The world must know about CCP’s plans behind the new legislation in Hong Kong


Dear brothers and sisters,

What the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is doing at this moment is to speed up its own destruction. At the same time, the CCP is updating its threats to the world minute by minute. But you will see many thunderbolt actions responded from the world; and you will see more and more people in this world are standing by our side.

Look at the CCP’s crackdown in Hong Kong – their crimes continue. I am still worried that they would do the same in Taiwan. It would be a great loss for Taiwan if that happens. I truly don’t hope that would happen.

Dear brothers and sisters, do you know what the CCP wants to do the most right now? They want to make a deal with the west, for the safety of their illegitimate children and family members overseas. Did you notice that? Yesterday, some friends told me, “Hey, Miles! I know this person, this person and this person, moving their homes to New Zealand recently; and these persons moving to Japan; and these persons moving to Canada. Don’t you know?”

I said, “Yes! This happened all in the past six months. These people have moved to these countries, not by accidents. There are stories behind that. Their families are clear-minded that the CCP is going to its doom and they must look for the safest places. They know that the United States may confiscate their assets, so they are not moving there.”

Behind these moves, friends, they are fighting each other. What do you feel when you hear about such things? God is helping us Chinese. It really is. These rogues and gangsters – if they didn’t move, you won’t know about the great significance of our Expose Revolution. It lets us know that our revolution has come to a time of harvest. Their fear is our victory.

Another thing, brothers and sisters, their actions in Hong Kong, this new legislation in Hong Kong is going to help us too. Do you know why? It is just like a Hollywood movie. The bad guys must have several places to hide; they must have some deadly plans. They are always well-prepared for emergencies. For us good and ordinary people, we don’t spend time on those things. So good people are always chased, running for life. These bad guys are very crafty and never stop their crimes until the very end. But the ending of all movies is the final destruction of the bad guys. When they are running about for their own lives; or their families are running about for their own lives, it will be the end of the movie.

This time, the CCP leaders are planning for funerals of their own families, and it’s time we are going to see their destruction. In Hong Kong, many luxurious houses at the top of the mountains were put out for sale., at Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay. Houses now at these places are for sale at very low prices. What does that mean, friends? The CCP leaders no longer feel Hong Kong a safe hub for their money.

We must remember, it’s not just a percentage of the CCP members blaming President Xi. Everyone is blaming President Xi. “Forward! Forward! Go! Go! See how powerful you are! You are the Emperor. See how powerful you are!” These people are speeding up their efforts to send their families overseas.

Do you know Emperor Song Huizong of Northern Song Dynasty? When the tribal Liao soldiers had brought the battlefield to the foot of the capital city, his rogue followers like Gao Qiu were still fighting each other within the imperial court. They were still flattering the emperor. In the end, the whole family of Emperor Song Huizong were captured, men and women, young and old, all arrested by the Liao invaders and taken to their northern kingdom of Liao.

On the way to the north, the Emperor’s wife, concubines, daughters, and all other females were raped. The emperor himself was forced to cook for the Liao soldiers and do other labor. He was almost tortured to death.

What about his rogue followers? Nothing really bad happened to them. They lived to their old age. They are like today’s Vice-President Wang Qishan.

So, brothers and sisters, all President Xi’s flatterers are pushing him forward, encouraging him to go on with the grand development in the North West, to solve the problems of unemployment and collapsing economy, in addition to over-flooding of the RMB, social instability, and internal political struggles. Many people will go into their traps. I believe the CCP would end without seeing any results from the grand development in the northwest. Dear warrior friends in China, I warn you not to join their stupid plans.

Do you know what the CCP has planned for its new legislation in Hong Kong? They are exercising a closed-door policy. They know the US is taking action, the UK is taking action. So, the CCP has taken this step to challenge them. If the west dares to impose any sanctions, they will have martial law in Hong Kong. Do you know that many of the policemen in Hong Kong uniforms are actually PLA soldiers? Now they openly do this, thinking that the west can do nothing to challenge that.

Dear warrior friends, this is very serious! The CCP Two Sessions are now underway. But you know this national conference is in the interest of our Expose Revolution. These are the CCP’s last tricks – close-door policies. They want to move the poor and the unemployed to the northwestern mountains. They don’t want them to die in the eastern cities, which will cause more social unrest. They have planned to migrate these people to the west, to the mountains, to build new roads and bridges, and houses there. At the same time, they want their poor laborers to dig more tombs there for the CCP officials, right?

And internationally, they are prepared to go for war with the US. They love fights. They have hopes for 2020 when Donald Trump loses the presidency. They will win by then.

Dear brothers and sisters, we will see more counteractions from the US. For the first time, President Trump has said the US would respond strongly against the CCP’s new security legislation in Hong Kong.

Everything has started.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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