Updates by Guo Wengui for united battle against the Communist Regime

Protesters in Hong Kong international airport.

Dear warrior friends! Today is September 9 and I am here live broadcasting on updates of Hong Kong. We have many good news coming in.

In the past two days, some warrior friends from Hong Kong came here for a meeting with me. I have felt a mixed feeling of fire and water, with excitement as well as sadness.

My excitement comes from the judgment that the CCP has come to its doom and its days are numbered. My excitement also comes from the increasing proactive acts of protests in Hong Kong streets that have drawn widespread attention from the international community.

My sadness comes from the fact that too many anonymous heroes in Hong Kong were beaten, injured, detained, made disappear, or extradited to the mainland by the evil armed forces. Some had their arms and legs broken, necks twisted, and bruises all over their bodies.

A warrior friend who used to be a mainland official told me that he was assured more than 2,000 have been arrested and taken into mainland prisons, and more arrests have also been made within the mainland. He was sure more people in the mainland were “invited to tea”, having their family members harassed, fired from their jobs or having their assets confiscated.

He told that the protesters are not backing down. Many of them have come from the mainland and joined the Hong Kongers in protests. Many mainlanders have risked their lives to give donations, supplies, advice, and information of the CCP’s movements, besides coming to the front to fight.

I was shocked and surprised to learn that so many mainlanders have participated in this movement and they will soon become the forces to push forward a similar pro-democratic movement in the mainland.

He mentioned in particular some warrior friends from Hubei province. From the very beginning, they provided lots of helmets and masks to the protesters; they worked with contacts within the CCP government to provide information to Hong Kongers to avoid running into traps of the CCP.

I was both excited  for their courage and determination and and worried for their safety.

I was also told that the number of deaths in Hong Kong streets must be far more than eight or ten. Because many of them have come from the mainland, they cannot be counted for in case of death. The CCP has treated them with more cruelty than the Hong Kongers once arrested.

And it is well-known now that most of the armed police in Hong Kong streets have come from the mainland. That’s why the legislative council on September third has questioned the head of police of some policemen’s failure to show their numbers.

These Hong Kong friends expressed their gratitude because our Expose Revolution had given Hong Kongers warnings before August the first about the CCP’s planned actions of martial law in Hong Kong. The CCP had planned to create chaos in the city by fires or deaths so that they could enforce the martial law. But our whistle blows and warnings successfully stopped them from causing disasters.

They told that in Hong Kong today, there are too many anonymous heroes. For example, many car drivers, bus drivers and truck drivers intentionally stopped or slowed down their vehicles in tunnels to delay actions of the PLA troops and armed police.

Compared to the active participation of mainlanders in the pro-democratic movement, the Taiwanese people have let us down to have evaded their responsibilities, with which I am very disappointed.

Yesterday afternoon I was most anxious waiting for information of developments at the Hong Kong international airport. That was a critical battleground.

People around the world have been accustomed to judging the situation in Hong Kong by whether there is a massacre similar to the 1989 Tiananmen Square or a martial law by the PLA troops. This is the grief and disgrace of our time.

What has happened in Hong Kong airport is significant in this movement. The CCP leadership has ordered to ban any further gathering of over 100 people at the airport for protests. But their emergency measures and threats have not stopped the turning out of over 10 thousand courageous Hong Kongers.

We have seen many PLA soldiers in Hong Kong riot police uniforms making their awkward appearances at the airport with various kinds of weapons from the mainland. Some were seen and filmed changing their uniforms at street corners. We know that Wang Qishan and Han Zheng have given them dead commands to defend the airport.

Last week, we revealed that the CCP had changed back-end computer data to disrupt the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and this was actually a “nuclear war” in the finance sector. Few U.S. friends would believe that. But we have proved that by revealing concrete evidence in the following 24 hours.

A week ago, in a live-broadcast with Mr. Steve Bannon, we announced the CCP’s plan to wage a war against Taiwan. Later I told that the CCP was trying to control Hong Kong’s futures market by rewriting back-end data as the computer system was constructed by Founder Group of Peking University.

Besides the chief executive Carrie Lam, Charles Li Xiaojia is the key figure in Hong Kong as he is the chief executive of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He is at the core of this financial manipulation, a representative of the CCP traitors.

Today in Dallas in the state of Texas, about 100 noted financiers have gathered for an emergency meeting against the CCP. I was supposed to attend their dinner tonight but I had to give it up for a meeting with our Hong Kong friends here. These financiers were shocked by the disruption of Hong Kong futures market manipulated by the CCP.

These several days, the U.S. Congress and government departments, as well as governments of the European Union, are most concerned about the actual number of deaths in Hong Kong and they have asked me about this.

Evidence of these three aspects (death tolls, manipulation of stock markets and crackdown by PLA troops in Hong Kong) is very important for them in consideration of actions to be taken against the Hong Kong government and the CCP regime.

As far as I know, both the Republican and Democratic Parties are unprecedentedly united in the House of Representatives in consensus to deal with the CCP regime. They are considering cancellation of Hong Kong as a Free Trade Zone, suspension of the U.S. & Hong Kong Relation Act, and passing the Hong Kong Human Rights Act, in additional to sanctions against the four major Hong Kong government officials. Sanctions against individual members of the CCP leadership have also been proposed for consideration, including their family members.

But sadly, few attention has been paid to those who were made disappear, to commit suicide or died under mysterious circumstances in Hong Kong and mainland China. It is sad to see the CCP leadership has taken the lives of others so lightly.

Dear warrior friends, I truly feel the fire mixed with water, both the excitement and sorrow about this movement, with pain and hope, tiresome and helpless in the process. I am sure many of you have felt the same.

Too many people in the world are sleepless, moved by the courageous Hong Kong people. Never before in history has the world been led by the fate of seven million Hong Kongers. Never before in history have the Chinese been so much united in solidarity and with confidence to counter the evil regime.

We must have faith in the Chinese people. They have been victims of the brainwash and it takes time for them to be awakened. The evilness of the CCP is out of everyone’s expectations. Don’t blame our mainland compatriots! Have mercy for them! We share the same enemy. They will soon join our fight.

Like our Hong Kong friends, be grateful. Many moving stories in Hong Kong streets have come from mainlanders. This is going to be a long battle, and more Chinese people will stand up. Let’s unite and encourage each other to fight to the end!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by staff


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