To Communist China, Australia is a tributary country with an appeasing government

(160528) -- SYDNEY , May 28, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Representative of Chinese media and his Australian counterpart exchange a Memorandum of Understanding enabling greater information exchange after a signing ceremony for six China-Australia media cooperation agreements in Sydney, Australia, May 27, 2016. (Xinhua/Zhu Hongye)(pcy)

Few Australians have a clear mind of what’s going on around their own country, including Sarah Ferguson who interviewed Steve Bannon on ABC’s Four Corners.

Step by step in 30 years, Australia has walked into the traps of Communist China and has now become a backyard of the authoritarian regime.

Mistresses and illegitimate children of corrupt officials from China bought the most beautiful houses in Australia, making the sunshine coasts their paradise for safe refuge. “There are at least 600 of them,” says exiled billionaire Miles Kwok in his whistle blow, “I have a team working with professionals in Australia to collect DNAs of these people.”

China is Australia’s largest trading partner, and Australia is sending its natural resources to boost China’s development and help build the world’s second biggest economy.

For too long Australia has been sacrificing the benefits of its future generations for short-sighted financial gains. Many square miles of land with black gold are now in the hands of CCP corrupt officials or their representatives.

“Australia has experienced the longest period of economic growth in the developed world” is fake news as more than 100,000 residents are now homeless, home ownership decreased further to 64% in 2017 and more than one million households are under mortgage stress in 2018.

To a great extent, today’s problems in Australia are the result of a lack of oversight and enforcement from a federal bureaucracy that have relied too much on a Communist government.

Australia’s prime ministers since 2007, from Kevin Rudd to Malcolm Turnbull, seem quite knowledgeable about China, but actually have little understanding of the nature of the Communist regime. Before coming to power, they were all China-friendly; but when they realized the challenges ahead and started to be a bit tough-minded, it was already too late.

And their trade ministers, foreign ministers and security officers all lacked the guts to confront China; some councilors even became captives of the CCP by bribery. That’s why we often see their “clumsiness” in foreign affairs.

Former Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong said safeguarding Australian sovereignty came above partisan politics, but the government had been “clumsy” in its language towards China. “Every Australian government of both political persuasions has had to manage differences with China,” Senator Wong said, adding, “I think we are seeing that this government’s management of those differences has been characterized by too much clumsiness in recent times.”

In April 2013, the Australian and Chinese Governments agreed to establish a new diplomatic architecture for the relationship with high level dialogues. Politicians in Canberra already had their eyes blind on more important issues, like security and human rights.

As China’s growth in the following decade will sure go down, demand for Australia’s resources will moderate. The model to lean on mineral exports to China is costly and difficult, and not sustainable for Australia.

This May, Duncan Lewis, head of ASIO, emphasized the foreign threat in evidence to Senate estimates, describing the current scale of foreign intelligence activity against Australian interests as “unprecedented”.

We all know he was referring to China.

“Foreign actors covertly attempt to influence and shape the views of members of the Australian public, the Australian media, officials in the Australian Government and members of the diaspora communities here in Australia,” Duncan told the hearing.

The CCP government has all its tricks when it comes to interference.

Its propaganda would warn Australia of a trade war if “growing lack of trust” continues. Chinese officials often know beforehand their trading partners’ negotiating parameters in Australia. DAFF, Austrade and industrial associations are all very China-friendly. Many Australian companies are so naïve as to think that if they bow to the terms, Chinese counterparts would keep their promises. But they never did.

Even ordinary Chinese won’t trust their fellow citizens. 50 million overseas Chinese have suffered too much from Communist oppression, espionage, and censorship.

Here in Australia, the 1.3 million ethnic-Chinese Australian community is subject to frequent monitoring by the CCP, including Chinese students.

From time to time, China’s embassy in Canberra would issue safety warnings to Chinese students living in Australia. And most Chinese just look at that as “shit”. Some Chinese students are pressured to report on fellow Chinese students. Conversely, anyone who is unprepared to cooperate can expect relatives in China to be disadvantaged.

The Australian Chinese community hopes that the Scott Morrison administration would stand up to confront the CCP and make no mistake to differentiate the Communist regime from the Chinese people.

In the western world, Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon is among the very few who are clear-minded when it comes to dealing with Communist China. On China, Mr Bannon said he was a hawk, warning that “bad things will happen if the west doesn’t confront China.”

In his interview with Sara Ferguson on ABC Four Corners last weekend, Bannon said China saw Australia as “a tributary state” and Malcolm Turnbull has been way too much of “an appeaser”.

Bannon said Australia was on the “front lines” of an economic confrontation with China. “This is not a trade war, we’re in an economic war with China,” he said. “They always talk about the international rules based order. The Chinese don’t play by any rules. They don’t have any internal rules. It’s a completely totalitarian regime.”

“Eventually I believe that if this regime is not confronted bad things are going to happen, and I think they have to be confronted now.” “It’s going to play out very interestingly, and I think Australia is at the tip of the spear of this.”

Earlier in his interview with an Australian media outlet, Bannon said similar words, “Australia is at the forefront of the geopolitical contest of our time.” He added, “If we continue on this path we’re down, China will control all of the countries of South East Asia and they will control Australia.”

Why Australia’s trade position is so different from the US? While Trump decries America’s enormous $US366 billion annual trade deficit with China, Australia earns a hefty annual surplus from trade with China, $48.5 billion last year according to Australian statistics.

The eyes of many Australians are covered if they only look into short-term economic gains at the expense of its natural resources. They have forgotten to consider the losses related to security, ideology and human rights.

And, while Bannon thinks of Australia as having fallen heavily under China’s influence, he says Australia can recover because it has “the only people who can match the common sense, grit and determination year after year of the US”.

We should not forget the protest on Tuesday 15th August when a fleet of supercars, organized by a Sydney-based Australian Chinese automobile club, started their parade against India, led by a red Bentley covered by Chinese flag pattern.

The cars were decorated with the Chinese flag and stickers featuring slogans including: “Borderline is our baseline;” “China: Not even a bit can be left behind;” and, “Anyone who offends China will be killed no matter how far the target is.”

It is common sense that these protestors represented the CCP influence in Australia. Local Chinese community has denounced their show-off in favor of red Communism. A local Chinese newspaper said, “These dirty shameful chappies, mostly illegitimate children of CCP corrupt officials, they steal China’s wealth, run to Australia, in a disgusting way, show off their wealth and help with CCP oppression. We strongly advise local lawyers investigate where their money is from and who their fathers are.”

Australian politicians should listen to what the majority of the local Chinese community says about the CCP and its government, and make wise decisions on the long term interest of Australia-China relationship, the China with 5000 years of civilization instead of the CCP regime with only 70 years of history.

Recently Netease military forum in China summoned opinions from its visitors on this question: “How much would you donate to the country if China is at war with the US?”

A majority of followers have given their answers in favor of the US military. “I would donate one thousand US dollars to the US military!” “I would send intelligence to the US military.” “I would sell all the valuable metals in my kitchen to donate and support the US military.” “I would donate ten thousand US dollars to the US; let those illegitimate children of corrupt officials do the other tasks!” “Donation to the right is justice; donation to the wrong is helping the evils.” “Those good at English, please take me along.” “We are not an umbrella. When it rains, you take me out for use; when the rain stops, you drop me down the corner!”

By Cloudy Seagail and staff editor


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