The Tide Is Turning For Trump, And America Will Not Give Up the Fight


I think the tide is turning in Trump’s favor this week, writes Molly McCann on Wednesday. McCain, from the Powell firm (Sidney Powell, P.C.), said: “We should have felt this shift at least a week ago, but it’s not too late if we pick up the pace and break things up.” So, what positive changes have occurred?


On Wednesday, Republican members of the Pennsylvania legislature held a lengthy hearing at a hotel in Gettysburg, where multiple witnesses testified to election fraud and illegalities. Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis answered questions, and the president himself (who was scheduled to appear in person) called in to offer his opinion.

The benefits of the hearing are twofold.

First, it began providing evidence of fraud to the American people. Americans need to hear the realities of this election, and the need for electoral integrity is bound to grow. As national outrage grows, our chances of winning this victory will increase.

Second, the hearings begin to empower the legislature to act if necessary. The duties of the legislature include preventing “scandal, intrigue, and corruption” in the election of the President of the United States. If this has happened in every state (and the evidence strongly suggests that it has) and the popular vote has been damaged beyond repair, it is the responsibility of the legislature to step in and choose its own electors.

Meanwhile, on the legal front, a Pennsylvania judge has also suspended certification of the state’s election and will hold a hearing on the 27th.


The Michigan Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of the denial of the injunction, but it was not a complete or final denial. Plaintiffs will still be able to fight for their audits. The Michigan Supreme Court currently has a Republican majority. On January 1, 2021, the majority party will flip to the Democratic Party. We must act quickly in Michigan.


As you know, Milwaukee and Dane counties in Wisconsin are counting votes on an ongoing basis. I’ve been hearing positive reports suggesting that Republicans have an opportunity to step in and challenge many votes, but ultimately, I think Wisconsin can only be dealt with through litigation over illegal ballots. After the recount is complete, the Trump campaign may be seeking to expedite the lawsuit. In Wisconsin, the difference between Biden and Trump is only about 20,000 votes.


As I said, it’s too early to know how this will play out. But we have seen the SCOTUS speak up about their concerns and the Republican legislature muster the courage and begin to demand answers. The evidence that has been presented to the people, and the evidence that is about to be presented, all suggest that we may finally be at an inflection point. If so, it’s not too early, but importantly, it’s not too late either.

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: Ranting


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