Top predictions for 2019 China


President Xi is under tremendous pressure from within the party for political reform

The year 2019 shall be critical for the Chinese Communist Party. The Party shall be crashing to its doom under condemnation from both domestic and international circles. To survive the crash, a strong force from within the Party shall stand up against the reverse of President Xi and call for a political reform. Wrestling for power supremacy shall be fierce within the Zhongnanhai. There is a possibility that President Xi was forced to step down in the second half of the year or give away part of his power to other candidates who favor real reforms and opening up.

Economy shall slow down further causing social instability across the country

Sin-US trade war will continue until the midterms of the year. Stocks will fall for another 20% and be stagnant for most time of the year. More factories will be closing down or leave the country; unemployment will be widespread; and wages will stay at lower levels. There will be more protests from the working class and clashes between the local governments and the less fortunate will be phenomenal and violent across the country. The police and local governments shall step up measures to counter dissatisfaction from the mass, besides tightening national censorship and media propaganda.

Marxism and communism shall be widely criticized and give way to debates on return of Chinese traditional values

A national debate will emerge in the second half of the year especially on social media about what route China should take to lead the country into the future. The Four Basic Principles of sticking to socialism, communism, Marxism and Mao Zedong Thought shall be challenged, giving way to a return of traditional Chinese values characterized by Confucianism. Although accepted by many, western democracy finds itself difficult to convince both the working people and the elites brainwashed for long by red communism. There is a possibility that the notorious Great Firewall will be torn down by the end of the year allowing for more freedom of speech.

Threats on Taiwan independence will continue and conflicts across the Taiwan Strait will escalate

Small scaled military confrontation shall arise across the Taiwan strait as tensions between the two sides will be highlighted in Sino-US relations. We shall see at least two US aircraft carrier fleets sail across the Taiwan Strait to prevent Taiwan from a possible war. The hawks from the mainland’s military shall speak loud with weak or no practical actions while another revolt force within the PLA shall call for nationalism of the armed forces.

There shall be revolts in Xinjiang and Tibet while Hong Kong and Macau keep quiet

While the reality of one country two system in Hong Kong and Macau will be of no existence with the complete control by the CCP central government, and the two places mostly remain quiet, ethical revolts in Xinjiang and Tibet will take on stage against communist suppression. With the US government and the western communities joining the condemnation and sanctions against the local governments and CCP leaders, more Xinjiang and Tibet religious people will stand up and give their voice for freedom and autonomy.

Sino-US trade war will stop in the middle of the year but a legal war against CCP dictators will start at the same time

As the trade war or economic war between China and the US will hurt not just the US and Chinese economy, but Europe and many other nations as well. This war will be terminated at the request of world leaders in about half a year when the world would see the sign of a recession. To continue with its efforts to safeguard its values and interests, the US government shall step up more and widespread legal actions against Chinese Communist organizations and its corrupt individuals. Intellectual property theft and internet hacking will also be dealt with for homeland security reasons.

The demise of former president Jiang Zemin will help release many resentment in the society

As President Jiang’s health is deteriorating day after day, we will most probably see his death in the second half of the year. The pass of Jiang’s era will bury away with his body many deep rooted social problems and personal resentments, and thus provides an opportunity for the country to talk openly and think over the route and ideology of what future the Chinese are wishing to take. The call for the step-down and arrest of Wang Qishan and a few other corrupt officials will be heard and the Central government starts to take their crimes and violations seriously.

Miles Kwok starts to form an interim government overseas for future democracy in the country

As Miles Kwok’s Pandora Box is opened in the coming months, more and more people are convinced that the death of former HNA Chairman is a political murder by a scheme of a few corrupt CCP officials. The Rule of Law Fund chaired by Steve Bannon will cooperate with the US government and world human rights organizations to end CCP’s religious and political persecution across China, especially in Xinjiang and Tibet. Miles Kwok and his companions will be working to form a transitional government overseas and lay down fundamental principles for future democracy in China.

by staff writer


  1. Do not have Steve bannon involve in anything. He is bad news. You are asking for trouble dealing with such . He. causes wars and Ihr is no friend of China. you have been warned. He is dangerous. don’t need psychic powers to tell you the bleeding obvious.


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