Expose the criminals and hold them accountable


The Sting Operation Will Put The Whole Democrats’ Ballot Fraud To An End

Just as both parties in the US are entering the judicial process over massive voter fraud, and just as people worry about whether the CCP’s 3F plan of bringing the US into chaos has succeeded, social media is exploding with a huge bombshell.

On November 5th, Mr. Owen Shroyer posted an exclusive video on his “War Room With Owen Shroyer” entitled: “Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!”

Dr. Steve Pieczenik came on the interview and claimed that the official ballots across America were watermarked, and the Democrats would get caught if they attempt to cheat! A similar story had already caught on Twitter and in the Whistleblower circles earlier that same day but was not officially reported. Perhaps the news was too good to be credible.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is by no means a nobody. He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush administrations.

In this video, Dr. Piechenick said he had just been allowed to speak out about it. It turns out that in 2016 President Trump and a group of honorable figures in the US military, intelligence community, and government understood exactly how corrupt the Democrats’ machinery is and their intention to steal the country back in the next election. In preparation for this, they have secretly arranged this undercover “Sting Operation.”

The Trump administration had the Department of Homeland Security printed an isotope watermark on all legitimate ballots. This technique is called radioactive QFS water chain inscription code. The technology stores records of unique signatures that are added to the watermark so they can verify the hash information written on the blockchain (master record). This watermark cannot be swapped, making it possible to track down each individual. The U.S. Postal Service filed a patent for the QFS blockchain voting system in August 2020. (www.pat2pdf.org)

Someone has put online a memo with a message from DHS claiming there will be undercover surveillance of the election. According to guerillastocktrading’s website, while they’re not sure if the memo is real or not, they do know that the watermarked ballots, which cannot be easily copied, have been prepared well before the 2020 Election.

The August 2 issue of Law & Justice, published by the White House, entitled “President Donald J. Trump is Strengthening the Security of Our Elections,” reported that the President made it clear that his administration would not tolerate foreign interference in our elections by any nation-state or other malicious actors. Furthermore, on May 3  and  July 27, President Trump chaired National Security Council meetings to receive updates and discuss the whole-of-government approach to election security that is being implemented under his direction.

According to The Hill, back on August 22 of 2018, the DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen called on election officials in all 50 states to ensure that the ballots used during the 2020 presidential election are auditable. Nielsen wants “all state and local election officials to make certain that by the 2020 presidential election, every American vote on a verifiable and auditable ballot.” “Our systems must be resilient. We must be able to demonstrate that the votes count and that they are counted correctly,” she added. By “verifiable and auditable,” she could mean the ballots with a radioactive isotope watermark.

In the last few days, we have repeatedly heard the President refer to “illegal ballots” and “late ballots” as different forms of fraud. It’s reasonable to assume that when the President says “illegal ballots,” he’s referring to those fraudulent ballots. No wonder President Trump appeared confident and announced his victory as early as the first night of November 3. According to Sunzi’s the Art of War, as Mr. Piechenick further described, you pull back and allow the enemy to come out, manipulate the system, make all the mistakes they can make, and then you make the final kill.

It seems that this huge “Sting Operation” was not just a rumor. The whole legal proceedings with the Democrats were part of a giant fishing expedition in the swamp. It looks like the enemy can’t get away with it this time.

As the old Chinese proverb goes, “While mantis is hunting cicadas, a yellow sparrow is behind.”

Author: DC Coach

Expose the criminals and hold them accountable

We have an urgent call to bring jobs back to the U.S. At the same time, it’s necessary to hold those people responsible for shipping our jobs overseas. American workers have the right to know the truth. Their loss is not an accident – someone has taken their money and livelihood away from them and profited from the very same process. There is no doubt China is the biggest beneficiary. But the real criminals are still hiding. This article seeks to shed some light on the situation.

The American public may think China is the sole reason for their demise. However, the truth is not so black and white. The Chinese people, like the Americans, are victims of the same group of people.

The theft begins with Wall Street Capitalists and corrupt politicians here in the US. They colluded with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and created an evil business model.

Multiple pieces of evidence have emerged from Hunter Biden’s laptop, revealing the Biden family’s abnormal business dealings with CEFC China Energy Co, Jianming Ye, and Ho Chi-ping, both are reportedly senior agents of the CCP. Hunter Biden, on behalf of his family, has been taking money from them for years. In return, Joe Biden has been secretly working for their Chinese clients’ special interests. The Bidden family has profited from these arrangements tremendously. As a result, American technologies have been stolen and American jobs have lost.

The Bide family has been operating with the Chinese through questionable shell entities.

In 2012, Thornton Group LLC, Michael Lin, assisted a business dealing between Prospect Global Resources, Archer, and Sichuan Chemical, in which the former would provide Potash fertilizer to the latter. In 2016, Bohai LLC purchased Henniges Automotive. Both Thornton and Bohai are inextricably related to Hunter Biden, according to the emails and voice recordings on the laptop.

How were these two funded? Where did they originate from? What was the corporate structure? Who had the real control of them? Complicated, but they are all related to Hunter.

American businesses in certain industries are prohibited from market access to China unless they share their technologies or set up a joint venture with their Chinese counterparts. Most of these businesses have foolishly accepted the terms, and moved their factories to China, hollowing out our own industrial base in the US. Meanwhile, as soon as the Chinese companies have acquired the technology, they gradually kick out their American partners, resulting in both losses of business and loss of American jobs.

As if this is not enough, the CCP treats the Chinese people as slave labor, abusing its price advantage internationally and decimate the industries of countries like the US.

Assuming that Prospect Global had sold the Potash fertilizer to Sichuan Chemical or the Henniges Automotive sold some technology to its Chinese partners, a Chinese factory would process them with Chinese workers rather than American workers. Eventually, they sold their products at an incredibly low price to dominate the U.S. market.

When granted by regulations and championed by corrupt politicians, many American companies would like to migrate everything to China. They would rather hire Chinese labor with $1 per hour or less than American workers at $20 per hour. How could there be such a huge disparity? Because the CCP has very loose labor laws to make the Chinese worker’s modern-day slave labor.

In many cases, the products made in China are manufactured exclusively for export. No one in China could purchase these products in their own country. So we end up with an ironic situation where American companies don’t create jobs at home but take advantage of the market at home and the Chinese companies make products their own population cannot enjoy

Last but not the least, Wall Street capitalists are not satisfied with making money slowly. Once they invest the money inChina, they take them public in the US stock market, fabricating business activities to attract funding from the US market. Note the Prospect Global mentioned above is listed in NASDAQ: PRGX. How the business operates in China is actually unclear.

They have scaled this practice to a point where the US stock market even has a category called China concepts stock. This set of companies do not abide by the same financial regulations as the ones in the United States, making it very easy for them to commit fraud. This practice is explicitly discussed in the Biden emails.

Unfortunately, what Biden’s laptop reveals is only the tip of an iceberg. Thousands of similar cases of the multinational crime groups exist. They have committed the crime together to take the money away from ordinary people. They have been at it for many years.

Biden’s laptop gives us a glance. This group of people will, by all means, defend their own interests and keep the status quo. There is only one way out: expose them and hold them accountable.

Author: Professor
Source: G-news


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