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Biden still puts on a fake performance after three falls

U.S. President Joe Biden flew from Washington to Atlanta on Friday to pay condolences to Asian Americans who were panicked by the shooting.

Biden fell three times in a row on the gangway of the plane when he boarded the special plane at the air force base. This caused an uproar in public opinion, although in the end he got up on his own, and it didn’t seem to be a major problem.

It is important to know that a candidate for president of the United States must pass a qualified health test in order to be a legal candidate. As early as December 17, 2019, the personal doctor who was former US Vice President Biden at the time stated in a medical report: Biden has no major health problems.

“healthy, vigorous, 77-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief.” said by Dr. Kevin O’Connor of The George Washington University.

Putin retorts after Biden says he thinks he is a killer

Just a day ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin said meaningfully “I wish him (Biden) good health”.

Putin was speaking on television on Thursday after Biden, in an ABC News interview that prompted Russia to recall its Washington ambassador for consultations a day earlier, said “I do” when asked if he believed Putin was a killer.

“I remember in my childhood, when we argued in the courtyard with each other we used to say: it takes one to know one. And that’s not a coincidence, not just a children’s saying or joke. The psychological meaning here is very deep,” Putin said.

“We always see our own traits in other people and think they are like how we really are. And as a result we assess (a person’s) activities and give assessments,” he said.

Did Tanzania’s Covid-denying leader die of the coronavirus?

President John Magufuli, the Covid-denying leader of Tanzania, was said to have died from heart failure, which he apparently battled for more than a decade, according to the country’s new president.

Samia Suluhu Hassan said Magufuli had been receiving treatment in a Tanzanian hospital when he died on Wednesday evening.

However, opposition leaders insist Magufuli died of Covid-19 at least one week earlier.

Tundu Lissu, of the Chadema opposition party, said in an interview with a Kenyan broadcaster Thursday that Magufuli had died from Covid in early March.

“Magufuli died of corona,” Lissu said, citing “credible government sources.”

“I received news of President Magufuli’s passing without any surprise,” he added.

“I had expected this all along, from the first day I tweeted on March 7… when I asked the question ‘Where is President Magufuli and what is his state of health?’ I had information from very credible sources in the government that the president was gravely ill with Covid-19 and his situation was actually very bad,” Lissu said from his base in Belgium. CNN has contacted Lissu for further comment.

From CNN

Australian Navy caught in massive coronavirus vaccine side effects cover-up

The mainstream media does not want anyone to know that sailors in the Australian Navy have been dropping like flies ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines became available to them.

Numerous stories detailing the horrific adverse events incurred by members of the Australian military have been completely scrubbed from the web.

Some of them have been replaced with highly sanitized propaganda pieces claiming that only “mild side effects” are being observed.

Gregg Hunt, Australia’s Health Minister, who pushed the experimental gene therapy injections on his nation’s military, fell “critically ill” himself just one day after getting jabbed for the Wuhan virus.

All of this has created major setbacks for the pro-vaccine lobby, which is having an increasingly harder time convincing people to get stabbed.

The original story from the Daily Mail Online that can no longer be found on the site was entitled: “Navy sailors hospitalised after being given Covid vaccinations.” This report indicated that:

“A number of navy sailors have been hospitalised after being given Covid-19 vaccinations on the HMAS Sydney. Defence sources confirmed some HMAS Sydney crew members were admitted to St. Vincent’s …”


Communist China is the troublemaker in the world

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would like to see more incidents like Georgia Spa Shootings to incites violence, hatred, or discrimination between Chinese and Americans.

The CCP wants to confuse the concept and make people think that the whole world is against China and the Chinese. We, the Whistleblower Movement, must let the world know that the CCP can not represent the Chinese people and China.

Unlike the Chinese today, Americans are more independent thinkers, and they can tell the difference between the CCP and China.

U.S. and Chinese officials have exchanged sharp rebukes in the high-level Alaska talks between the Biden administration.

Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi both condemned the U.S. has serious human rights issues and cybercrime problems. They stressed that everything should follow the international rules set by the CCP’s United Nations.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lijian Zhao wrongly accused the US side to cause a hostile opening in the prologue of the Sino-U.S. dialogue.

George W. Bush calls Yang Jiechi “Tiger Yang,” who is usually in full charge of U.S. diplomacy, so it was unusual to have Wang attend this meeting. This suggests Intra-party struggle within the CCP intensifies. Xi Jinping distrusts Yang, who is, after all, from Jiang’s Shanghai Clique and wants Wang to take all of Yang’s American resources away.

The CCP created the coronavirus as a bio-weapon and released it to the world. Its officials have taken covid vaccines a year before the outbreak.

Today, over 100 million people have contracted the virus and over three million died from it, but the world could do nothing to the trouble-makers.

In its cover-up, the CCP shut down databases related to the Wuhan virus. Now even families of Wuhan virus victims questioned the Chinese government.

Xi Jinping has been blinded by his ignorance and he is turning China into Nazi Germany.

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