The US is getting tougher on China militarily: we see what you are doing and we are taking action


The US is getting hard with China as President Donald Trump, Vice President Michael Pence and Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan announced the release of the 2019 Missile Defense Review (MDR) today at the Pentagon.

Mainly targeting China, Trump said that “the goal is simple. It is to ensure we can detect and destroy any missile launched against the United States, anytime, anywhere and any place.”

As the United States is leading its western allies towards peace and stability in the world with its missile capabilities, Russia and China have their own versions of missile defense already in another direction, the review notes.

According to Patrick Shanahan, China and Russia are carrying out military modernization programs to increase the capabilities of their existing missile systems while adding new and sophisticated types of missiles to their arsenals, including hypersonic weapons and advanced cruise missiles.

Shanahan says, “ American’s competitors including China and Russia are increasing their existing missile system capabilities, adding new and sophisticated missiles to their arsenals, including hypersonic missiles, and advanced cruise missiles, and integrating this more effectively into their political intimidation, anti-access, area denial efforts and work planning. ”

Vice President Pence said at the event, “Working with members of Congress in both parties, we’re rebuilding our military, restoring the arsenal of democracy… At the President’s direction, we released a National Security Strategy that puts America first, pursued the modernization of our nuclear arsenal.”

Just one day earlier, Mike Pence delivered his remarks to the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference saying:

“China as we observed is using debt diplomacy and unfair trade practices to expand its influence. As I have made clear on that visit to the region just a few short weeks ago, the United States will always stand for a free and open Indo-Pacific where all countries can enjoy freedom of navigation and open trade.”

“The truth is, too often in recent years, China has chosen a path that disregards the law and norms that have kept the world safe and prosperous for more than a half a century.”

“The United States will rise to that challenge; we will stand with our allies and we will advance our values and our principles in the world.”

“We are rebuilding our military, making the largest investment in our national defense since the days of Ronald Reagan.”

Mike Pence said these words clearly, “As I mentioned before, perhaps most importantly, we’ve put China on notes.”

Referring to the Trade War, Pence said, “President Trump’s direction with placing tariffs on 250 billion dollars of Chinese goods, with highest tariffs specifically targeting the advanced industries that Beijing is attempting into capture and control, of the high part of the modern economy. As the president has made clear, the United States is prepared to levy even more tariffs until China makes much needed structural changes and signs a trade deal that works not only for their nation, but for all of us.”

Right after the speech, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying responded that US Vice President Mike Pence’s criticism of China was an act of libel and the US is the most unqualified country to wag a finger at China.

The remarks by the Trump administration on different locations in a week has attracted widespread attention. In case communist China was to go for war with the US, we are going to see results not in months or years, but in weeks.

For Chinese people who are very family with Sun Tze’s Art of War, the decisive factor in winning any war is not military capabilities or strength of weapons. Morale of the military and common aspiration of the people plays a very important role.

We know that when it comes to confronting communist China, the US are united; the two parties and the American people are united; the US and its allies are united.

But looking to the other side, we see that China are divided, not just Hong Kong or Taiwan; The CCP leadership and its military are divided; we see division as a result of the corruption of CCP officials and resentment of ordinary people; we also see confrontation between the CCP government and overseas Chinese democratic front. The result is easily foreseeable.

As the US Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan has said, “Our current defense capabilities are effective for their purpose and our competitors know it. Frustrated by our mid-course defenses, they are aggressively pursuing new technologies to circumvent today’s systems. These new technologies produce new threats, and these threats are harder to see, harder to track and harder to defeat.”

“To our competitors, we see what you are doing and we are taking action.”

By Cloudy Seagail and Staff writer


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