US House issues Strengthening America Report sanctioning China High ranking officials


The Republican Study Committee (RSC) issued a report, entitled “Strengthening America & Countering Global Threats,” detailing over 130 solutions to counter America’s most aggressive global adversaries, including the TOUGHEST SANCTIONS EVER PROPOSED by Congress against the Chinese Communist Party.

“With the release of the RSC National Security Strategy, conservatives are making crystal clear to both our allies and adversaries that we are committed to standing for America’s core principles of liberty, human rights, free markets and maintaining peace through strength, and against authoritarianism and aggression,” said Mike Johnson, Chairman of RSC, the largest caucus of conservatives in the House of Representatives.

“As Chairman of the Republican Study Committee National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force, I have worked for over a year meeting with top experts on foreign affairs for focused conservative solutions to the frustrating foreign policy challenges in the world. I am grateful that this effort has led to our package of over 130 policy proposals for Congress, tackling many important issues,” Joe Wilson said, “American leadership is needed now, more than ever. The U.S.-led order based in freedom, human rights, and rule of law is at risk from China, Russia, Iran, and others. This package of tough but targeted proposals would impose the toughest sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party, Russia, and Iran in history and reassert Congress’ role in foreign policy. ”

The report highlights the sanctions against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as follows:

  • Preserving American leadership: The strategy stands up to the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to reorient today’s world order to one based in authoritarianism by standing strongly for American values of freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and open markets.
  • A tough but targeted approach to China: The strategy offers the toughest package of sanctions ever proposed by Congress on the Chinese Communist Party. It would specifically sanction the entire United Front Work Department and senior CCP leaders, including members of the Politburo for their malign influence campaigns, internment of Uyghurs, and assault on Hong Kong. The strategy proposes targeted measures rather than broad-based tariffs that may hurt the U.S. economy.

These CCP high-ranking officials include Han Zheng, Wang Yang, Xia Baolong, Luo Huining and others.

Details of the report can be downloaded here:

>[FINAL] NSTF Report

Source: US House of Representatives


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