This generation of Chinese doesn’t deserve freedom, democracy and equal rights for individuals

China Central Guards Regiment.

The majority of Chinese would like to see the US Trump Administration take down the notorious Great Firewall, demolish the military facilities and installations in the South China Sea, and kick the Chinese communist government out of United Nations membership. But these would never happen.

The majority of Chinese would like to see western countries sanction the corrupt CCP leaders over human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Tibet, confiscate their wealth, and kick the communist regime out of the WTO. But these would never happen.

Many Chinese activists would dream of being presented the gifts of freedom and democracy by western civilizations, and of the return of justice and righteousness by mandate of heaven to the land of the Middle Kingdom. But these would never happen.

The United States has done enough to push along the process. It has labeled communist China as “strategic competitor” instead of “strategic partner”; it has differentiated China and the Chinese commoners from the Communist Party of China; it has declared to fight communism and socialism the same as “terrorism”.

The US has said it wants reciprocity with its trade policy with China. It does not have clear plans to unlock the internet censorship by the Chinese government although it blocks nearly every important foreign competitor online, including Google, Facebook, Wikipedia in Chinese, Pinterest, Line, Reddit and The New York Times.

The US government needs an enemy to fight for long and keep a balance of good and evil between heavens and earth. Besides, the force from CCP-backed Wall Street and within the left wing of politics in Washington is so strong that Trump’s Administration has to consider a middle way in its policies.

In Europe, Germany cares more for helping Volkswagen and Siemens to gain more market shares in China, similar with other major European countries. The United Kingdom,no longer the empire on which the sun never sets, is happier only to gain more from its education exports to China than taking a hard stance in other things.

Traditionally, Canada and Australia have been the most proactive in criticizing Chinese human rights. But in the last few decades, Australia has been an appeaser to the communist government. It still cares more for the resource deals with China and hopes for Chinese investment to save its property crisis. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, Canada has a weak government and has been in a weaker position in negotiating any deals with communist China.

With a tiger lying by its side, Japan has always been alert not to annoy its unreasonable neighbour. Besides, the Japanese are thankful to the communist regime who has intentionally helped cover up many of the crimes of Japanese invasion, in addition to theirs.

The communist government is reckless because, to some extent, it still has the self-confidence with the vastness of China’s territory and the length of Chinese history. To prolong its dictatorship, it has no other choice but to act as a jackal to tiger.

Almost every Chinese individual knows that Wang Qishan, Xi Jinping and others are corrupt officials as well as liars. They know these CCP officials are the “emperors in their new clothes”. Most Chinese know that those Foreign Ministry Spokeswomen like Hua Chunying are whores as well as liars. But they tolerate their performances on stage to represent the Chinese nation.

China has no hope for democracy and individual dignity when the whole nation is kidnapped by a few traitors. For the three generations of CCP leaders from Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, He Guoqiang, Meng Jianzhu, to Xi Jinping to retreat from political arena or die of old age, Chinese still have to wait another twenty to thirty years for possibly clear politics in the country.

The young generation of Chinese are hundred percent cowards; none is valiant to confront the cruelty of the authoritarian regime or its violation of human rights. No one with the male organ in the army of two million dares to stand up tall and upright against the evil. The youth of the 90s or 00s, mostly selfish or self-centered, are unworthy of any honorable mission to be put onto their shoulders.

Historically China has men of balls like Jing Ke who acted in attempts for assassination of the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty. In the last dynasty of Qing, the nation had death squads with brave men like Wang Jingwei and Wang Xing who tried to assassin the corrupt Qing Government officials. Even under the darkest days of communist rule in China today, no one in the country has the guts or courage to act for the assassination of corrupt CCP leaders.

With no advocating at all or by any means of inciting violence, the assassination of Wang Qishan  and a few other traitors by the Central Guards Regiment would save China at least twenty to thirty years to the road of freedom and democracy. It is worth tremendously to sacrifice a few individuals to save the lives of thousands or even millions of innocent Chinese from further tyranny.

Among the world nations today, China has the worst records of human rights abuses. Besides the religious persecution in Xinjiang and Tibet, the crimes of the CCP in live harvesting of human organs are beyond anyone’s expectations. But people tend to evade mentioning of related topics. Many people were just made “disappeared” under CCP’s rule by evil police and the general public did nothing more than just “questioning” those inhuman abuses.

People with some anger say “If China, like the US, allows for private storage of guns and weaponry”, things could be different. I say No! If anyone is serious with his courage, a private van or car with a gas cylinder can become the most powerful weapon. There are millions of heavy-loaded trucks in the country. If any driver suffering abuses is serious with his courage, a private truck can easily turn into a tank. Don’t walk in protests like the veterans of cowards; taking down or destroying a police station or the office of corrupt city management officials with a heavy-loaded truck is never a difficult task. This generation of Chinese is truly deplorable as they would rather live as beasts of immorality than as beings of human dignity.

This is a difficult world of diversity and many voices. Evil not justice prevails most of the time, though people refuse to say a consensus to the notion. At a time when the CCP regime is taking every moment of its reign a challenge of life and death, the world is suffering and justice suffers too.

If the general Chinese do not work seriously for their own rights and dignity, no one on earth  could bring freedom and democracy to the land of the Middle Kingdom, not even gods or spirits.

By Cloudy Seagail


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