The true intention behind the “Exposure of real Wuhan Covid-19 death data by CNN“


CNN reported, according to leaked documents, China misled the early stages of Covid-19, and offered fraud data to the world. To many people, it looks like CNN is telling the truth this time, turning itself from fake news to a truthful medium. And even Donald Trump Jr. happily retweeted this news, maybe also thought that “Thank GOD! CNN has changed”.

After going through the whole report, we could get a summary as follows:

  1. The Chinese Communist Party mistakenly handled the pandemic, had an intentional cover-up on the data.
  2. It is very common for human beings to make mistakes when dealing with a novel virus especially at the early stage, which is mostly caused by lagging technology and other factors such as bureaucracy, so no one can guarantee 100% transparency.
  3. Even with 100% transparency, the Trump administration was still responsible for not preventing the pandemic in time due to their underestimating the seriousness of the event.
  4. A team of experts from the US, the European Union, and the World Health Organization needs to conduct a full investigation into the origins of the virus.

All these points are just scratched on the surface of hindsight. The Whistleblower Movement and the War Room already talked about this almost one year ago. Where was CNN? And what did CNN report back then?  Compared with CNN’s plausible report, Whistleblower Movement and the War Room had dug out much more astonishing information months before.

  1. Yes, it is common for human beings to make inadvertent mistakes, but it is not common to lead the mistakes to devastate the whole world.
  2. It was NOT about the problem of making mistakes or a simple data cover-up, it was about that the Chinese Communist Party made this virus in its military labs and intentionally released it to the whole world. (Go find the videos or articles on GTV or GNews.)
  3. The report still wants to blame President Trump for the pandemic to cover all the vitriolic behavior of the CCP and the Deep State. People should never forget the fact that it was Xi who told President Trump that the virus would disappear after April, and it was the great and brilliant Dr. Fauci who said this was nothing serious at the beginning of the pandemic.
  4. The WHO already sent a team to China for the investigation but without any useful results. It seemed all those experts were just enjoying a pleasant tour in China. So, what would CCN expect from another investigation like this?

LUDE Media has a profound analysis of this report.

This is another collusion between the Deep State and the CCP.  Simple Americans still cannot see through the crooks of the demonic CCP. With more evidence came out, it is evident that the CCP is infiltrating America with unrestricted warfare, such as the BGY scheme, the 3F plan, fraudulent votes, and the virus. The CCP wants Joe Biden to be the next US President desperately. General Secretary Xi already sent a letter to congratulate Biden’s so-called winning.

This report aims to pave the way for Biden to handle the pandemic after he takes the Oval office. The CCP plans to constantly release the virus in America until Jan 20th, 2021, to suppress the Trump administration and help Biden win. Once Biden wins, CCP will reduce or stop releasing the virus, so it will be Biden’s credit to control the pandemic and Trump’s fault for failing to do so. Biden will request CCP’s cooperation on the virus investigation and ask for some degrees of compensation. The CCP will work with the Biden administration, therefore, it will be Biden’s political achievement. Meanwhile, all Americans would think they made the correct choice selecting Biden. Big Pharma will make a huge amount of money developing prophylactic vaccines, which are dangerous and harmful without considering the ADE effect.

Everything seems to be so perfect on the surface, however, the truth buried deep is dark and bloody.

  1. The compensation money for the pandemic will never come from the CCP. Wall Street has been investing in the CCP for years, so basically, it is the American people’s money. A lot of CCP-owned companies have been listed in the American stock markets under the protection of the regulation of no need to audit. These companies have already stolen huge amounts of funds through technology theft, computer hacking, and internal people bribery. The real beneficiary is the CCP and Wall Street, not Chinese people and American people. Compared with the money stolen from the US, the so-called compensation to the US will be only a drop in the bucket, and it is the American people’s money after all.

2. The purpose of the virus investigation is to find an animal as a scapegoat, get testimony from corrupted experts confirming that the virus was naturally originated. The CCP will be get away from all the crimes.

3. The CCP still holds on to all straits of the virus as a biochemical weapon. They can threaten the US at any time, at any place, and at any scale they want, because they know the fact that no vaccines will ever work.

4. Biden is a traitor to the US. “The laptop from hell” has shown tons of connections between the Biden family and the CCP. If Biden is elected as US President, the CCP will control the Biden family completely, furthermore, control the US and then take over the whole world.

5. People from all over the world will never have the freedom and live peaceful lives.

CNN’s report is a smiling assassin, a tactic used a lot by the Chinese Communist Party. CNN is fake news and a running dog of the Chinese Communist Party for sure! Wake up, American!


Reported by MOS Cosmo Editor:Jamie
Source: Ludepress/Gnews


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