The US-China Alaska Meeting Is a Show


In the March 21, 2021 Getter video, for the first time, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the US-China Alaska Meeting was a show, in which the CCP was like a sheep in wolf’s clothing and the US a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The purpose of the show was for the CCP to continue to cheat the 1.4 billion Chinese people and at the same time, the Americans could satisfy their personal interests.

Let’s just move on and talk about something more absurd. All that people have been talking about these days was the Alaska meeting between the US and China. We are the only one saying that it was a show. No one else knew about this. It’s because we have the intelligence, so we are not taking a shot in the dark. If you guess blindly, you will never be 100% correct, right? We are the only media who said it was a show. These days, many so-called media professionals with conscience along with politicians have had meetings with me like crazy, asking “How do you know it was a show, Miles?” It is very simple, brothers and sisters. I said, “Look, this is a show.” Then I made a metaphor, “What do the ‘rolling pin’ (fake) economy of the CCP and their boastings look like?”

I said, think about the economic and military strength of the CCP, when compared to the US, it is like a sheep, with no doubt. Considering the strength and influence of the military, politics, economy, and technology, the US is absolutely a wolf. Let’s use these two animals to tell the story. Then, why dare the CCP to be so arrogant? It is because the CCP has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese people. Another reason is the BGY plot in the US, using all the resources netted by abusing the 1.4 billion slaves. Right? Brothers and sisters, what else can I say? The CCP only has only these two tricks, right?

I then asked, “Why did the US-China Alaska meeting have such an absurd scene?” Many people from Europe and America asked me, “What’s your take on this?” I said, “It was very simple. I can use two metaphors to describe the meetings between the CCP and the US. The so-called Empress Yang (Jiechi Yang) and Eunuch Wang (Yi Wang) were sheep covered with the skin of a wolf. Sheep in wolf’s clothing is still sheep no matter how much fuss they make, how they check around, look back and forth, kick and scratch the ground, or how much they believe they are a wolf.”

I continued, “Then what was America like? It was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Period. Why? It indeed treated itself as a sheep. Why was America the wolf willing to put on sheep’s clothing? It’s because others got goods on America so that it didn’t have the courage to be a wolf. It’s because the sheep had a tacit agreement with it and asked it to pretend to be a sheep for once, in order to cheat the 1.4 billion slaves in Communist China. So, if you America agreed to put on a show with me, I, the noisy sheep in wolf’s clothing would send more sheep to you or even some other wolf’s meat for you America to eat.”

“Simple as this,” I said, “ultimately, please remember, the American wolf will go back to its nature. The American wolf will turn back to a wolf in wolf’s skin, and the CCP sheep will still be a sheep in sheep’s skin or naked with its skin peeled. That’s it.” They all laughed.

No matter how loud you voiced, you are still a sheep in sheep’s skin. So, I said, “It is better if they keep making more fuss. All means the CCP has used toward Hong Kong, Taiwan, Africa, and the Middle East are political tactics for its domestic politics. Please take a good look at WWII. Many critical decisions that influenced a nation’s fate made by Hitler, France, the UK, or Japan at that time were absolutely connected with their domestic politics. All the world’s politicians belong to the same family – they are all rogues. Yet, the CCP is not a rogue, rather, it is a true gangsterdom. It has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese and used the 1.4 billion Chinese as leverage to bargain with the world. The Americans were willing to put on sheep’s clothing, even though they knew they were wolves, because they wanted to get more sheep meat for their personal interest and get more lambs for the future, or even get some sheep placentas to eat, right? Simple as this.”

America was humiliated this time, and the noisy CCP has solved its internal conflict between the Shanghai Gang and God Xi. More importantly, the CCP could reach its ultimate goal of harvesting the chives (referring to robbing the ordinary Chinese) and having the ordinary Chinese to pay the bills in the end. No matter to the wolf in sheep’s clothing or the sheep in sheep’s skins, in the end, it is the ordinary Chinese who will pay for the bills, the grassroots. Simple as this. Do you believe me? It doesn’t matter if you don’t.

Translated by Himalaya Rose Garden Team

Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the CCP Virus

Let me continue with some other stuff on politics and the economy. We’ve gathered enough evidence and intelligence about Hong Kong. After thorough verification, we’ve come to the fact that the economic volume under the control of the Hong Kong government is about 500 billion USD, 100 billion USD of which is what we call the capital reserve. Now the Hong Kong government has sent an urgent report to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), saying that Hong Kong’s capital reserve has run out. Now everything is fake. [Everything] is mainly relying on the CCP’s central committee, the state-owned enterprises (SOEs), the Hong Kong stock exchange, and several Chinese Banks. [The CCP] moves its own money around like “lids” being put on “bottles”, and there might be just two lids for ten bottles, or no lid at all. And they might just rely on computers to fake everything.

It has never happened in history that there existed such massive trade surpluses and deficits and flows of currencies, which creates conflicts. Hong Kong’s current goods’ prices and typical living expenses are going higher and higher. With massive amounts of capital moving out of town, Hong Kong’s stock market’s “avalanche” effect might be waiting, leading to all people selling their stocks in the stock market and selling properties in the housing market. Another thing is that when some emergencies happen, foreign enterprises would rush to withdraw their investment altogether, then Hong Kong will become an empty town. Rather than a stinky or a dead town, Hong Kong will become an empty town. How do we deal with these circumstances? Someone has urgently brought attention to the CCP’s Central Committee. Hong Kong is on the verge of death.

This is the first thing, and the second one is about Taiwan. Currently, in Taiwan, no matter to whom Tsai Ing-wen will kowtow, and no matter how she’s scared, begging everywhere not to attack Taiwan, “You guys please don’t cause any trouble here [in Taiwan] because I am so scared!” It will be useless. As far as I know, Europe, Japan, and the US are all talking with each other secretly, “If things go this direction, what do we do about Taiwan? And if it goes the other direction, what do we do?” No matter what will happen, people know that the CCP will for sure take action against Taiwan. If they make the move, will you [the West] act accordingly or not?

A good thing now is that they were on the verge of war multiple times already, and after it was halted, now [you can see that] there are basically two sides: the pro-war side and the surrender side. And the surrender side has already surrendered multiple times. Now in the US and Europe, including Japan, everyone in western countries has realized that if you keep giving in, the CCP will take over Taiwan. After that, it’s going to take over the whole world. Everyone knows that protecting Taiwan is protecting yourself, so the CCP bandits won’t come to your homes. The whole strategy needs to be re-directed and re-established so that the West will come to understand that they must take down the CCP first, or if the CCP attacks Taiwan first, everyone will work together to take down the CCP.

This is now nonnegotiable, and has no room for Taiwan to beg anybody – begging is already useless. Under these circumstances, what everybody will see next is that, after the “white paper” reports about the virus and Hong Kong’s human rights, as well as a series of similar documents on Taiwan come out, the West will make it clear that, “If you [the CCP] attacks, touches, or threatens Taiwan in certain ways, we will start a war immediately.” And that is the so-called drawing a clear “red line” for the CCP.

The problem was that in the past several decades, the US, Europe, and Japan have been playing the so-called “strategic ambiguity” on the issue of Taiwan. It’s like “Let’s say, if the war breaks out, will I help Taiwan?” “Maybe, or maybe not.” “Will the war breaks out or not?” “That’s also not a sure thing, right?” “When our military air-planes are hovering over Taiwan a few rounds already, should we strike or not?” “Not necessarily.” But then someone else would come out and say, ‘Hey, I am going to strike!” So, that’s called “strategic ambiguity”.

Now it’s all based upon “the Shanghai Communique”, but that communique has become nonsense, right? But now the CCP committing genocide and crimes against humanity has been recognized by legal organizations, so will you strike if these bastards come to threaten Taiwan? “Eh? Of course, we should! Because it is packed with criminals who have committed crimes against humanity such as genocide and mass-killing. Then will it commit genocide and mass-killing in Taiwan? The possibility has gone up, so, we should strike.”

Everyone will see that the US and the West will come up with their final decision soon, to clarify all the strategic, military decisions regarding Taiwan. And that is to say, if your [CCP’s] aircraft fly cross a certain multitude and latitude, or some lines of defense, or if you open fire to the Taiwan military proactively, or some Taiwanese was killed [because of you], or you surround the island, or you are deemed as having constituted substantive threats to Taiwan, the war will then start automatically.

Putting a complete end to “strategic ambiguity”, and entering an era of “clear strategies” with clear “red line” and principles – when did this happen in history? Also in the Chinese Xinchou and Gengzi years – everything was the same as 120 years before when there were the Boxer Indemnity and the Boxer Protocol. Let’s see! So now it has come to a critical time.

Look at the Taiwan stock market, the technology stocks, especially Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), and the like. You will see what changes will happen after a period of time. You will see how the western swamp’s attitude towards the Taiwan matter will change.

Let me correct what I said yesterday: it was in Alaska, not Dallas. What has Brother Seven’s mouth done? It’s Alaska, Alaska, Alaska! That airport in Alaska is called something like “…rage” (referring to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport). I have been flying in and out of that airport for many years, for decades, but I can never remember its name. Yeah, that remote place.

This meeting basically is the first open announcement before a war. The CCP is definitely going to play some tricks. You will see that all of a sudden, the Sino-US relationship will take a turn to the positive side, and then will become neither a favorable nor a non-favorable relationship, definitely. Then there will be a second meeting with something announced, not in Alaska probably, but at somewhere similar. And then there won’t be the third meeting because the war will break out. These are basically things expected to happen.

Before these three rounds are completed, the most likely thing to happen is that, if the CCP bandits attack Taiwan proactively, then there won’t be the first or second round, because the war will break out at any time.

At this very moment, it’s said that the Chinese are bringing a huge gift to the negotiation. I’ve heard that “the big dish of steak” being brought to the table is so big that it will make the US drool, and the latter might drop all the accusation about its crimes in Hong Kong, Taiwan, including the genocide and mass-killing in Xinjiang and its crimes against humanity. They plan to completely BGY you America. Can the CCP achieve its goals, brothers and sisters? Just wait and see.

The most critical thing is what we have been saying this year: “taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus” is like a big mountain – something no one in this world can get around. Now the demand to investigate the truth about the CCP virus and find out the origin of the CCP virus, and hold the CCP accountable has reached an absolute bipartisan agreement. It is now an absolute common ground by the Republicans and Democrats and the only topic they can talk about without fighting or arguing. In the US, the two parties have become total strangers to each other, and don’t want to understand and cooperate with each other. This is the fundamental reason for the disasters in all these years. But on this very matter, they can now sit down and negotiate, cooperate with each other, and what’s more, they can respect each other. The CCP virus has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and now this has united the two parties, for the sole reason – the CCP virus.

In Europe, the biggest problem is the so-called EU budget, and the separation of powers among the EU Members, namely the “how to divide the loot” problem. It has always been like this and has become even worse with endless arguing on the issues of Euro, taxation, and cost-sharing of military expenses. But only on the virus have they reached an agreement, and started to cooperate without questions. Next are the UK and Japan. These two independent and distinctive countries used to be scared of the CCP on everything and resolve everything using money, but now on the very issue of the virus, they are so firm that no one dares to negotiate with them, no room is left for negotiation. It’s said that the CCP has given quite attractive offers, such as top-quality beef, fish belly meat, Chutoro. Of course, there’s the BGY, right? It’s said that these are not working.

The CCP virus will completely change the world and end the CCP itself, which will completely save the Chinese people, excluding those who ask troubles for themselves, and don’t know the meaning [of the virus] and still go forward [with the CCP]. Those people are not savable. Let’s just wait and see, brothers and sisters. Thanks a lot! As always, Shen and Yanggu are two adjacent counties competing with each other, so let’s wait and see who will win!

By Miles Guo

Translators: guocamole(文金欠); saiah4031


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