The world is welcoming a new China without the Communist Party


Recently, Guo Wengui has thrown a bomb into the sky by telling that there will be the appearance of a new Yuan Shikai (short-lived Emperor of Late Qing Dynasty) and a new George Washington (fore father of the United States of America) in China.

This will be the start of a new era.

Who will be the new Yuan Shikai and the new George Washington? Guo may have the answer, but he hasn’t told. It is most probable that they would come from the military. He must be the person trusted by most families of the veteran CCP leaders.

It will soon be reality that the CCP has come to its doom. It is only a matter of months. Even former President Jiang Zemin and former Premier Zhu Rongji have the “confidence” that the CCP must soon be eliminated.

Not only warrior friends of our Expose Revolution and 1.4 billion Chinese people but many high ranking officials within the CCP system would hope for the elimination of the CCP.

Different interest groups within the CCP seem to join hands to fight Guo Wengui and his Expose Revolution; however, each of them is taking advantage of the Expose Revolution to fight the other. Therefore, the wrestling within the CCP has always been furious and fatal. Even if Guo Wengui called on them to stop fighting each other, there is no possibility that they would stop.

When knives and guns have been placed round the necks of many veteran CCP leaders, they are the immediate people who want to put Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan to death. They also want old-aged Jiang Zemin to go to hell as soon as possible.

Like the collapse of Gaddafi of Libya, Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq, history has come to the point that the communist dictatorship headed by Xi Jinping will soon face the same destiny of destruction. This is the will of the people as well as the will of God.

Guo Wengui said, “I am eating dried sunflower seeds here waiting for something big to happen in China. Those bastards will take actions. Whether they go right or go left, the result is the same. Let’s wait and see. The last craziness of the CCP is a present gifted to us by God.”

How Joseph Stalin died? Who had put him to death? His most trusted comrades. Today is the same. Xi Jinping will die in the hands of his confidants.

Under pressure from the US military and our Expose Revolution, Xi Jinping must order his chief commanders out for war. These chief commanders know that they will either be killed by the US military or become war criminals after taking on the forces of justice. But if they turn their guns back at Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan and execute them, they might have the chance to become the next George Washington of China. What do you think they would choose?

If a war broke out between China and the United States, it would be a battle of meat balls against iron bombs. Besides its advantageous military power, 100 percent of Americans are united. The rest of the western world is also united against the CCP. 50 million overseas Chinese are against the CCP. The majority of 1.4 billion Chinese are against the CCP. The majority of CCP members want the CCP leadership to disappear. Who will win the war? The answer is obvious.

If there is a war, Guo Wengui is leading the fight, President Trump is leading the fight, the Pentagon is leading the fight, the world’s richest billionaires in New York are leading the fight.

When the western world has awakened, the CCP’s state-run media as propaganda machines no longer work; its Belt and Road Initiative no longer works; its intelligence and technology arrogance no longer work; its currency ambitions no longer work.

Guo Wengui said that all arrogant dictators have the arrogance in their military power. When they ask their commanders, “Can we win the war?” They must answer, “Yes, we can!” These commanders know they are telling lies and providing false intelligence. They have to do so to please those dictators. In the end, let’s look at Gaddafi, Ceausescu and Saddam.

Besides, the CCP leaders like Wang Qishan have kept their illegitimate children and assets in the United States. Their sons and grandsons are holding American or UK passports. How can they start a war with their family members as captives of the west?

The Arts of War tells, “One who knows his own strength and that of the enemy is to win all hundred battles.” Guo Wengui said he has prepared for 28 years to eliminate the CCP and for the purpose he has tried all means to learn about the guts and intestines of the CCP leadership. Today, his intelligence has reached neighborhood of all CCP leaders and even insiders are sending him information of the daily movements of Xi Jinping and Jiang Zemin themselves. This is a battle of sure victory for Guo and his warrior friends, and surely for the United States as well.

The time has come and nothing can stop this from happening. There must be the appearance of a new Yuan Shikai in China, as well as a new George Washington. It is the request of time, the request of the people, and the result of a united force from the universe.

The Chinese people will soon welcome a new China with freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. We will soon see the establishment of a new government that protects the rights of the people, the rights of free speech, and who puts the benefits of the people on top of its own.

We have seen the twilight of the morning; it is so close to dawn.

Everything is just beginning.

By Mr. Mask
Translated and edited by Cloudy Seagail


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