The world economy is hitting an iceberg like the Titanic

Protests against SEC's collusion with the CCP regime.

From yesterday till today, I indeed had two profound feelings. I felt that the world economy and politics, and even the people of the world are just like the Titanic about to hit the iceberg (though later someone said that Titanic was taken down by laser ray). You just feel that the whole world’s politics, economy, and people’s safety are going to hit an iceberg as the Titanic did. Also the past few days I heard from the so-called men of class and people in the political and intelligence fields talk about the side-effects of the [CCP virus] vaccine. Very scary!

The second one is the world’s economy. You’ve heard that people in the financial sector are trembling now. While trembling, they also keep watching to see if there is any chance for them to make a big fortune from this. Greedy! No one wants to lose, everyone wants to catch a quick buck if there is a chance. This makes you develop the feeling of the Titanic about to hit the iceberg.

On the other hand, you can feel the craziness of the CCP. Indeed, you can now feel the ferocious laugh from the demon when it occupies the high ground – madness, and craziness before perishing. Too much stuff like this, which is hard to describe. You all know about the Titanic. But among so many people on board, there were only two or three of them that spoke out that they were going to hit the iceberg and going to die, which was proved to have occurred.

Now I feel that our entire Whistleblower Movement (BM) is in the midst of this world which is exactly like the Titanic, leaving Scotland to New York, trying to play a big, high-end game, chasing for luxury and the so-called decentness of the nobility driven by the hypocrisy and cowardice of humanity, and lacking the courage to face the truth, making mistakes step by step, and finally hitting the iceberg. How frightening! Yet, after all, there are brave people who can escape,  which is our New Federal State of China (NFSC). It is our NFSC that is saving lives and, in the end, escaping the Titanic.

Of course, there might be people who want to get themselves some gold and silver [make a personal profit] from this. Don’t even think about it. Kidding. In our WM, people must be determined. We are saving this big ship rather than waiting for the ship to sink and then saving people afterward. We must make the ship unsinkable.

Does anyone see any big fluctuations in gold price lately? Nothing big. How about the oil price? It goes down a little. Are there any big ups and downs? No. Do you think this will last long? Impossible. Do you think something will happen again at the Strait of Hormuz and Suez Canal? Yes, it will happen. What will it be like if you attack Taiwan? Do you think you can get away with it? No, you can’t. Why are digital currencies and cryptocurrencies so strong now? Everyone is in fear, knowing the world is about to hit an iceberg. Before hitting the iceberg, some people want to play violin and listen to music, right? Do what you want, but you will be the one buried deep in the water in the end. This is the current status of the world’s politics and economy.

Brothers and sisters, please look through things more clearly. What a critical moment is it right now? Look at it. I heard from some friends in Wall Street that everyone is now hurried to mortgage their big houses without redemption rights. What does that mean? If I cannot pay back the mortgage, I will not redeem the house. Moreover, no one uses a personal guarantee, rather they sell to companies and give them big discounts. Many are selling their financial assets to exchange for GTV shares and G-Coins. No way. This is the current situation.

Brothers and sisters, we must hold ourselves at this critical moment. Facing the world’s immense change, if you cannot hold yourself, great disasters will find you. Please, don’t be greedy at this moment, stop dreaming at this time. Please use pre-caution measures at this time. Brothers and sisters, please cherish the moment when you can still watch my broadcasts and Getter videos. Cherish the freedom that you are enjoying now. Cherish the healthiness you have. Humanity has never ever faced such a huge change and challenge like this before. Of course, it presents opportunities for people with wisdom and capabilities. I hope this can be an opportunity for every fellow fighter. Thank you!

By Miles Guo


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