The World’s Most Costly Gossip: Alleged Affairs of Communists’ First Lady


Xi’s Green Development Initiatives attract growing popularity for a subtle reason. Green is the color of CHEATING in China. Rumor had it that his wife Peng kept an affair with “Little Poplar”. How much does the gossip cost exiled tycoon Miles Guo?

On August 23, Youtube influencer Mr. Lu, De disclosed the romantic affairs of Communists’ First Lady Peng, Liyuan. Peng Liyuan has been the second wife of CCP Chairman Xi Jinping since September 1987. From a famous singer in the PLA Political Bureau. Peng rose to the rank of major general as her husband seized powers with the Communist Party. Mr. Lu gave credit to Ling Wancheng for the leak. He is the brother of jailed former Politburo member Ling Jihua. It was believed to be retribution against the assassination of his niece Ling Gu. The U.S. Intelligence Community(IC) has been thirsting for the “intelligence windfall” from Ling Wancheng (Tiezzi).

Left: Yan, Weiwen and Peng, Liyuan performing on the stage

According to Mr. Lu, Peng sustained a romantic relationship with her colleague Yan Weiwen. Yan is a household celebrity singer under PLA leadership. Mr. Lu believed that Xi consented to Peng’s affair to benefit his political agenda. Allegedly, Yan maintained another sexual relationship with Song Zuying. Further, Song was a friend with benefits to former CCP chairman Jiang Zemin. Complicated sexual tensions boosted Xi’s fast track towards the top of the CCP. Lu called Yan a “tiny cottonwood” after his signature song, A Little Poplar Tree. Within 30 minutes after Lu’s show, comments flooded Yan’s Weibo account. Yan Weiwen turned off Weibo comments an hour later. Yan’s Weibo remained still under comment restriction as of September 7. 

Both Lu De and Miles Guo have been the center of the Whistleblower Movement. Eight days after Lu’s show, Dalian Intermediate Court issued judicial forfeiture against Guo and his relatives (Clandestine Translation Team). The communists took actions to foreclose 65 properties valued at 2.26 billion USD. It was the most recent development following Dalian Municipal Court’s judgment on October 8, 2008. The court charged Guo and his associates with around 8.8 billion dollars in fines. On September 1, Communist Court expedited the prolonged collection effort. Many contributed Mr. Lu’s show to Dalian’s expedition. On September 4, Mr. Lu told his audiences that Xi was furious. Xi demanded progressive attacks against the Whistleblower Movement. Miles Guo thanked all supporters through on the same day. Guo rejected supporters’ donations towards his families or colleagues. He reaffirmed the top priority was to destroy the CCP. (Read more on what Guo has to say, click here

Communist officials resorted to sexual bribery for career advancement. In July 2019, Phoenix News reported a former deputy mayor from Gansu Province. This communist-influenced outlet revealed her sexual relationship with more than 40 party officials. Seventeen of them were her superiors (“姜保红的‘权色人生‘”). Nonetheless, character assassinations haunted every loser of faction conflicts. The Sunday Times investigated the personal life of former politburo member Bo Xilai after his arrest in 2012. Bo was the prime rival on Xi’s path towards party chairman. Reporters believed he had over 100 mistresses (Sheridan).

The aesthetic communists deify their leaders. As a result, state propaganda and censorship programs closely monitored the public images of Communist leaders. The author conducted an open record analysis on articles featuring the love story between Xi and Peng. It was rare to feature their relationship during the Chinese traditional Valentine’s day. State-sponsored outlets appeared to counteract the gossip on Peng quickly. Without direct answers to Peng’s alleged affair, they focused on marketing the romance between Xi and Peng. 

Photo of newly wedded Peng, Liyuan and Xi, Jinping in Xiamen

Due to the lack of transparency within the Communist regime, gossips on moral characters harness a vast supporter base. Behavioral patterns from arrested communist officials further fueled criticism of CCP‘s dubious morality. 

Author:Randy Young; Editor:Sierra Harris & Dylan King


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