The world needs to hear the voice of truth, says Guo Wengui


Dear warrior friends, today is April 22, 9:16 am New York time, and I am live broadcasting here on G-TV. This feeling is just wonderful with our own G-TV.

You know we have our own Gigtter, much better than Twitter. Like what Senator Marco Rubio has said, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and maybe others would delete any information in confrontation with the World Health Organization and its Secretary Tedros. How terrifying!

Warrior friends, that is terrifying. We live in such a horrible world. If there was no G-TV or G-News in this world, how horrible it would have become.

Friends, you must learn about the power of the right to speak, the power of the media.

Please think, if a rapist went into a family to rape a girl, he would most probably place his hand around her neck so that she could not speak. If she could speak and cry out for help, the rapist wouldn’t be able to commit his crime. The same is with an elderly being robbed at home: if he could speak out for help, the robbery would not be successful. And killing could also be avoided.

This is a simple reason. We need to have a voice to speak out, an independent and true voice to cry, to call for help, to stop the rape or robbery. This true voice shall not be edited, processed, or made in any way not true. Otherwise, the consequence could be disastrous.

For three years since our April 19 broadcast in 2017, I have insisted on live broadcasting without any editing or omission. I have no time for edited stuff. That is packaged stuff, not true.

From the first day I started my live streaming, I have said that any packaged things are not perfect. Many of us like Japanese things because they are beautifully packaged. A small cake could be wrapped with several layers of packages. But that is old-dated. From the environmental point of view, that is a waste of resources. What’s more, it looks not as true, and it has a negative effect on modern society when we need more of the truth.

Brothers and sisters, I am opposed to over-packaged things. In my case when I started my construction business, I learned garden design from several architect masters, like Ieoh Ming Pei and Chu-yuan Lee, and a few others from the reputed institutes.

I asked these masters what they thought of the differences between Chinese and Japanese construction designs. They told me that the Japanese have made the most natural things into man-made, like the miniature landscapes. In that context, I still like the Chinese style better.

What about the media world today? As you have seen for so many years, the media has become more and more powerful.

In human history, I can tell you, it is the media that have told us about politics, truth and ideologies, including faiths and religions, giving out the judgment of what is right or wrong. Newspapers are only part of that; passing messages from mouth to mouth is also media.

That’s why the Chinese Communist Party wrote such things as “When the eastern sky turns red, the sun rises, Mao Zedong is born in China!” Who was this Mao Zedong? According to a story in the local Shanxi dialect, he was a young man longing for love, wanting to have sex with young girls. In literature, it turned out that Mao became the sun, rising from the sky of the east.

We have become too familiar with such kind of songs, like “Without the Chinese Communist Party, there would not be new China.” Originally, the song came from an erotic film. That was also media, the heart of the media. When it is widely spread and people are familiar with it, more and more people believe it to be the truth.

We have seen all the cults, like the one recently appeared in South Korea, advocating that the world has come to an end with the virus. What was that in essence? It was a media, a brainwash, propaganda. It did not have a media platform; it is human to human transmission.

What have you seen to be the most terrifying in the US? The FAKE media. BBC is also FAKE news. Some friends have told me that G-TV is going to be the new BBC in the world. I said, “You are insulting me! We are not BBC; We are not CNN. They are FAKE news!” We are G-TV, G-news; we speak the truth!

We have seen some of the world’s media taking the so-called middle way. But few people would see them dare to speak out the truth. I was the first to say that Heilongjiang province would become the most disastrous city, and Manhattan too. No mainstream media dared to say anything about that! Don’t you see?

No one dares to speak out the truth. Only a few individuals on their Youtube or Facebook selfie-accounts spoke out a few words. Now in the whole world, people are dying every day. This is a disaster.

The world media still rely on Tedros of WHO for information, this Tedros from a terrorist organization. This is terrifying, horrible, friends.

We must remember, the greatest enemy we are facing now, the deadliest virus, causing over a million people infected in the US and so many deaths, was created by the CCP. And above all reasons for this human disaster, no one dared to speak out the truth!

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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