US Election: New Federal State of China is the biggest winner, says Miles Guo


Warrior friend, I am now making an important announcement: President Trump will win Arizona.

If Trump can take back any one of the battleground states, it will be a great turn over, and a game-changing.

President Trump will win this election due to the support of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). And Americans will be saved this time because of our NFSC. No other reasons!

No matter what happens in the future, I can tell you, friends, although I cannot get into too much detail today, people can be sure that this time it is our NFSC that has saved America and the whole world.

If you have looked at things with the mind having been brainwashed by the Communist Party or the traditional Chinese philosophy and life logic, almost all our warrior friends can be seen as “people having mental problems”.

This mental pressure is huge. Under such pressure, one pursues only one result: to prove that he has done the right things.

We are not politicians, nor statesmen; we are true fighters in our hearts and souls eager to save the Chinese people as well as this world from destruction.

You do not have to prove to others what you have said was right or not. This time, our fellow fighters really need to think seriously about this: we are not doing any prediction or guess or give ourselves plainly to luck; we don’t get emotional because of courage or the course for justice. That won’t make much sense.

If the CCP has not committed the fraud or the CCP has not interfered in the U.S. election; if there have not been some dead people coming alive to vote, President Trump would not have the chance to win this election.

Or, if President Trump had won on election night, the ending would not have been comical as such.

I foresaw the election result to be ridiculous; and it turns out to be such comical.

The greatest beneficiary here is our Whistleblowers’ Movement. Because we have proved to America and the whole world that our G-TV and G-news are the best and our warrior friends following the Whistleblowers’ Movement are the best.

We are the ones who have demonstrated the best moral character of justice. And we have proved in absolute terms that we are reliable with our words and we are the ones who have understood the CCP the best.

We sure to have shown that our New Federal State of China is the best to represent the Chinese people.

How much is this credibility worth? I am not exaggerating: one trillion dollars, ten trillion dollars, or whatever numbers you can put. The value can never be measured in the form of cash.

From this moment of today after Arizona announced the win for Trump, all fellow friends will double or triple their wealth if they have bought our Gclub shares. All who have invested in G-TV and G-series will make that much money as you can imagine.

Because in the future, its value cannot be measured by money. It’s not about money; it’s about your credit. It’s the best choice that you show to your family and friends who misunderstood you in making all those “unreasonable” decisions in relation to the Whistleblowers’ Movement.

“You are unique! You are different!” They would tell.


Going into a deeper level. With the CCP in China, they want to wait until America’s election is fully settled.

Within the lifespan and vision of the CCP, they fear America the most. And they have mostly hoped to conquer the Americans.

Without the money and technology from America, the CCP is void like bullshit!

From the times of the Kuomingtang, the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989, to the brutal crackdown today in Hong Kong, it was the Americans who had given them the chance to survive.

Once the American affair is fully settled, the CCP can decide what to do next.

“Wait!” they would say, “at least we are not going to allow Ant Financial to go for its IPO. We will need the American affair to be fully settled so that we can take it back at any time.”

They would say, “I can distribute the benefits any time later.”

The CCP would make the balance with its bets against the risks. When they see the risks with the listing, they put Ant Financial’s IPO on hold. This is the CCP’s “Winner-takes-all” policy.

Are there any other implications? Obviously, the CCP leadership at Zhongnanhai was confident that Joe Biden would win the election with their help.

But when the CCP found out that there remained a backdoor for its fabrication, they suddenly…I am not going into detail here.

So, you see, the CCP knows that they are in big trouble now. They think it too dangerous to congratulate Biden. They know that once Donald Trump recovers from his setback, he must give a severe blow to the CCP.

So, they decided not to send congratulations to Joe Biden. And it won’t do any harm as Biden is just a puppet under their control. Together Biden and the CCP have done those bad and dirty things with those girls, right?

For the United States or any other country to officially recognize our New Federal State of China, this could be breaking news like shooting a satellite into the moon or Mars. It is a very difficult thing to happen.

That would mean a total game-changer in human society. That could be much bigger than the U.S. presidential election. And we must face the reality, right?

What about the possibilities? In my opinion, without the election fraud, President Trump may give us a vague recognition. He needs to wait until the CCP is eliminated. You know in the U.S., President Trump does not make all the decisions. He has to listen to public opinion and the whole system. Then the world order can be changed.

But after this fraudulent election, especially after President Trump has gone through the difficulties like close to death, after his recovery from Covid in hospital, with a message he carries from God, things could be greatly different: The CCP has just given us such a big gift!

Now the possibility is over 51 percent. I really wanted to say this in yesterday’s broadcast: who is the biggest winner? The Whistleblowers’ Movement is the biggest winner!

Think about this! What Americans would think when the CCP has factually come to their houses and burn them down!

“They have come to change my home rules and kick us out of our own houses! They even forced us to take a Fake father! What does this mean?”

This is a serious matter. It’s a matter of life and death.

By Miles Guo
Translation by staff


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