Michael Bloomberg plans to create chaos in a plot called “Red Mirage”


According to Lude Live on Nov 2, Michael Bloomberg’s plan to create chaos in the US has been exposed. The mainstream media will disclose detailed evidence soon.

Bloomberg is funding Antifa via an operation called “Red Mirage”. On the day of the US Presidential election, Red Mirage (flame) will be “in display” according to the voting timeline.

In addition, 39% of the mail-in ballots are being “transferred elsewhere” in order to change the outcome of the election.

The legitimacy of the election will be challenged if Trump declares victory on the night of the election on Nov 3. Protests throughout the US will put pressure on President Trump to delay his announcement about the final result of the election.

The goal of this plot is to encourage riots and lawsuits until all the mail-in ballots, including the fake ones, are counted to ensure a Biden win.

The Chinese State Media highlights “three problems” ahead of the US presidential election which is in sync with the CCP’s three strategies to defeat the US.

Xi Jinping and the senior Chinese kleptocrats have come up with three strategies to defeat the US, which also appeared in the “Red Mirage” training materials to defeat Trump:

  1. Pandemic: Use pandemic to stir up resentment against Trump. There are over 100K daily infections in the US.
  2. Riots: Antifa is organizing protests funded by the CCP and its enablers like Bloomberg.
  3. Stock market: Stock price keeps falling before the election. The CCP and its Wall Street colluders are using the stock market to influence the election.

Mr. Bloomberg has business ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He praised the Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan as the “most powerful man in the world”.

Mr. Bloomberg entered the 2020 race for President to “defeat Donald Trump” but later had to drop out. In his own statement, which is now made clear by his Red Mirage plot: “I am leaving the race for the same reason: to defeat Donald Trump – because it is clear to me that staying in would make achieving that goal more difficult.”

Mr. Bloomberg is one of CCP’s enablers in the US. Chinese dissident Miles Guo said months ago in one of his live broadcasts that Mr. Bloomberg and Joe Biden were CCP’s “double gun” strategy to put a CCP’s enabler in the White House.

Mr. Lude said Michael Bloomberg is also in Biden’s “Hard Drive from Hell”. The detail is yet to be disclosed.

Many media outlets have access to the content of Biden’s hard drives which is available in the Cloud. But many are reluctant to disclose. Some media outlets are also compromised by the CCP with evidence in Biden’s hard drives.

Lude also added that President Trump might fire the directors of FBI & CIA, and the Secretary of Defense immediately after his reelection.

By GM 35

The dark era is coming – CCP’s treacherous 3F strategy nearly succeed in the U.S

More and more political, business, entertainment elites have exposed by GTV, a free speech social media platform, because of their involvement in Biden’s corruption Ecosystem. It reminds me of the message Mr. Miles Guo delivered during his first press conference in Washington on 5/10/2017. He said: I want to inform all American people and draw all your attention to two evil plans by CCP kleptocrats. These two plans would enmesh all Americans to an abyss of failures. Chinese communist party’s “3F plan” and “BGY plan” have been implemented nearly successfully in the U.S, the dark era is coming. People, be prepared for it.

That was my first time knowing that CCP has such a big treacherous plan to weaken America, to steal from America, and eventually to fail America. It sounds like a very mysterious plan for me at that time. But today, when Biden’s empire of corruption has emerged to the surface, I know that the message delivered by Miles three years ago is true. Winter is truly coming!

Let’s look at who has onboarded Biden’s Empire of Corruption:

  • Mark Zuckerberg, one of Biden’s business partners, is the CEO of the most popular social media Facebook with a net worth of over $100 billion
  • Barack Hussein Obama, also Biden’s partner, shared US$1 billion profit with Biden by making a deal with China half year before he left office as the 44th President of the United States of America in 2017
  • CIA has received 47 hard disks regarding Biden’s corruption since 2013, but did not conduct any investigation
  • FBI has got Hunter Biden’s laptop since Dec 2019 but did not follow up on it either

Biden has built a relationship with China since 1973 when he first visited China as a senate. Biden has slowly risen as a star in the United States political arena in the last 47 years. While, during the same period of time, CCP top political leaders have changed four times. Biden still stands firmly in American politics and now is even runs against President Trump for the 2020 presidential election.

“1/10 pieces of evidence in the laptop are enough to send Biden to jail,” Rudy Giuliani told the media after he checked the hard drive. It is time to arrest and finish this worst criminal in the USA’s political history.

My eyeballs popped out when I saw Lady Gaga in Hunter’s sex video and Chinese celebrity Liu Yifei cracking with Biden. It was said that Tom Cruise was also inside the laptop and more details to be released soon.

A recently released audio record shows it clearly that Hunter Biden knew that his Chinese business partner Ye Jianming is a spy chief of CCP. Hunter Biden’s CEO/ business partner Tony Bobulinski revealed in the famous Tucker Show that Joe Biden knew every step of his son’s business affairs, and closely monitored his family members to ensure they followed his instructions. When Bobulinski asked Jim Biden (Joe’s brother) how can they get away with this in the future. Jim Biden replied: “Plausible deniability.”

Their logic is that as long as they deny all that they have done, no one can really expose their crimes. That is why Joe Biden insisted even yesterday that it is him not his son running the election. In their mind, Americans will be “managed” the same as Chinese people in mainland China – whoever dares to challenge them and tell the truth will be punished severely very soon.

The dark era of the USA in on Americans’ doorstep, the dark era for the whole world will descent right after when Biden is elected. Wake up all righteous people. We need to crush their treacherous plans, send all these criminals to the place they belong to.

By Himalayas New Zealand


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