Trump & Putin issue joint statement, another joint front to confront the CCP regime


US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement on Saturday commemorating the 75th anniversary of a World War II meeting of U.S. and Soviet troops at the Elbe river in 1945.

“As we work today to confront the most important challenges of the 21st century, we pay tribute to the valor and courage of all those who fought together to defeat fascism,” the statement read.

Those familiar with the statement’s drafting said that its issuance is symbolic, noting that the intent is to prove to the public that the nations can “put aside their differences,” according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Such statements are rare, according to the Hill, with the last one occurring in 2010 between former President Obama and then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Coronavirus is prompting countries to rethink relations with Beijing.  Beijing’s successful attempts to change the narrative, to dilute domestic anger, have caused fury. Chinese diplomats and state media have touted conspiracies suggesting that the US could be responsible for the virus.

“We had a great call,” Trump later told reporters. The Kremlin described the call as “lengthy” and said the two leaders “expressed serious concern regarding the scope of the spread of the coronavirus” and “discussed closer cooperation.”

For many Russia watchers, Radio Free Europe wrote, the flurry of behind-the-scenes phone calls and other communications is a clear indication that something’s going on.

After years of animosity rivaling the depths of the Cold War, are Washington and Moscow moving to “reset” relations?

Global coronavirus cases have now topped 3,000,000. The United States has a count of at least 972,969 confirmed cases as of 2 p.m. ET, according to the JHU Coronavirus Resource Centre website.

Russia confirmed 6,198 new coronavirus infections Monday, bringing the country’s official number of cases to 87,147. Russia has now surpassed China to become the world’s ninth most-affected country amid the pandemic.

Amid the global coronavirus crisis, the world has one common enemy – the Chinese Communist Party. Putin is not to be dragged into criticisms while the world community is holding the CCP accountable.

By Cloudy Seagail


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