room ten years ago, I asked a US official what as a key factor would cause the collapse of the CCP government. I was told that it’s the awakening of its people, besides an economic slowdown. I did not think that we have to wait so long.

I told them that the US has the responsibility to safeguard international human rights and common values of the world. Human rights violation in China also threatens the values and security of the American people. Therefore, the US government must stand up to act. I am greatly honored that they fully agree to my remarks.

With his speech at Davos Economic Forum, Wang Qishan is once again playing around his games to deceive the world. Behind, what he wants is trying to steal money from your pocket. You westerners must be aware of this.

They asked for my advice. And I told them, “What the US should do is to follow the CCP traitors along, make a deal with them with conditions and watch closely if they keep the promises to make “those structural changes”. If they do, you win; if they don’t, take their assets (as conditions to their promises). ”

I told the American officials about a European Bank under US sanctions and asked them to investigate. The bank has a branch in Doha in the Middle East and another branch in Beijing. The amount they have been dealing is huge, and over 90% in the Chinese currency RMB. Beijing has tried hard to challenge the status of the US dollar. With the Belt and Road Initiative, they are going to take down the world with the 3F and BGY schemes. Their threats to the west are real and terrifying. They did go there for investigations and things proved to be true. They are astonished.

Now I seem to hear the sound of steps of freedom and democracy coming near. I can feel the dust of a strong force within the country of China against the CCP regime. And I know that the United States is planning for something really big against the communist government in Beijing. Everyone seems to be waiting for something to happen. We can all feel that from our intelligence in China.

The Sino-US trade war has given the US government an opportunity to test the weakness or strength of the Chinese government, to see clearly the weak points and strong points of the CCP regime. The Sino-US trade war has helped the Trump Administration to beat the grass and force out the snake in panic. The Sino-US trade war has taught the US military which part of the CCP’s weakness they should attack.

Dear friends, we cannot help but to feel very happy about things to take place. Never in history have we experienced such an exciting moment. Don’t be annoyed by those several flies in front of your big meal.

In 2019, you will see both the tigers and flies shall be beaten. You will see the CCP traitors in the US like the homeless dogs or rats running across the streets. Their assets in the US shall be confiscated. We hope many friends would make a good fortune with our revolutionary whistle blows. Many overseas friends will have the chance to go back to China soon. This is our good news.

As you know, we are going to have an exciting time on the eve of Chinese Spring Festival. We will have a wonderful and entertaining night while the traitors are sleepless.

Everything is just beginning.

Let’s pray for the well-being of the Chinese people.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff writer


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