Two PLA generals were dismissed from their posts in the People’s Congress


According to the National Congress of the PRC, two generals from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) were forced to resign from their membership with the National Congress of China.

Yao Kaixun, deputy Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Staff of the PLA’s Strategic Support Army, was elected into the 13th National Congress not long ago. He was dismissed from his position in the army on July 31 of 2019 and forced to resign from his membership as a People’s Representative afterwards.

Xu Xianghua, deputy Commander-in-Chief of the West Military Army, was dismissed on August 26 for his violations and forced to resign from his Congressional membership as well.

On the same day, there were six Congressional members forced to resign from their posts because of serious violations against the law. They include Ma Yejiang, General Manager and Deputy CCP secretary of China Railway Nanchang Burea, Xu Guang, Vice-governor of Henan Province, Chen Jiming, Party Secretary of Ziyang City in Sichuan Province, and Lei Yan, Deputy Director of the Production Department of Guizhou Provincial Opera House Ltd.

Their memberships with the 13th National Congress were delisted on the same day.

Che Fubin

According to Sina news today, a police chief from Heilongjiang province faces disciplinary investigation after dismissal for providing protection to mafia groups of gangsters.

Che Fubin, Deputy Director of Hulan Police Station in Harbin and winner of 50 prizes as the “best policeman”, was punished for corruption and other serious violations.

Che Fubin was the province’s “best policeman with excellent performance”, “model of the year who moved the people”, and “the best policeman in Harbin city” as chosen by the residents.

By Winnie Troppie


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