The world would get things wrong if not clear about the nature of the trade war


The world has followed the tone along when Communist China directs the mainstream media to accuse Donald Trump of escalating the trade war with tariff hikes.

Adam Behsudi with Politico said that “the Chinese have an even bigger arsenal of economic weapons to hurt the U.S. business as the trade wars escalate.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned at the Conference on Diversity of Asian Civilizations on Wednesday that one civilization forcing itself on another would be “stupid” and “disastrous.” Some reporters said President Xi has targeted Donald Trump with these words.

We need to be clear first that the trade war between China and the U.S. is not a “trade war”; it is an economic war which forms only the first step of a full scale war against a totalitarian regime both culturally and militarily as well.

And it is actually not a war between China and the U.S., or between Chinese and Americans. It is a war started by the joint forces of justice and righteousness against the radical group of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their supporters in the western world. It is a war by the progressive force for freedom and democracy in China against the vicious dictatorship that has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese.

Stopping CCP government’s intellectual property theft and technology transfer is only part of the process in the alleged structural change which in itself is a political change or regime change. Breaking down the notorious Great Firewall and opening the internet are the key to this systematic change.

Observers mostly look into the money side of the story – how the tariff escalation has affected the ups and downs of the world’s financial markets. But there is something more important than money. That something relates to the common fate of humanity, far more significant than cultural or ideological implications.

To the common Chinese, the evils of the radical CCP have destroyed the fundamental roots of the nation and its traditions. To people of the world, the spread and expansion of CCP’s many schemes (the Grand Propaganda Campaign, the BGY scheme, the 3F plan, and the South Putuo Plan) have threatened the base of western civilizations and the safety of innocent citizens.

All CCP leaders know in their guts that the U.S. is not their enemy, otherwise they won’t send their kids to the U.S. or keep most of their assets in American banks. They know in their guts their greatest enemies are themselves. Each of the 25 Politburo members of the CCP Central Committee knows completely that his greatest enemy must be someone within the Politburo. Of course, all of them have taken the Chinese people as their adversaries.

These days, the CCP leadership has stirred up the retaliation sentiment against Donald Trump and American companies. Observers say their actions include tighter customs procedures, new paperwork requirements and extra scrutiny on business licenses. The CCP government would also scrutinize visas, making it harder for U.S. business travelers to enter the country.

We all know that the CCP leadership is playing a game. U.S companies and businessmen are coming to China to give them contracts, to give them investment and export opportunities. They won’t be that stupid to stop people putting money into their pockets. The measures may hurt a few individuals, it won’t hurt the U.S. economy.

People say another way Beijing could hurt the U.S. is by appealing to Chinese patriotism by pushing its population to boycott U.S. products and prominent brands like Apple, as the Politico has said in its report.

Stirring up patriotism has been used many times and will not work this time, as more and more Chinese have come to understand they will become the victims themselves by listening to this propaganda. Ordinary Chinese are more practical than westerners. When they hear of the possibility of being denied a visa in the future to visit foreign countries by protesting at the US Embassy in Beijing, they would retreat faster than the rats running across the streets.

CCP leaders like Wang Qishan have obtained U.S. citizenship for their family members and bought many properties in the U.S. It will be really difficult this time to stir up patriotism by encouraging Chinese youth to confront the U.S and throw away American products.

Although China Central Television and other state-run media and social media outlets incite the whole population to “fight to the end” alongside its leaders against Donald Trump and the United States, their efforts will be in vain this time as more and more Chinese have come to learn about the nature of the CCP two years after Miles Kwok continuously exposes the corruption and sex scandals of the CCP leadership.

Although CCP officials are fully aware that they must fail this time with the no-tariff measures like tightening customs inspections, delaying regulatory approvals, invalidating patents, or ramping up other qualitative actions, they must give them a try. They might also try to interfere with US company supply chain or try to undermine the impact of U.S. tariffs by letting the value of its currency slide.

It is easy to find a “restricted insect” in the grain shipment of Glencore, MDA, or Cargill and then apply the restricted measures. But we will see a further slow in bilateral trade and more Chinese are suffering with the shortage of grains.

These so-called non-trade barriers have been CCP’s secret weapons to deal with international trade in the past. But this time they will add to undermine the efforts of the CCP government to revive its economy and drive the society into destruction.

Either way the CCP regime is doomed this time. The CCP leadership is like an old man in his last days of brain cancers. People may look to the G20 in Japan for Trump to meet with Xi for a deal which I think impossible. The only thing they can do is to wait for the bell toll.

“For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee – CCP.”

By Cloudy Seagail


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