The upcoming economic storm that the CCP brings to the world

G7 Meeting/Photo from Reuters

In the May 3, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that the economic collapse of the CCP will result in far-reaching and profound consequences such as economic disasters, political chaos, and social unrest in the West. The CCP has the same authoritarian mentality as North Korea, so unrestricted biological warfare is a must if it finds that the world runs against its will. This is a battle between capitalism and communism/socialism. In the end, the CCP’s evil actions will lead to the rebuilt of the world. However, we don’t want the CCP to destroy Chinese people and Chinese culture during this process.

The following is Guo’s remarks:

These days, many Western countries ask me: “Miles, we understand that the collapse of the CCP’s economy will have a big impact on our country. Could you please give us more advice on what the impact will be?” I told them: “It is not going to be a three- or five-year recession that you imagine, or a brief financial market stagnation, or a typical stock market decline that you hope for. It will not be that simple.”

“The impact on Western societies will be so profound that five, ten, or even twenty years won’t be enough for a recovery,” I told them, “so you must realize that for any country this threat will not only cause economic disasters, but will also lead to political and social unrests. It will be like stepping on a landmine of a series of socially concealed problems of religion, race, and wealth disparity. It may eventually lead to a regime change or even full chaos in society.”

“he CCP has been very clear about this since very early: “if the world doesn’t let me be the boss, then I will make it impossible for anyone to live.” What a rogue mentality of the CCP! You can see the former Soviet Union and all socialist countries, for instance, Venezuela, have similar attitudes. In North Korea, whoever tries to overthrow the Kim family will not be allowed to stay alive. In the Kim family’s minds, if anybody wants to challenge their power, no one will be alive. The CCP agrees with this mentality and admires how North Korea managed to make the people “willing” to become slaves. The North Koreans have shown that they are willing to be enslaved and sacrifice everything, even their lives. Therefore, the CCP treats this as the best way to rule the Chinese people: the North Korean system.

The CCP wants to run the world. If the world doesn’t operate the way it likes, the CCP will make the world like North Korea. Whoever does not obey CCP’s order will be eliminated by political, economic, and military means, including through unrestricted biological warfare.

Since the evil and sinister nature of the CCP has not been clear to many countries in the West, humanity will face tragedy. The world is not clearly aware of this because it has enjoyed peace and comfort for too long. Never before has humankind had such a long period of peace, with so few deaths from natural disasters and local wars, and with such a long life span. The seventy to eighty years of the period after WWII is the longest in human history with the fewest natural or humanitarian disasters. Because humans have enjoyed the good days for too long, they become greedy and full of selfishness and egocentric ideas. All the disadvantages and shortcomings of capitalism have been magnified infinitely. The superiority of capitalism and its advantages have gradually diminished. This is precisely the time when humankind needs justice, which capitalism alone cannot achieve. Communism wants to take over capitalism, but communism and socialism are evil, regardless of how many faults capitalism has.

With that being said, the West has to face the upcoming economic storm that the CCP brings to the world. The West has to face the CCP’s daily provocations in Taiwan. It must oppose the CCP’s efforts to stir up troubles in the South China Sea. It must face the CCP’s plan to fight a proxy war with Japan, the US, and NATO. If the CCP made these attempts, the world would prevail, rebuild, and enjoy an infinitely beautiful renaissance.

We only hope that it will not cost too many lives of the kids of good Chinese people, or the meager wealth that so many Chinese people have traded their land and air for, as a result of the CCP’s madness. We also cannot afford the Chinese culture to be destroyed after so many years of being raped by the CCP. We must not allow the past Cultural Revolution to happen again. A modern version of actual and cultural genocide, making the Chinese people the most hated people in the world. These are the things that we must do now. “The CCP, you are finished!” You are not allowed to take anything with you from the Chinese when you are gone. That’s what we’re doing. Brothers and sisters, watch over our actions in the coming weeks. Many Western heroes in all fields, people with conscience, people of faith, people who are not deceived by communism, people with wisdom, are all fighting against the CCP with us.

Translation by Himalayas Rose Garden Team

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