This is not a war between China and US, but between the force of righteousness and corrupt CCP in China

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence looks at Chinese President Xi Jinping as they prepare for a group photo with APEC leaders at at a gala dinner on Saturday.

The trade war, the economic war, the confrontation in South China Sea and possibly an exchange of gunfire across the Taiwan Strait … This is neither a war between China and the US, nor a war between the Chinese and the Americans, but it is a war by the forces of justice and righteousness within China against the evil power of the corrupt CCP, with the support of western powers headed by Donald Trump and the US government.

This war against the vicious totalitarian regime in Beijing, apparently initiated by the global anti-CCP alliance with Miles Kwok as the top adviser, is aimed at overthrowing the corrupt communist government in China and establishing democratic system which safeguards the freedom, individual dignity and human rights of the Chinese people.

Any serious study of China-related international issues would come up with this conclusion and vision for the world: There will be no possibility at all for World War III in many years to come, even with the escalating economic war and military diplomacy heated up over and over again between the world’s two biggest economic powers.

This is not because China does not have the military power to start a world war, but that the majority of 1.4 billion Chinese population would not want the CCP government to win any war. The ordinary Chinese people would form the strongest force to stop the CCP’s PLA army to wage a war against foreign nations, especially the US. But definitely the Chinese will wage a war, however large that would be, against the communist rule in their motherland of China.

The Press Briefing on the death of Wang Jian and truth behind HNA Group by Miles Kwok and Steven Bannon in three days is opening a new chapter in this unrestricted warfare against the CCP and its corrupt officials.

The host is the god of war Mr. Miles Kwok. Behind him are countless small ants, 1.3 billion ordinary Chinese, and many many people in the west, with support from western governments, especially the Trump Administration.

With this understanding in mind, let’s see what is happening in the world in forming a stronger force of alliance to counter the evils.

US vice president Mike Pence, in Singapore for an Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, told leaders there was no place for “empire and aggression” in the Indo-Pacific region, a comment that could be interpreted as a reference to China’s rise, according to ABC.

“The South China Sea doesn’t belong to any one nation, and you can be sure: The United States will continue to sail and fly wherever international law allows and our national interests demand,” Mr Pence said.

Besides China, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan, all have claims in the South China Sea, and none of them would like to see China’s expansion there by building more and more military bases and missile facilities.

Pence’s latest comments follow a major speech in October in which he flagged a tougher approach by Washington toward Beijing, accusing China of “malign” efforts to undermine US President Donald Trump and reckless military actions in the South China Sea, ABC said.

Bloomberg reported yesterday that US Vice President Mike Pence traded sharp barbs with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in back-to-back speeches at a regional summit, showing that neither country appears to be giving ground in an escalating trade war.

Xi said that implementing tariffs and breaking up supply chains was “short-sighted” and “doomed to failure.” He defended his signature Belt-and-Road Initiative, saying it’s “not a trap as some people have labelled it.” When Xi addresses the summit, the sporadic claps sound weird.

Speaking moments later, Mike Pence told delegates the U.S. offers countries in the region “a better option’’ for economic and diplomatic relations than Beijing’s heavy-handed approach. He warned against taking Chinese loans, saying the U.S. “doesn’t drown our partners in a sea of debt” nor offer “a constricting belt or a one-way road.”

In spite of these conflicting visions for trade, President Xi and his officials must have learned that his Belt and Road Initiative is loosing ground in most countries, and fewer and fewer people would believe in what they say.

Long seen as a humiliating act, the Chinese government this week submitted a reform project to the US government for approval, with documents including 142 items divided into three categories: issues the Chinese are willing to negotiate for further action, issues they are already working on and issues they consider off limits. Ironically, Donald Trump just called China’s List of Trade Concessions ”Not Acceptable”.

“China wants to make a deal,” Donald Trump said. “They sent a list of things they are willing to do, which is a large list and it is just not acceptable to me yet. But at some point I think that, we are doing extremely well with respect to China.”

As Miles Kwok have said earlier, the reckless CCP officials would agree to any terms by the US government to keep themselves in power. They would never consider the interests of the Chinese people. In reality, they won’t play by the rules and will never follow the terms.

Miles says the CCP is doomed as it has long been living on deception and lies.

In Asia this week for three major summits, Vice President Mike Pence rallied allies and warned of a new Cold War if Beijing didn’t give ground to Trump on major economic, military and political issues when they meet at end-November on the margins of the G20 in Argentina, according to CNBC.

Fred Kempe, President of Atlantic Council, said with CNBC yesterday, “It was only after a second World War that the U.S. and its allies responded by creating a set of alliances, institutions, practices and relationships that have since brought the world one of its longest periods of peace and progress.”

“The United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, NATO, the European Coal and Steel Community, our Asian alliances and more were this period’s legacy. Though they were designed to adapt, they have been slow to do so to accommodate rising powers and address emerging risks, thus increasing the chance of conflict.”

“Those tensions have increased in no small part due to Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s increased flexing of economic and military muscle, and President Trump’s determination to push back, born more by a sense of grievance than of history.”

Miles Kwok has said, with pressure of his Press Briefing, the CCP will come short of breaths and their arrogant flexing of muscle will be hit by a much stronger force of justice from heavens.

By Cloudy Seagail


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