Tragic! Hubei mother and child dropped from home building and died together


For more than three months since the outbreak in Wuhan, tragedies have frequently been staged in various places. Especially in the epidemic area of Wuhan, tragedies from killing oneself and jumping off the building frequently occur. After a pair of lonely elderly people jumped off the building on the 3rd of March, a mother and her child jumped off the building to commit suicide on the 4th.

On the evening of March 4th, many netizens said in a video on Twitter that they jumped off the building and died, a pair of mother and son, in Hubei! A woman next to her was crying loudly, and the cry echoed in the neighborhood, like hell!

Another video on the same day showed that a tragedy happened in Wuhan Hanyang Taojialing Vanke Community.

That night, there was a video saying that two Hubei elderly people jumped off the building and committed suicide. It can be seen in the video that blood flowed to the ground, one male and one female, two elderly people lying in a pool of blood, looking extremely bloody and terrifying.

Netizens have left messages:

“Hell again!”

“It’s terrible, how desperate is this?”

“Extremely miserable! Extremely sad! Is this our world?”

“The Communist Party likes it best, and it is best if the whole family dies without bothering the government; their property and deposits are turned in!”

“This should be a tragedy that is not difficult to predict in the world’s mega prisons. Despair to this extent, hasn’t the epidemic all-round victory been achieved? The propaganda work is the ultimate, in fact?”

As the CCP concealed the news, when the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic broke out, a large number of people became infected and died, many people were killed. People continued to jump off buildings, hang themselves, and be beaten while passing through the blockades. Humane disasters are endless.

On March 3, a video of a pair of lonely elderly people jumping from the building hand-in-hand was posted on the Internet in Hanyang, Wuhan because the authorities closed their house, leaving them without food.

On March 1st, a netizen in Wuhan wrote a message, “Another elderly has jumped off the building in our community … two old people have already jumped off the building!”

On February 28, some netizen said, “Well, when I fell asleep, I heard a loud noise and immediately woke up. I saw too many seniors in Wuhan jumping off the buildings in Weibo, and I always felt that someone was dying when I heard this short loud noise. ”

On February 25, a netizen from the mainland revealed that a severely sick patient with pneumonia in in Tazihu, Wuhan, was discharged from the hospital. He returned home and found that the family had all died, and then he hanged himself on the roof.

On February 10, a 70-year-old man who needed kidney dialysis was suspected of being infected with coronavirus. He was turned away from many hospitals and jumped off the 9th floor home terrace. He died on the spot.

The tragedies collected above are just the tip of the iceberg of real cases. There are still a lot of related pictures and videos on the Internet.

The noted writer Fang Fang, who is trapped in Wuhan, has been writing Wuhan’s “City Diary” every day since January 25.

She wrote on February 9: These days, the dead seem to be getting closer to themselves. My neighbor’s cousin died. The brother of an acquaintance died. A friend’s father and mother and his wife all died, and then he himself died. Too many people can do nothing but cry.

Fang Fang said that this disaster was not only death, but also despair. It was hopelessness of calling for help, despair of seeking medical help, and despair of finding medicine. There are too many patients, too few beds, and the hospital is caught off guard. What’s left, except waiting for death? She wrote these words, “The government there is no human-ro-human transmission; the disease in controllable.” But they city has become a land of blood and tears, infinite bitterness.

On February 16, Fang Fang wrote: The pain in Wuhan people can not be relieved by shouting slogans.

What is the disaster in Wuhan? Fang Fang said, before a book of a hospital’s death certificates could be used for months; now it can be used for only a few days. Before, a vehicle to transport corpses to the crematorium carries one body at a time, and with a coffin. Now they put many bodies into one vehicle, only in a corpse bag, no coffins. The corpses were dragged away together. The disaster is that your whole family died, not alone, and only within a few days or half a month.

By Lianlong


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