US$8.7 billions fine tells the world that the CCP is a Mafia-like organization of organized crime


The Dalian Intermediate People’s Court yesterday levied a 60 billion yuan (US$8.7 billion) fine against a company said to be controlled by exiled billionaire Miles Kwok now living in his penthouse in New York.

Miles Kwok said in his whistle blow soon after the penalty was announced that the actual amount should be about US$13 billion when related fees and charges were included.

“I invested a total of 18 billion yuan and by yesterday owns 1.8 billion shares in Fangzheng Securities. Yesterday they announced to confiscate this 18 billion yuan plus a fine of 60 billion. This makes up a total of 78 billion yuan or about US$ 13 billion”, said Miles Kwok.

The Dalian Court found Beijing Zenith Holdings Co. and two individuals guilty of coercing investors into a series of transactions between 2008 and 2014 that allowed Miles Kwok to gain control of a local securities brokerage.

“How could I have the ability to force a CCP-controlled (60% shares) Minzu Securities and another Fangzheng Securities controlled (80% shares) by families of the CCP standing committee members into a series of transactions? The only reason is that I have launched corruption accusations against these CCP officials, and they are not happy about that. ” Miles Kwok remarked, adding that the other main shareholders include China Aviation Administration and Beijing University respectively.

Chinese netizens giggled that this might be the biggest fine ever in human history against a private businessman, which is nothing but revenge by the CCP abusing the nation’s rule of law.

The CCP may think that this will increase its pressure on the exiled businessman and government critic with his allegations of corruption among the Communist Party elite.

Earlier Beijing authorities have fined Chinese celebrity Fan Bingbing more than US$130 million over tax evasion and ordered her to pay back US$130 million in taxes.

“When these figures are out, they sound ridiculous and shameful”, says Miles, “it also tells that Miles Kwok’s Seven Principles are urgently needed in China in respect of the rule of law. The case is another powerful evidence that these CCP officials are truly state traitors, the CCP a mafia-like organization of organized criminals. There is no supervision at all with the case by the people or any third party. They have made up the stories and all the court materials are fabricated stuff.”

If Dalian Court had made a conclusion that Miles Kwok and his company had been found innocent and dropped his case, the CCP might have won the applaud of the international community that China is a country under the rule of law. Now this sentence, together with the disappearance of Interpol president Meng Hongwei, has shown the whole world that China is a total disgrace and the rule of law is completely out of existence under CCP.

The president of Interpol, who vanished last week after returning to his homeland, is under investigation for possible criminal activity as his wife voiced concern in France for his life after he sent her a final text message with a knife emoji.

“The CCP has been the biggest scandal in the world, “says Miles Kwok, “One year after I started these whistle-blows against the CCP, the state traitors have become so angry with shame that they have used all means to defame me and my colleagues. They are more in panic as the press conference is drawing near to reveal the murder of HNA Chairman Wang Jian in November.”

As retaliation, according to Miles, he already has an agreement with The University of Texas Foundation, together with other funds in the US, who has finalized a bill to punish 1700 Chinese companies and 150 financial institutions, including China’s all state-owned banks. A united force from the western world’s major economies will act with sanctions against these Chinese entities.

“We have finalized the legal procedures yesterday evening,” says Miles Kwok, “The same night when the Dalian Court in China announced the penalty on my business, the agreement is reached in the US, apparently a gift from God who has his plans in heavens.”

Earlier this month, Miles Kwok claimed Washington is conducting as many as 18 secret investigations into communist party officials, and that he expects them to be completed within the next three weeks. China’s Hainan Airlines Corporation and its leadership are reportedly a target for some of the investigations.

Miles said that similar actions targeting other Chinese officials will soon be forthcoming, including the potential seizure of properties in the U.S. belonging to former President Jiang Zemin, premier Zhu Rongji and current Vice President Wang Qishan.

Today we notice that Miles Kwok is wearing a US Secret Service emblem with the authority of law enforcement. Apparently as a US citizen and an officer of the US Secret Service under the Department of Homeland Security, Miles Kwok has shouldered a special mission to investigate into criminal cases. Miles says his first step is going to be in the financial sector.

Markets have responded to the escalation of trade war with the US. China’s stocks have dropped over 22% in half a year and yesterday’s performance has been one of the worst.

“Please keep an eye on China’s stock market next week, and the Hong Kong Stocks as well”, Miles Kwok remarked, “We are going to see another big drama ready to take the stage.”

By Cloudy Seagail


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