Today in History: Miles Guo’s Broadcast on March 5, 2021


It’s March 5th, dear brothers and sisters. Today I am going to chat with you about what happened on March 5th in history that coincides with today for the Chinese people, and the implications of that day in history.

At the beginning of the Whistleblowers’ Movement, there was one person, i.e., Miles Guo, also only one organization, i.e., the Whistleblowers’ Movement, including our Lude Media, who shouted to the world that the CCP would issue the extradition law in Hong Kong targeting to Hong Kong and Taiwan, then the so-called Greater Bay Area. This is the CCP’s first step towards its ruling of the world. We call it as “the CCP’s first step towards its grave”, i.e., the 1st Gate.

We’ve warned Hong Kong, our Hong Kong fellows in advance, as early as possible. But at least 90% of Hong Kong fellows’ response was: no way, that would never happen.

Then we started to warn about the extradition law at the beginning of May (2019), at the earliest, which will bring down Hong Kong completely.  But almost 90% of our Hong Kong fellows cannot feel it and didn’t believe it.

At that time, we firmly believed that if Hong Kong did not protest against that, the CCP’s next step would be its National Security Law.  After the National Security law is passed, the CCP would completely abolish the Hong Kong election and democracy.

The CCP wanted to abolish the political agreement between UK and the CCP China, i.e., “One Nation, Two System” policy would remain unchanged for 50 years (how naive is that).

When the extradition law was announced for the so-called referendum in Hong Kong, it was Miles Guo and our Whistleblower movement who was the first to donate over HK$500 million, no one can compare with us till today. Our donation was almost HK$600 million, only we did it. No one else, I’ve not heard anyone else did so, till today. Until today, we’ve donated more than HK$1 billion for helping Hong Kong.

Nevertheless, we also warned early to Hong Kong fellows and its communities, i.e., they would die quietly if they don’t unite and fight against the CCP.  Then on June 6th, 7th, 16th and 17th, there were several large-scale protests against the extradition law in Hong Kong. And they’ve absolutely adopted our idea, i.e., blocking the traffic by cars and trucks, which hindered the police’s killing.

And we first announced the CCP would propose the Martial Law. Because of our early warning, the CCP finally didn’t officially announce it. In fact, the CCP had arranged hundreds of thousands of military forces in Shenzhen, Zhanjiang and Zhuhai, who were wearing Hong Kong police uniforms and sneaking into Hong Kong. Hong Kong fellows did not realize that, and they called those PLA as “Hong Kong cops.”  Those mafia Hong Kong cops have been executing the true Martial Law de facto in Hong Kong, i.e., law enforcement by gangsters, and also have real gangsters killing people on street.  It is exactly the same with what’s happening in Myanmar today.

All dictatorships in the world share the same tactics. i.e., using gangsters to rule citizens, kind persons, killing people by wearing local police uniforms, military uniforms, holding weapons in the name of “ease or calm the riots” and framing, inciting people to cause harm to others.  It was in fact created and framed by colluding with the CCP. Exactly the same as what happened in Hong Kong.

But the discipline and braveness of Hong Kong fellows really surprised the world. Whatever the conspiracy and the tricks CCP executed. Our Whistleblowers’ Movement, our Lude Media and Miles Guo, and all of our fellow fighters’ broadcasts, all of those outcomes are within our expectation.

Later, we knew there were about 20,000 or 17,000 Hong Kong fellows, from that day till now, the so-called being suicide, being killed, such as jumping off from buildings or jumping into the sea, who were actually raped or gang raped or sodomized.  But all the world, the miserable world, even including the former President Trump, they all treated Hong Kong people’s lives as dirt, where the Western countries only issued law but without actions.

Back then, we’ve called countless times, i.e., what happened in Hong Kong will happen in the U.S. sooner or later.  Several months ago, riots on the U.S. streets were incited, including infiltration, manipulation, and stealing of the U.S. election, and controlling the social media in the U.S., such as Facebook, Twitter, and the mainstream media, such as CNN, practicing far-left rogue and dictatorship ideologies.  All of these happened.

Now we’re issuing another warning. We’re the first to make this warning to the world.  On this year’s CCP National Congress, on top of the CCP’s list is to abolish “One Nation, Two Systems” policy in Hong Kong.

Why did they detain all democratic activists in Hong Kong? Because they wanted to abolish the Hong Kong Election Law, to abolish the “One Country, Two Systems” policy, they will issue a new Election Law.  We were the first to point that out.  This is based on the CCP’s absolute confidence in controlling the US government and those so-called democratic governments in Europe, including the incumbent world leaders, such as the French President Emmanuel Macron and others who are under CCP’s control. And this is the most dangerous action that the CCP, Xi’s dictatorship, intended in order to rule the world.

I want to tell you today that it is extremely similar in terms of the date and time.

After Germany was defeated in WWI in 1919, Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. Signing the Treaty of Versailles marked the end of WWI, Germany’s defeat.  The key point of the Treaty was the number of German troops has to be less than 100,000. And a zone was to be set up near the Rhine river by the Allied troops to manage that area. They were worried about the rise of Germany, so the Treaty of Versailles was supposed to restrict the development of the German armed forces, and the German army shall never cross the Rhine river.

Czechoslovakia and Poland were still strong at that time. And various European countries got involved in all these things which bear the greatest strategic meaning for them.

But only ten years later, (Hitler’s forces) rose to power. Very similar to today’s Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan.

As a German general wrote in his autobiography that the arrival of Hitler means here come the disasters and darkness for mankind. His rise was in the name of democracy and recovering the glory of Germany by manipulating the German’s patriotism. (Hitler’s) Germany rose to the climax which is also the greatest catastrophe in human history.

Hitler later tried to break the Treaty signed in 1919. The US, UK, and France were sitting over there, watching, and being selfish. Moreover, those politicians’ actions like hooligans, and the political instability and struggle inside some countries gave Hitler space and possibilities.

The darkest day in human history is March 5th, 1935, which was the fundamental reason for which the Jews were slaughtered. It was Hitler who ordered his troops to break through the Rhine river. That means tearing up the Treaty of the Versailles. This was the most shocking event in the world.  It was the weak and selfish French that failed to prevent it from happening.  That was France in 1935.

In 1935, the Allies withdrew from the east bank of the Rhine river according to the Treaty. And the entire region was once again controlled by Germany.  Due to the restrictions, German troops were not allowed in Demilitarization Zone.  But that area was the only way for Hitler to invade Western Europe and France. If the agreement was kept, then Hitler’s dream of taking over Europe would be an empty talk. So, Hitler immediately attempted to abolish the agreement. In fact, Hitler shouted to the world as early in 1934, and he claimed that Germany’s current issues can’t be solved by war – “The current problems in Germany cannot be solved by war.” But on the other hand, he re-launched their armaments production.

Britain and France, bewitched by Hitler’s peaceful slogans agreed to use the “equality of arms” – a suicidal way to self-destruct the Treaty of Versailles, to win over Germany. Having figured out the mentality of Britain and France, on March 5,1935, Hitler started the adventure of breaking the contract to further test the reactions of the world.  He announced that the Treaty of Versailles was a historical document.

Exactly like the CCP, right? You see, the CCP declared the Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong a historical document.

Germany reintroduced universal compulsory military service, rebuilt the Luftwaffe and prepared to expand the standing army to 500,000 people.  Just the same as what the CCP did a few months ago!

For Britain, France, Italy, and the United States, the major signatories to the Treaty of Versailles.  Why didn’t they take a stand on such a serious breach of the treaty? Britain, France, and Italy only passed one piece of resolution by expressing their “regret” over Germany’s breach of the treaty and its expansion. Regret, just like how the White House, Japan, and the rest of the world reacted (to what happened in Hong Kong). It is not a matter of concern.

In fact, Germany only had a standing army of 100,000 men. If the Allied powers took it seriously, they could have interfered in the German army expansion.  Exactly the same as today. But Britain and France had their own axe to grind.  They all believed that the trouble would not come to their own doorsteps.  They even hoped that the resurgence of Germany would “help” with their economy. Exactly the same as the US today.

Or (Germany would) ally with them. So, in the face of Hitler’s pretentious aggressiveness, the world was filled with cowardness like a miracle. Hitler, who had been apprehensive and worried, now became overjoyed. He immediately set out to take further risks and break the limits of the Treaty of Versailles once and for all.

On March 6, 1936, Hitler embarked on one of the wildest adventures of his life – the advance into the Rhine Demilitarized Zone.  As mentioned earlier, the biggest obstacle to war is the existence of the Rhine Demilitarized Zone which has always been a thorn in Hitler’s side. It must be removed before things get worsened.  It is today’s Hong Kong.

Hitler’s plan was to break the Treaty of Versailles in this way so that his domestic support could be enhanced. It’s exactly the same as today’s CCP – Xi Jinping, and Xi is fighting against Jiang (Zemin), the fight between Xi and Jiang.

That obstacle must be removed before things get worsened so that Hitler’s domestic support could be enhanced, and (Hitler could) further test the bottom lines of other countries.  It’s exactly the same as today.

On March 6, 1936, Hitler ordered 30,000 German troops to move into the Rhine Demilitarized Zone.  This action caused panic among the senior generals of the Wehrmacht.  So German generals advised Hitler to abandon the adventure.  It’s the same as the CCP today.

Because at that time the German army expansion had not yet been completed, it only had a weak foundation consisting of 100,000 enlisted men. It’s exactly like the CCP now; whereas France and its two allies (Czechoslovakia and Poland) could immediately mobilize 90 divisions.  There are 100 divisions in the reserve army as well. In addition, France and the Soviet Union had a Treaty of Mutual Assistance.  If France had imposed sanctions on Germany, the Soviet Union would have been obliged to support France.

Seeing that Hitler continued to act so arbitrarily, Werner von Blomberg, who was in charge of the troops. BTW, this guy was brilliant and you should study him carefully, I have read many of his books.  He ordered his troops to “retreat from the other side of the Rhine” in case of the French military’s intervention.  That was testing the French, just like today’s policies of Xi (Jinping) and Wang (Qishan).

Although Hitler was tough in his words, he was extremely panicked.  Later he stated “[T]he 24 hours after the advance into the Rhineland was the most stressful moment of my life.  I knelt down many times to pray to God to bless Germany. It turned out my prayers were answered.”

Now Xi Jinping must be burning incense sticks (to ask for blessings)!

Hitler proudly gave a speech to the Reichstag after succeeded in his adventure. We vow never to yield to any forces when it comes to restoring the glory of our nation! The ease of scraping the Treaty of Versailles made Hitler felt. The civilized order of the entire world turns out to be very vulnerable. If one dares to be bold, ambitious, and forceful. Eventually, they all will bow at his feet. Xi and Wang have the same mental state

By breaking the treaty, not only he elevated his power and ambition, but also he received the fervent support of German nationalists. Today, Communist China is exactly the same. The position of the leader is unassailable. The subsequent history is familiar to us all. A discontented Hitler annexed Austria in March 1938 and occupied the Sudetenland in September 1938. The invasion of Poland in March 1939 triggered World War II…

History is as recorded. No number of assumptions we make today will change the bloody history. To the Germans, temporary success was exciting for a while, but the bitter consequences of payback lasted for 10 years. After the initial taste brief height brought by nationalism and militarism the first few years, like the present-day CCP Wumao. A nation that claims to be rational and rigorous was taken into the unprecedented pit by a crazy Fhrer from rural Austria. This giant pit resulted in a country completely destroyed and millions died on the battlefield.

The Chinese people die by the hundreds of millions, not by the tens of millions. Hundreds of thousands of women were raped and abused by Soviet troops, some have said to be over a million. The whole Soviet army raped and sodomized (them), cut vagina and anus, even made a stew of labia to consume. These are all facts, not my words, go to the museum, you can take a look. German women are terribly unfortunate since you have chosen to glorify the devil. You will pay the spiritual and physical price to the devil.

This was what the world did to the German people at the time. Nothing is absolutely innocent. Although Europe and the U.S were victorious, a heavy price was paid. France as a traditional power was humiliated by Hitler’s Paris parade and national surrender. France is a trash country with this kind of behavior.

Britain, the empire on which the sun never sets, its Imperial system completely collapsed, was trapped in the homeland. Poland and the Czech Republic were conquered and ravaged. Until today, they are laborers of the world. Although the U.S. since then has settled, you can’t say there is no cost. It is hard to argue the eventual emergence of the Soviet Union as a threat was not the result of a series of butterfly effects.

Hitler’s insanity of breaking the Treaty. Both the precursors and the consequences can be seen. The powers with a stake in this also had absolute power to sanction and clamp down at the budding stage initially. There was only one way for Nazi Germany to venture. There are many ways to stop them from venturing. It is the same today.

The world’s so-called most civilized countries, for their own little interests small calculations look at each other. Sitting back and watching Nazi Germany got what it wanted, making the impossible happened. What could once be stopped for a small price, the world ended up paying for a big price. They all thought it was none of their business, but in the end, everyone suffered. This must be the consequence, even worse than this!

Today, we accommodate barbarism and give way to what was called appeasement – a damaging practice. The civilized nation’s common mistake is to treat a vile person with a gentleman’s heart. It is a misconception civilization can be a friend and co-exist with barbarism in the long term. Sooner or later, barbarians will show their fangs, and fists are the only language they understand.

Second, if you want to fight, hit hard, fight fast and fight to the death. Destroying them is the only option or it’s a greater crime in human history for the United States and Europe to commit, worse than 10,000 Hitlers wreaked havoc on humanity! Bigger much! bigger! Let’s watch and see.

Only the Whistleblowers’ Movement, the New Federal State of China are the hope of the Chinese people, revealing the truth to the world.

Today Xi’tler ended Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems”, abrogated the 50-year Sino-British Joint Declaration, and scrapped the Hong Kong dollar. The only thing that makes money is our fund, earning a few tens of billions of dollars, right? What would you do? Waking up from a nap with tens of billions of dollars in the fund. Do you think I could borrow a billion dollars or $800 million and spend them?

As you all know, we have a $100 million investment with Mr. Kyle Bass. We’ve made investments in other funds, probably close to $700 million. You see how could we not profit? Hong Kong dollar is gone, oh my goddess, I’m a little dizzy! The Hong Kong dollar is gone, brothers and sisters, Brother Seven told you. By now all the funds are withdrawn, only Brother Seven let the family foundation stays, absolutely cannot withdraw.

Brother Seven was the first to say the communist thugs wanted to make the election law and to abolish the one country, two systems in Hong Kong. Xi Jinping is the “best comrade” for Whistleblowers’ Movement to take down the CCP. All those who are now on the stage are the “best comrades”.

By Miles Guo


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