Updates on Hong Kong and global fight against Communist dictatorship

Hong Kong riot police uses pepper spray in Mongkok district on Sunday.

On October 14, the US Congress will vote on the “Hong Kong Human Right and Democracy Act of 2019”. This Act is expected to pass without a hitch. Thanks America! God bless Hong Kong!

October 13th, the highlight of Guo Wengui’s live broadcast :The US will definitely impose sanctions on the status of Hong Kong free trade zone and Hong Kong officials! The bill of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act will be passed !

On Monday, several heavily armed police officers wrestled down an elderly man wearing a mask. The brutal police forces not only made chaos but a humanitarian crisis in Hong Kong.

A man with learning disabilities who was arrested in Hong Kong on Saturday night on suspicion of being involved in an anti-government protest was denied treatment for 15 hours, according to his lawyer.

Hong Kong doctors work in secret to help protesters, according to VOA. A medical worker who specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and is not connected with the Hidden Clinic said she has treated 60 to 80 patients.

Hong Kong protesters started to use new flashmob strategy to avoid arrest. A homemade bomb was detonated in Hong Kong on Sunday amid violent protests, the police said on Monday.

Tearing a page out of ancient Chinese military philosophy, black-clad protesters in Hong Kong changed tactics and wreaked havoc by popping up in small groups in multiple locations across the city on Sunday, pursued by but also often eluding police who made scores of arrests, AP said in its latest report with ABC.

It further tells that changing strategies to adapt to shifting circumstances is a notion deeply engrained in Chinese thinking, notably detailed in Sun Tzu’s ancient military treatise The Art of War, and inspiring Mao Zedong’s Communist revolutionaries on their route to seizing power in China in 1949.

Senator Ted Cruz recently travelled to Hong Kong to learn about the situation there in personal. Returning to the U.S., Ted Cruz said in his interview with CBS “Face the Nation” on October 13: “I’ll tell you what’s happening here in Hong Kong is inspiring. We’ve seen over two million people come to the streets standing up for freedom, standing up for democracy and standing up against the oppression of the Chinese communist regime. And I think it is very much in the United States’ interest to support the people of Hong Kong. I’m here, I’m dressed in all black standing in solidarity with the protesters.”

“The protests are continuing full force, and I’ll tell you something that really illustrates just how powerful the protests are is what we’ve seen happen with the NBA this past week.” Cruz added.

Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon said over the weekend, “The New York Times article marked the awakening of the mainstream media in confronting the CCP’s threats to the United States and the world”.

Bannon pointed out that the awakening is far from enough. “We must fight for the basic values of the United States and the western world like the young people in the streets of Hong Kong who confront the CCP without fear,” he said.

Chinese president Xi Jinping has warned that any attempt to divide China will be crushed, as Beijing faces political challenges in months-long protests in Hong Kong and US criticism over its treatment of Muslim minority groups.

“Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones,” he told Nepal’s prime minister, KP Sharma Oli, in a meeting on Sunday, according to China’s state broadcaster CCTV.

The world shall finally see the Communist regime of China and its dictators end in destruction with their “bodies crushed and bones shattered”.

By Cloudy Seagail

Hong Kong police brutality: blind! drown! shooting!raped! – The people of Hong Kong never fear! Hong Kong people are immortal!


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