U.S. will soon define the CCP as a transnational criminal organization


Abstract: This article introduces the background and reasons for the U.S. defining the CCP as a transnational criminal organization and the impact it will result. The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned Yin Guoju, a criminal organization bigwig under the cover of the Belt and Road.  The S&P Dow Jones Index excluded 28 sanctioned Chinese Communist Party companies. Shanghai and other major cities issued lists of emergency supplies for reserving. The great power of the CCP has gone.

The U.S. Will Soon Define the CCP as a Transnational Criminal Organization

The news confirms why the wind has changed dramatically in the U.S. media in the past two days. First, the Director of National Intelligence called China the greatest threat to the United States since World War II, then Mr. Bannon called the CCP the enemy of all mankind, then the National Security Advisor called for Venezuelans to end the Maduro regime, and then FOX exposed the story of Di Dongsheng and the scandal of Fangfang successively. Everything is in the U.S. plan.

This definition is not up to President Trump but comes from a vote of the U.S. National Security Council.

Why the U.S. Defines the CCP as a Transnational Criminal Organization

It is a fact that the CCP is a criminal organization, but it has been covered up. Three years ago, Mr. Guo risked his life to death and start his shocking revelations. Through events and solid evidence such as the HNA incident, Wang Jian’s death, Hong Kong anti-extradition, the truth about the virus, Hunter Biden Hard-Disk gate, election fraud, etc., and at the cost of countless lives of internal battle companions and Hong Kong compatriots, and cost of one and a half million people around the world being poisoned to death, and with the absurdity of Trump’s election victory being overturned and vast evidence, the Americans have been finally awakened to admit that the Chinese Communist Party is indeed a transnational criminal organization. They have realized that the United States and the Chinese Communist Party are in a deadly hostile relationship and there is no way back.

What does This Definition Mean

This definition means that the Trump administration has reached a compromise with major U.S. interest groups and they have unanimously agreed to exterminate the CCP. It means that the U.S. is ready for the annihilation of the Chinese Communist Party, and no matter how hard the CCP resists, it will not help. It means that all the overseas assets of the CCP will be completely confiscated. The CCP also knows that it has indulged in deep sins and cannot escape its culpability, and the day of clear settlement is finally coming.

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Yin Guoju, the Criminal Organization Leader Who Using the Belt and Road as Cover

The Macau 14K Triad, controlled by Yin Guoju, a member of the CCP’s Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, is a transnational criminal organization engaged in drug trafficking, illegal gambling, extortion and human trafficking under the cover of the Belt and Road. The sanction also applies to the Hong Kong-based Dongmei Investment Group, the Palau China Hung-Mun Culture Association and The World Hung-Mun History and Culture Association, which are all controlled by Yin Guoju.

S&P Dow Jones Excludes 28 Chinese Companies According to President Trump’s Executive Order

Under a U.S. executive order issued Nov. 12 prohibiting the trading of certain Chinese securities, the S&P Dow Jones excluded equity securities of 10 companies, including CRRC Corporation, China Communications Construction, ChemChina, China Nuclear Construction, China Railway Construction, China SpaceSat, Dawning Information Industry, Hikvision and SMIC, and fixed income securities of 18 companies.

An article in QiuShi Journal calls for a focus on preparing for war

This is another mention of war preparation in QiuShi Journal after the Oct. 14 PLA Daily, but in more urgent terms. It means that the CCP has completely abandoned its illusions and has to face reality and shift its focus to war preparation in a real way. The article emphasizes the leadership of the political commissar to the army, with the intention of fooling soldiers to be cannon fodder.

Shanghai and Other Cities Release Lists of Emergency Supplies, and Preparedness for War and Famine Reappears in China

On November 9, Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau took the lead in releasing the “Suggested List of Shanghai Household Emergency Supplies for Reserving”, the basic version includes 13 items of disaster preparedness materials in three categories and the extended version includes 48 items of disaster preparedness materials in six categories, while Beijing, Jinan, Shenzhen and other cities have also released similar lists. The human disaster caused by the Chinese Communist Party to maintain its rule is expanding rapidly, and each of us is witnessing it.

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