The world is at war with a hidden enemy, says Donald Trump


Yesterday afternoon, US President Donald Trump tweeted, “The world is at war with a hidden enemy. We will win.”

Who is this hidden enemy? It is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is the CCP leadership headed by Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan. This is a dictatorship that created the Chinese virus and has brought a lot of sufferings to the world. The CCP is like the coronavirus that cannot be seen by the human eye or felt by the human body but is everywhere in existence in the air, threatening the lives of many.

President Trump on Wednesday afternoon again defended calling coronavirus -COVID-19 a “Chinese virus” during a White House press conference.

“It’s not racist at all,” Trump said when a reporter asked about the phrase creating a dangerous stigma for Chinese Americans. “It comes from China, that’s why. I want to be accurate.”

President Trump has been doing the right things to save lives although the Fake news made corrupt by the CCP have tried to defame him. Trump tweeted again: “I always treated the Chinese Virus very seriously, and have done a very good job from the beginning, including my very early decision to close the ‘borders’ from China – against the wishes of almost all. Many lives were saved. The Fake News new narrative is disgraceful & false!”

While the world fights the coronavirus pandemic, Communist China is fighting a propaganda war, continuing its crimes to cover-up the truth and deceiving the world.

The Chinese government announced Wednesday that journalists of three major U.S. newspapers would have to leave China within 10 days. They will have their visas to their media credentials canceled soon.

According to the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China, the number of affected journalists at the papers — The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post — is at least 13 and could be higher depending on how broadly the group is defined.

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told reporters at a State Department news conference the move would deprive the world and the Chinese people of information in “incredibly challenging” times brought about by the coronavirus.

“The Chinese Communist Party’s decision to expel journalists from China and Hong Kong is yet another step toward depriving the Chinese people and the world of access to true information about China”—including about the origin of the Coronavirus, the National Security Council said in a statement yesterday.

According to the Onion, President Donald Trump hit back at China Wednesday by announcing the U.S. would also expel American journalists. “Effective immediately, all reporters must leave the country—we’re not going to let China outdo us on this one,” said Trump, who issued an executive order giving all journalists from The Washington PostThe New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal as well as writers at outlets such as BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, and Men’s Health a 24-hour notice to evacuate the country.

“If China wants to banish our journalists for writing negative articles about China, then fine, we won’t tolerate American reporters spreading nasty stories about America either. I’m going to just start reading down the mastheads. Anything China can do, we can do better. Who knows, maybe we’ll even execute them.”

At press time, Fox News broadcasters had been granted a stay of removal by a federal judge.

The CCP leadership is not just the enemy of the civilized world, it is also the greatest enemy of the ordinary Chinese people.

At the time of difficulties, the CCP leadership has time and again encouraged ordinary Chinese people to donate their hard-earned money to the government to fight the coronavirus. Too many poor Chinese families are dying of hunger facing the virus crisis, without government help.

Completely different from the evil CCP government, the Trump administration wants to send direct cash payments to Americans in the coming weeks to help them cope with the economic ravages of the coronavirus, as part of a massive economic stimulus package taking shape between the White House and Capitol Hill.

President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday proposed mailing out checks of up to $1,000 to American adults to quickly pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the U.S. economy at a time when airlines are slashing flights and officials are shuttering restaurants, sports arenas and other public venues.

“We want to make sure that Americans get money in their pocket quickly,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

President Trump tweeted, “For the people that are now out of work because of the important and necessary containment policies, for instance the shutting down of hotels, bars and restaurants, money will soon be coming to you. The onslaught of the Chinese Virus is not your fault! Will be stronger than ever!”

The western world is at war against the CCP dictatorship. We stand firmly with President Trump to tell the truth of the crisis and fight together to take the evil CCP demons to hell.

“The president and I are deeply proud that the American people have already pulled together in so many ways in response to this virus, just as we’ve always done during other challenging times in our history,” Vice President Mike Pence writes in USA Today.

“I want all Americans to understand,” President Trump wrote on Twitter this afternoon. “We are at war with an invisible enemy, but that enemy is no match for the spirit and resolve of the American people.”

By Cloudy Seagail


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