The world is turning against the CCP, says Miles Guo


Just now I got interrupted by an incoming phone call, I am continuing the recording.

Brothers and sisters, now people have realized the situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Just last weekend, in Japan, India, the most pro-CCP unions that have been controlled and infiltrated by the CCP the most for ages, like the African Union, and the alliance in the middle east, East African Federation, including South-South cooperation, were all having respective emergency meetings after the “announcement” of Dr. Fauci. They were discussing how to react to this announcement?  “Everybody will say this is the CCP virus eventually. What should we do?  Should we go against it?”

Just like the Chief of the Defense Staff of France said: “we have to choose a side as we are heading towards a reorganization of the world order that is re-structuring around the competition between the United States and China.”  They said: “there are only two choices, one is the truth, and the other is to stand with the CCP.”

In the end, they all determined not to stand with the CCP!

What’s happened in Lithuania? After Jianmin Ye (the founder and former Chairman of a Global Fortune 500 energy and finance conglomerate, the CEFC) was murdered, the CCP, with its arrogance, has mistreated Lithuania’s president to an excessive degree.

Jianmin Ye used to have deep political connections in these countries with — Latvia, Lithuania (Estonia), and the other Eastern European countries, a total of four countries.

I have been to Lithuania many times. Many Lithuanians have been to China, but they were extremely humiliated in China by the CCP.  The CCP also threatened Lithuania because of its close relationship with His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.  This time, Latvia, Lithuania, and this oil country in the North, also a natural gas country, will turn against the CCP.

What comes next is Saudi Arabia and other middle east countries. They will all turn against the CCP because none of the CCP’s promises has been kept.

Now the crypto coin speculators have suddenly realized it is Wall Street and the CCP that are speculating all the time. Remember everybody: those who lost money, the Bitcoin speculators, will launch the biggest legal battle in history between the United States and the CCP. Because this is a scam, Bitcoin is not a decentralized digital currency. It is absolutely centralized. 1.4% of the holder control 97% of Bitcoin. How can this be decentralized?  A handful of the CCP elite corrupt families are in control the Bitcoin. They are united and in control of the political power in China as well.

In addition, now everybody needs to pay attention to the economy in Europe, and the economy in the US. Several big e-commerce companies in China have lost trillions, right?  The prices of major European companies and the prices of US stocks are also falling quietly. They are withdrawing quietly. Only fools are going into the Chinese market.  What you see is a mirage, faces with makeup, faces with lipsticks.

Brothers and sisters, what is the time right now?  It is the opportune time for the New Federal States of China (NFSC).  You will see what is coming. Next, one sector after another in the US, scientific, information, education, Hollywood, agriculture, and all the other areas, will be like falling dominos, making some loud sound. All will turn against the CCP.

Dr. Fauci has admitted that the virus is coming from the lab. What does this end?  I have already told you that at the Spring Festival this year, in the end, there will be only one result — the CCP will be finished!  Otherwise, we can never survive. We cannot explain this to future generations.

That’s it. I have to go now. I must work hard to make money for you. I am making money for you. Some people are waiting for me there, and they are waving at me right now.

By Miles Guo
Translation by Himalayas Connecticut Pangu (USA)

Getter Video link: [May 24, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

We have all seen that the world, so to speak, is changing at a historically unprecedented rate every moment. Whether it is geopolitics, the military landscape, a hotspot conflict, or energy, or the overall capital flow, are all in the midst of dramatic changes.

As you can see, now the CCP is trying hard to provoke the relationship between Russia and the United States. You can see that it is a bad move – they want to learn from the British in the past to alienate the two countries and incite one against the other, right? And then to cause them to turn away from each other and fight against each other. It (the CCP) is very far [from being successful]. The CCP is so low that you can’t imagine how it could go any lower.

Well, our friend, who is an insider of Russia, said, “We (the Russians) just want to get some money from China. Knowing that they will be finished soon, we just want to squeeze more money from them. And also we need to get some undetermined historical issues resolved. Isn’t it just an oral contract? ” He said, “What the CCP is playing with us now is to trick us to fight with the Americans. That is impossible.” Putin is very smart, knowing that you (the CCP) let me shout out loud for you, so I will do that for you, which is fine, but doing anything concrete is impossible. However, those “little pinks” (young cyber-nationalists in China) are so stupid to the extent of self-indulgence and even fooling themselves by celebrating all this. So crazy!

The world is NOT just switching gears, rather people’s hearts are getting united. Switching gears and getting united are two different concepts. Look at Palestine. Palestine and Israel had so many conflicts in history. During the recent conflict, which is the most important and most dangerous one, the Jewish people for the first time raised the point in the Jewish community and the Jewish social circle that Iran and the Chinese Communist Party were behind all this. For the first time, the Jewish people were openly humiliated, discriminated against and attacked by the CCP.

The CCP has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese people to be enemies of the Jews. And then the CCP wanted to make this racial conflict and discrimination against the Jews, the racial discrimination and racial contempt to become a scientific, intellectual, historical, political and economic issue, and lead it to a racial, political war.

Is it scary? If you still follow the CCP,  you will not “walk” into a crematorium (meaning die with the CCP), because you will not even have the chance to “walk” into a crematorium. Did you see the generals in Palestine? Did you see how the generals in Iran were diced into pieces before knowing it? If you follow the CCP, your flesh will be iced into pieces without knowing it, and not all the flesh would be found in the car, some pieces might not be located and could be eaten by wild dogs, so there wouldn’t be a chance for your body to go to a crematorium. This is the biggest threat that the CCP brings to the Chinese people. Washing your brain, demanding your money, controlling your genitals, or having sex with you, is nothing compared to that, for those are happening every day. It will take your life, but it asks you to feel happy about it every day, and you don’t even have the chance to go to the crematorium. Seriously, wake up, my Chinese compatriots!

By Miles Guo
Translator: 一花一世界
Video source: (0:06-1:36, 5:19-7:19)

Lithuania Quits China-CEEC 17+1, Exasperating the Chinese Communist Party

On May 22nd, the foreign minister of the Lithuanian government announced its formal withdrawal from the CEEC 17+1, and urged EU countries to abandon the initiative. When this news came out, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) mouthpiece, “Global Times,” responded in several long articles, bombarding Lithuania, a small European country, in quick succession.

According to the Global Times, “ Lithuania, a small Baltic country with a population of less than 3 million, is one of the least populated countries in Europe and less than a district of a first-tier city in China, so it is not worth getting angry over it.”

The question is, if Lithuania is so small and not worth mentioning, why invite the country to join the CECC in the first place? Is it possible that there is some unseemly conspiracy?

If the CCP was not angry over Lithuania, why make a fuss with Global Times and other state-controlled media? Lithuania abandoning the CCP’s sinking ship was a wise move and totally legitimate, but the CCP is trying to harass other nations and interfere with their internal affairs.

Global Times also said, “all its statements against the CCP are only symbolic, a half-real, half-vacant temporary repercussions of the U.S. game against China. If it has self respect, we will respect it back, but if it is self-inflated and even wants to provoke China, we will blacken it and deny its existence.”

The CCP even put out a death threat, “if such a small country is willing to be a pawn of the game of the big powers, sooner or later it will be burned to death, as the saying in China goes: “don’t look for trouble, or you will die for it”. The geopolitics of the Baltic Sea region is extremely complex, and various extremes of historical memory seriously overlap. Today’s Lithuania does not think about resolving old grudges, but constantly builds new enemies, there will be times when they are unlucky.”

All those statements from the Global Times made it clear that the CCP are now so afraid of any country spreading its wings to initiate fault against them on human rights abuse, concentration camps, or COVID origin. But the more they threaten others, the more nations with moral conscience will wake up, confronting this evil regime.

Although Lithuania is a small country, it didn’t yield to the CCP’s money influence. On May 20th, Lithuania’s parliament became the latest to call out the CCP’s actions against Uyghur minority genocide. The Lithuanian parliament also called for a UN investigation into the CCP’s concentration camps in Xinjiang and asked the European Commission to review its own relations with Beijing.

On the same day, the EU Parliament passed a freeze on the, “China-EU Investment Deal.” Lithuania also announced in March this year that it would open a, “trade representative office,” in Taiwan in an effort to promote relations with Taiwan.

The CCP has committed many crimes: genocide in Xinjiang, suppression of democracy in Hong Kong, cyber attacks, and the canny debt traps, CECC 17+1 and BRI. European countries have raised concerns and have started to abandon the sinking ship. Lithuania’s righteous and wise move will surely trigger more countries to recognize the evil face of the CCP and follow suit.

Author: Jack Li
Translator: bright.lee.dt


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