The war in the Middle East has reignited: Who is behind it?


Miles Guo: Palestine and Israel need to defuse hatred. Neither is absolute righteous. The only Beneficiary is the one taking advantage of the hatred. Don’t let hatred blind your eyes, don’t let hatred eliminate your strength!

The Islamic group Hamas has reignited war in the Middle East by suddenly firing 130 rockets at Israel. Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip returned fire, destroying Hamas headquarters in Al–Shorok Tower and killing Hamas supreme leader Bassem Issa. Israel also claimed to have killed several Hamas intelligence chiefs, as well as destroying rocket launching sites, Hamas offices, and the homes of several Hamas leaders. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “This is just the beginning.”

Since the planned withdrawal of U.S. and allied forces from the Middle East and Afghanistan, first, there have been several minor attacks in Afghanistan, but they have not impacted the schedule.

Hamas’s new attacks on Israel may impact U.S. withdrawal plans, and the U.S. Department of Defense’s new strategic deployment in the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific regions may be forced to slow down.

Who would be the biggest gainer from such an outcome? Whoever most wants the U.S. to fail to withdraw from the Middle East and Afghanistan is the gainer. Whoever is the gainer is the manipulator behind the scenes.

The Pentagon’s latest strategic deployment, the withdrawal of troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan, will allow for greater focus on the crisis in the Indo-Pacific region, which is obviously detrimental to the Chinese Communist Party. It is also obvious that the Chinese Communist Party is the biggest beneficiary of the United States’ inability to withdraw its troops from the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The evil CCP, for the sake of their own self-interest, has repeatedly harmed the world: first with biological weapons – viruses attacking the whole world; and now by stirring up war again in the Middle East, just to stall the US in the Middle East, unable to withdraw its troops. The world will not be at peace until this evil CCP is destroyed.

For the sake of world peace,  must take down the CCP!

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CCP’s real role played in the Middle East conflict

Nearly a week into the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East, the CCP suddenly condemned the U.S. for repeatedly preventing the UN Security Council from adopting a joint statement.

The CCP-owned Global Times reported that “the United States has done a disservice to the world and hurt Muslims even more.” It is true that both the Palestinian and Israeli have their own argument.

In fact, this conflict started when Hamas first launched intensive rocket attacks on Israel. The CCP deliberately confused the causes and consequences of the conflict, in order to change the injured party from Israel to Hamas. In order to fight for global hegemony, the CCP launched unrestricted biological warfare, resulting in more than 100 million people infected and more than 3 million people died.

Global Times said that the United States shields Israel’s disproportionate killings of Palestinians and has caused widespread global outrage.

Israeli counterattack has shown the world a new method of warfare in the war on terror, where Israel uses razor blade missiles to target and strike Hamas military leaders in a targeted manner. The innocent killing is almost zero. The blade missiles not only do not explode, they even decapitate with the blades. Other innocent people inside the same car can not even be harmed.

Israel carries out 14 straight kills, specifically hitting Hamas military leaders and bringing Hamas to its knees to beg them for mercy. Hamas uses innocent civilians as shields, hiding military facilities, armed personnel, and ammunition depots in residential areas. Israel used precision strikes and telephoned the residents of the houses to move before the airstrikes, arguably setting a precedent in the history of warfare and minimizing damage to civilians.

Global Times added that the US’s attitude is a humanitarian shame, and the Biden administration has slapped itself with its disregard for Palestinian human rights. Global Times argued that America claimed maliciously that there is a so-called “genocide” against Muslims in Xinjiang, China, but it is indifferent to the trampling of Palestinian human rights and the expulsion of people from the occupied territories. Global Times claims that Washington clearly does not like Muslims, nor does it like China. The US only “likes” the Muslims in Xinjiang, China.

The CCP has been exposed. There has never been a war conflict in history without civilian casualties. Israel has done its best to use advanced technology to avoid the death of innocent people. The CCP is comparing the innocent Uyghur victims of the mass genocide in Xinjiang against the innocent victims in the Middle East who were dragged into the war by Hamas. How absurd and shameless!

Global Times said that Washington is now eager to shrink its Middle East front in order to focus on China and Russia, and it does not want to invest new forces or resources to bring peace to Israel and Palestine. However, Washington wants to solidify its strategic presence in the Middle East in favor of Israel and U.S. strategic interests.

The CCP realizes that the US is forming a global alliance against the CCP. The anti-CCP forces around the world are rapidly gathering and steadily advancing in the pursuit of the truth about the COVID-19 virus. The CCP’s friends will eventually come to the righteous side, and will not rush to hell with the CCP. If the U.S. wants to be anti-CCP, it will not expend its energy on other geopolitical conflicts. The ultimate goal behind this conflict is to distract the U.S. and other western countries’ energy. The mastermind is the evil CCP.

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