The truth behind Wang Jian’s death will shock and change the world


Today I am really very busy, and people were waiting for me for a meeting when I came in. But I want to talk something about Wang Jian of HNA Group before I join them.

The death of Wang Jian is out of everyone’s imagination. That was not simple at all. The killing was not just a murder or suicide. In the past few days, legal departments of some countries accepted my judgment as the third possibility.

Please remember! All people would think that it must be one of these two possibilities: murder or suicide. Or, he might have died of an accident. But I am giving my judgment of a fourth possibility: a combination of the above these possibilities. This was rare in human history for Wang Jian to die that way.

What does that mean? Let me explain.

Please pay attention to these individuals: Wang Jian’s wife Huang Fang and her brother. Her brother is a business partner of Lyu Zhihe, one of the casino tycoons in Macau. Lyu Zhihe owes lots of properties in the United States. Her brother was the agent who sold many private jets to HNA in the United States, Gulf Stream series. Many of the Gulf Stream jets were also sold to billionaires in the mainland.

We also need to take note of another figure: Ms. Liang Wanqi who is the fourth wife of Stanley Ho. Ms. Huang Fang has maintained a close relationship with Ms. Liang.

I want to repeat, before Wang Jian died, he had all the precious articles taken away from his office. And within a week, he sent out over 7,000 messages. Seven thousand! In these messages, he made arrangement for many things. He left lots of stuff to his best girl friend, to his wife’s brother, and to President Xi Jinping’s brother-in-law (Peng Lei). Wang Jian had many contacts by messages or phone with Peng Lei, dozens of officials from the State Security Ministry, officials of Tianjin city, and officials of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission. He gave them large amount of jade and cash.

Wang Jian met with Zhou Bin, Wang Qishan’s secretary, at least five times. He met with Zhou Bin individually, or under the supervision of Pei Nannan (Wang Qishan’s body guard). Hard to imagine that Wang Jian signed a compensation agreement with his co-founder Chen Feng after his death. A compensation agreement for arrangement of things after his own death?! This is incredible. How did he know he was going to die?

Our investigations also found that many overseas companies controlled by Wang Jian have been active in paying bills in his name. He is still paying Italian and French clubs, golf clubs.

Strange to tell that after Wang Jian’s death, his compensation agreement with Chen Feng became useless, with no legal binding force. After the CCP’s 19th Congress, Wang Qishan made special arrangement for Zhou Bin’s position.

When I showed the evidence to our two lawyers most experienced in the world in criminal investigation, they were shocked. “Miles, are you kidding?” They were shocked by the top secrets from the core of the CCP leadership.

The information I showed them was truly secrets of the highest level. My lawyers said this must shock the world! And I said, “Not just shock the world, but would change the political map of the world!”

There is more important information that I received the day before from within the CCP leadership. Wow! It shows that the wrestling between President Xi and Wang Qishan is much more furious than that between Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi, or later Mao Zedong and Lin Biao. That is astonishing!

I finally came to understand why our Expose Revolution had stricken them so badly! In panic and fluster, they produced those fake videos about Sun Yao, Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie. Why Wang Qishan, the world’s number one demon of craftiness, has done so much evil with ignorance? He is much crueler than anyone has imagined.

To be honest, Xi Jinping’s IQ and political ability are no match at all against Wang Qishan. Strictly speaking, in the past dozen years, Xi Jinping has been a puppet, a ball in the hands of Wang Qishan. You will be shocked when the truth is exposed.

Xi Jinping and his confidants, including his family members, have no idea of what sort of danger they are in right now!

I believe, none of the CCP’s 90 million members would believe that Xi has been under the complete control of Wang Qishan.

I did not know how I had come to know Wang Qishan and accurately named him Zhao Gao (prime minister of Qin Dynasty) of a new era. He is the right match for Zhao Gao and he is absolutely horrible.

Last night, one of the CCP veteran leaders gave me a phone call. He said to me, “Wengui, don’t rely too much on America. America is not as powerful as you have thought to be. Wang Qishan is a king; half of this world is under his control. You should have felt that. Please step backwards.”

I told this veteran leader, “When America is night time, day light is at the side of the CCP or the Chinese. At day time, the CCP rapes, deceives, persecutes, and enslaves the Chinese people. Its day time is darker than night. It seems the whole world is under the control of the CCP when the Americans are asleep. But when they wake up, they spread freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. America gathers the world’s talents. America is not perfect, but we find justice here. It has the normal way of life for the humans.”

Now the CCP and Wang Qishan have walked into the darkness, they are the demons. Most CCP members are small ghosts enslaved by the CCP. Above the small ghosts, there are bigger ghosts. And at the top of these ghosts is Wang Qishan, the king of hell.

In darkness, Wang Qishan manages a system of demons. He is enslaving the Chinese people as well as the people of the world with penalties of fire, ice and electric power. More importantly, he is trying to hide his crimes at night and in the day time. The CCP regime headed by Wang Qishan is turning the day light into darkness for everyone of us on earth.

Many of our warrior friends may not understand what I am telling here. But you will understand in the end. The significance of our Expose Revolution will be revealed on the lives of Wang Jian and Chen Feng and behind the truth of the HNA Group. The impact will be devastating. It will bring about a huge military revolution, political revolution, and regional revolution that will change the fate of humanity.

Everything is just beginning.

by Guo Wengui
Translated by staff


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