Guo Wengui: The world has opened eyes to CCP crimes in Hong Kong


Yesterday, I got up at three; Mr. Steve Bannon also got up at three; and we met together at the Himalayas Embassy for the live broadcast at five.

After the eight hours broadcast, Mr. Bannon left and I stayed. Back home, he gave me a call asking “what are you doing now?” I said I was still broadcasting at the office. He praised me as God of Warriors and said, “Have some rest! Don’t fall down with the hard work!”

I told him as I am telling you now, friends, I have been doing this every day, without much time for rest. Even at night now, I have to check the updates of the financial markets and learn about the impact of the protests in Hong Kong.

Yesterday when I came back, from 5-8 o’clock in the afternoon, I checked the developments in most markets, including the futures, transactions of bulk commodities, inside or outside the stock exchanges.

I have noticed that yesterday, in order to stabilize the markets, the Chinese government has spent at least several hundred billion yuan, to keep the Hang Seng Index and Shanghai index at a certain level. These are their financial measures to stabilize the society.

We have seen yesterday Chinese riot policemen dressed in Hong Kong Police uniforms take part in the demonstration as security guards. This is another measure taken by the Chinese government.

Next, they must have political measures to pressure the international communities. Of course politicians in the western world won’t be so stupid as to be submissive to these political measures of the Chinese Communist Party.

At the same time, they will have measures to control the mainstream media in the world. They will continue to buy western media with corruption so that foreign journalists would report things in their favor.

These are the CCP’s four weapons to secure their governance: finance, riot police, politics, and the media.

Yesterday we witnessed how the CCP government mobilized its resources to keep the demonstration under control. We have learned about their tricks and tactics.

In the future, when we organize similar protests in Beijing and other mainland cities, we will not be doing things like the organizers in Hong Kong. Of course, the CCP government would do anything to stop any street demonstrations in the mainland.

According to popular reports, 1.03 million people turned out yesterday. My estimate is 1.5 million, including one tenth or 150 thousand policemen either in police uniforms or plain clothes. About 30 thousand in police uniforms actually guarded the government headquarters or were fully prepared for clashes.

Yesterday the demonstration was conducted in a peacefully way. This shows Hong Kong is a civilized society with the rule of law. When I showed the photos of protesters to American friends, most were shocked by the way Hong Kong people behaved as they marched. They are really great people.

On the contrary, who were violating the rule of law in Hong Kong? The Hong Kong government and its police force! Can they deny the appearance of PLA army and use of Guangdong police force in yesterday’s activities? They are the people who do not follow the rules. This also tells the CCP government is a dictatorship, and they have ruled the country with police, and evil forces.

Yesterday, the organizers were naïve, but the Hong Kong people were great. What has happened in Hong Kong has told that the CCP government has full control over Hong Kong. The real organizers and controllers behind the scene were traitors like Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun and Jiang Zhicheng. There is no doubt about it.

Phoenix Television had full coverage of the demonstration, under the theme of the CCP propaganda. Other local television stations and newspapers also reported on the protests, all with the tone of the CCP. International financiers had been paid with enough money to leave the Hong Kong market and told not to stir up the water in the territory.

Western mainstream media had also been paid and told to keep their mouths shut. They were allowed to write an article or two to mention the march and then leave. No politicians from foreign governments stood out to say a single word under CCP pressure.

Friends! Please do not blame the Hong Kong media, its political leaders, business leaders or the entertaining elites. They are under huge pressure to keep away from the march. If we are in their position, we must also have our mouths shut up. It was not their fault. It is the evil of the CCP government.

All Hong Kong actors, actresses and singers signed with the Emperor Group. Its boss Albert Yeung is working for the Ministry of State Security. Who dares to walk out onto the streets with their employment or contracts tied to Mr. Yeung.

And all politicians in Hong Kong have to listen to Carrie Lam, a representative of the Chinese Communist Party. All business leaders in Hong Kong have been trapped in CCP’s BGY schemes. The CCP government has kept video of their sex scandals in the mainland. None of them dares to speak out under CCP’s threats.

But we had good news yesterday as well.

First, President Xi Jinping almost collapsed as he walked to share the stage with Russian President Putin. He was actually dragged by someone as he shook hands with the audience down the stage. The Russian bodyguard was quick enough to support him. Otherwise, his life would be in danger.

You know, it was not the pain in his leg that caused his collapse. The stage was 1.6 meters high. The drag from the audience was intentionally made. That means it was an assassination attempt. This incident will have a strong impact on the CCP leadership. It will cast a shadow on the wrestling within Zhongnanhai. This also adds to the suspicion that his health is truly in big problem.

Secondly, the march yesterday has shocked the whole world. More people have come to understand the real face of the Communist Party. I have received numerous messages from foreign friends who told me they were overwhelmed by the event.

Thirdly, when over one million people were out confronting the Hong Kong government, the government has lost the trust of the people. A statement released by the government later tells that any protest after 12:00 o’clock midnight would be taken as unlawful riots and the government will continue with the legislative process for the Extradition Law amendment to be passed on Wednesday. This has totally outraged the Hong Kong people.

After 12:00, about 10,000 young people stationed around the government headquarters. The police tactically divided them into small partitions and finally dispersed them. They did the same during the 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident and the demonstration of Falun Gong in 1998. They succeeded in taking down the protests. But this success has also put the Hong Kong government into an extreme position.

I don’t believe the common people in Hong Kong would take this lightly and everything is over now.

I was told that on June 12th when the Extradition Law is to be passed at the High Court, a general strike has been planned. When the strike continues for a week or two, with shops closed and taxi drivers stop working, Hong Kong will be taken down. And that will be the end of everything.

I know that many politicians, policemen, or public servants in Hong Kong were reluctant to take orders from the government. But there are also bastards in the territory, like the group of lawyers headed by Kenney Wong who submitted a letter of petition to the government in favor of the Extradition Law amendment.

We will finally see international interference in Hong Kong affairs. It will no longer be confrontations between the common people of Hong Kong and the riot police of both local and mainland forces. It will be confrontations between China and the west. It will be a joint blow on the CCP regime.

Hong Kong people are great. Hong Kong people value the rule of law. They are truly civilized people. Please join me to support the courageous Hong Kong people in their fight against the Carrie Lam and the vicious communist government in the mainland.

Hong Kong people have demonstrated to the world that the Chinese nation is great and they can build a great country with the rule of law and win the respect of the international communities.

I have full confidence that freedom and democracy, religious freedom, and the rule of law will prevail in the land of China and the civilized Chinese people will be welcomed by the international communities.

The Chinese nation has a bright future. This day will come soon. No one can stop it from happening.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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