Trump says he could “decouple” with China, but it’s too late


U.S. President Donald Trump told Fox News’ Steve Hilton on Sunday that he would be open to completely decoupling the U.S. economy from China, adding “If Biden is elected, China will own our country.”

In a video excerpt, Trump initially told the interviewer “we don’t have to” do business with China, and then later said about decoupling: “Well it’s something that if they don’t treat us right I would certainly, I would certainly do that.”

But it is too late. It solves no problems for President Trump now to decouple from the Communist regime in China.

When the CCP was brutally cracking down the Hong Kong democratic protests and smashing the territory with a new national security law, Donald Trump missed the best time to decouple and sanction Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan of the CCP dictatorship.

When over 20 western countries joined to call for an independent inquiry into the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, Donald Trump failed to raise his support publicly in the name of the U.S. government.

When the world was about to form an alliance to challenge the CCP’s human rights abuses, for its cracking down on religious beliefs, for putting over two million Xinjiang Muslims in re-education camps, and for covering up the truth of COVID 19, Donald Trump has missed the best opportunity to decouple and hold the CCP accountable.

President Trump has talked and talked too much, but taken no practical actions that can factually level up his “America First” policy. His later sanctions on such little fish and shrimps as Hong Kong Chief Carrie Lam got no pain into the CCP leadership.

The coronavirus outbreak has shut down the world economy and caused a worldwide depression. It will take many many years to recover.

Today, over 180 thousand Americans have died from COVID-19, and the global death toll is over 800 thousand with over 23 million people infected with the virus.

On Friday afternoon, the Trump family held a funeral at the White House and said farewell to his younger brother Robert Trump.

The passed have passed away; and the loss has been caused. If the CCP leadership had been sanctioned and punished half a year earlier, those lives and losses could have been saved. But things cannot go back.

So, it’s too late now for President Trump to say “Decouple”. Whether Trump or Biden wins the election, it makes no difference when it comes to saving lives and recovering the economy.

“We lose billions, hundreds of billions of dollars. We get nothing from China. Yes, we get some goods that we could produce ourselves…,” said Trump. “We get nothing. All we do is lose money.”

Still, reluctant Trump has not decided to fire his shots at President Xi.

“I don’t want to set the world on fire right now,” Trump said during an interview on “The Next Revolution.” 

Maybe Donald Trump had his selfishness, or maybe Donald Trump is morally too kind or too high to do bad things against President Xi Jinping and other Communist dictators. But Trump has missed the chance to become a “great” president in US history.

It surely is the case that the evil forces or Trump’s opponents within the US (government) are too powerful. They have colluded with the CCP to shame Trump into an awkward situation.

Maybe to beat the bad people, we need the worse people. Or to fight the vicious demons like Xi Jinping, we need demons who are more vicious and more brutal.

In human history, justice and righteousness have never prevailed. Thus we are always on the way to victories, granting people hope.

This world has always been ruled by the evils, by the bad people. This is a difficult world, a complex world that we have lived on.

The Buddha has said: to live is to suffer. Mankind has to suffer as we have to live with this demon of coronavirus. So long as the world is still ruled by the evils, this virus will never go away.

By Winnie Troppie


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