The power of Miles Kwok as adviser to the Global Anti-CCP Alliance


“I am the independent adviser of this global anti-CCP alliance. They (US officials and financiers) want me to be the CEO. But I am happy to be the adviser”, billionaire Miles Kwok says in his “I-am-fine talk” yesterday in his hotel room 100 meters behind the White House in Washington.

Does Donald Trump have power? Yes. Do the retired US presidents have power? Yes. Do their second generations have power? Yes. Do the Wall Street financiers have power? Yes. They all listen to Miles Kwok in the alliance. This strength behind Miles Kwok looks more powerful.

Now to Miles, money is no longer a problem. Followcn reported earlier, “The Dalian Intermediate People’s Court yesterday (October 12) levied a 60 billion yuan (US$8.7 billion) fine against a company said to be controlled by exiled billionaire Miles Kwok now living in his penthouse in New York.” If the Communist government in Beijing is to find trouble with Miles by confiscating his cash, they have missed the target. To repeat, money is no longer a problem for Miles Kwok.

Miles repeatedly says to his audience in his whistle blows, “I must return all the money robbed from the Chinese people to the Chinese people”. Few people would understand what he actually means.

Elder Fang on Lude Talks estimates that the money seized by the top corrupt CCP officials amounts to at least US$ one trillion and is hidden somewhere in US, Swiss and other banks. And Miles Kwok has pledged to return this amount of money to the real owners, the ordinary Chinese people.

Miles Kwok also said in his tweets and talks that he has been working with the world’s most powerful funds to get the job done – to get the money back, as he understands that “even with the downfall of CCP, those top officials and their offspring could still do a lot of evils to the world with the dirty money.”

As to the dirty money, Miles already gave some hints, and we are going to find out other clues.

Before Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Beijing last week, Japan announced to stop offering development aid to China under its official development assistance program since 1979. Such assistance “is not needed when you think about China’s current economic level,” Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said.

Japan’s development assistance program “has played a positive role in China’s reform and opening-up and economic development,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on the same day.

Under its development aid program, Japan has offered China around $30 billion of yen loans, $1.4 billion of grant aid and $1.6 billion in technical cooperation, according to official data.

Few people understands the reasoning behind this financial assistance from Japan for nearly 40 years.

After studying revelations by historians, we have now come to know that during the Sino-Japanese War, Mao Zedong and other CCP leaders concentrated their efforts on conspiring with the Japanese army to weaken Chiang Kai-shek and his KMT forces. Japan’s invasion of China saved the CCP from blows of the KMT, and ultimately allowed Mao to defeat the KMT in the ensuing civil war. The CCP has covered up the truth for over 70 years.

According CCP’s documented files, “From 1937 to 1945, there were 23 battles where both sides employed at least a regiment each. The CCP was not a main force in any of these. The only time it participated, it sent a mere 1,000 to 1,500 men, and then only as a security detachment on one of the flanks.There were 1,117 significant engagements on a scale smaller than a regular battle, but the CCP fought in only one. Of the approximately 40,000 skirmishes, just 200 were fought by the CCP, or 0.5 percent.”

By the CCP’s own accounts during the war, it barely played a role. Specifically, in January 1940 Zhou Enlai sent a secret report to Joseph Stalin which said that over a million Chinese had died fighting the Japanese through the summer of 1939. He further admitted that only 3 percent of those were CCP forces. The Diplomat has said.

The CCP does not want the Chinese people to learn about this either.

After Japan surrendered in 1945, US president Harry Truman, leading the allied force against the Soviet and Chinese Communism, pressed Japan to sign a deal, maybe two deals.

Openly Treaty of San Francisco signed by 48 nations on September 8, 1951, in San Francisco, California officially ended the American-led Allied Occupation of Japan and returned sovereignty to the nation.

General Douglas MacArthur, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP) during the Allied occupation of Japan following World War II, was viewed as the new Imperial force in Japan by many Japanese political and civilian figures. Without MacArthur’s leadership, Japan would not have been able “restore security, dignity and self-respect” to its people.

In order to make the move from an imperial and totalitarian state, to a democracy, the Japanese made another secret deal with the Truman Administration in arrangement of Japan’s stolen wealth.

In accordance with Article 14 of the Treaty, Allied forces confiscated all assets owned by the Japanese government, firms, organization and private citizens, in all colonized or occupied countries except China, which was dealt with under Article 21.

Actually part of the assets, not all.

A report by Time of Japan ten years ago carried the following words:

“Article 14 of the San Francisco Peace Treaty, signed in 1951 by Tokyo and 48 other governments, exempted Japan from paying war reparations. Ironically China, the biggest victim of Japanese aggression, was not invited to take part. Presumably, this was because the newly installed communist government on the mainland was not acceptable to the United States and its allies, while the claim of the government of President Chiang Kai-shek on Taiwan to represent all of China was questionable.”

“In 1952, the Chiang regime signed a separate peace treaty with Japan that was silent on reparations. Instead, it confirmed provisions of the San Francisco Peace Treaty, particularly Japan’s renunciation of its right to Taiwan, a former Japanese colony.”

“Another chance to seek compensation came in 1972, when Japan and mainland China established diplomatic relations. However, in a joint communique signed by Premier Zhou Enlai, China magnanimously renounced its right to war reparations, satisfying itself with Japan’s acceptance of “responsibility for serious damage caused to the Chinese people through war.”

“Thus, when Chinese plaintiffs these days seek compensation in Japanese courts, they not only have to confront a totally unsympathetic Japanese government but they are also faced with the fact that their own government had absolved Japan of the obligation to pay war reparations.”

Even now, Beijing does not demand compensation. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, commenting on the court ruling, merely said: “The Japanese side should take an attitude responsible for history and reality and correctly acknowledge and treat the history.”

Now we seem to understand better why the CCP government of China has kept a friendly relation with the Japanese government amid “fake anti-Japanese propaganda and protests”. The CCP and Japan are thankful to each other that Japanese invasion has helped to put the CCP officials in ruling power.

To make things clearer, our story should not end here.

It is no secret that in 1937, Emperor Hirohito of Japan formulated a plan called Golden Lily, responsible for transporting and storing the loot of gold and other wealth to secret places. According to historians, only in the capital of Nanjing during the mass massacre in 1937-1938, the Japanese troops robbed at least 6,000 tons of gold, jewelry, antiques and artifacts and shipped them back to Japan.

For nearly three thousand years, China has been the richest and most powerful country in the world. Besides the assets kept in imperial palaces and government organizations at all levels, a huge amount of treasures have been kept by clan families and individuals. From 1937 to 1945, most of this wealth became the loot of war and was transported to Japan and secret islands in the Asia-Pacific region, including Corregidor and Mindanao islands in the Philippines.

Sources have said that in October 1945 American troops found 12 of the treasure storage places near Manila and general MacArthur unearthed and took away gold and diamond worth billions of dollars, and the Truman Administration kept that a top state secret.

Other hidden wealth by the Japanese was enormous, gold pieces, jewelry, precious stones, ceramics, articles of art, fossil pieces, antiques and relics, religious artifacts and priceless classics,  looted from hundreds of cities like Shanghai and Nanjing, and overseas Chinese families in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and others. According to estimates by historians, the wealth amounts to 777 trillion Japanese yen or then 194 trillion US dollars.

Again, the Japanese have been thankful to the CCP of China as it has helped Japan to accumulate huge amount of wealth, and that’s why Japan has recovered from the ruins of war so quick and been given financial assistance to China for 40 years. Those top CCP officials are the real national traitor, reason behind the loot just one of the secrets that they have tried to cover up.

According to Elder Fang, part of this hidden wealth is kept in the US Treasury or has turned into secret funds in Japan and the US for many uses, like the Red Cross Foundation, the Black Hawk Foundation, and other Democratic Foundations. Now the Global Anti-CCP Alliance with Miles Kwok as its adviser is backed by similar funds too.

When Miles Kwok pledges to return the money to the Chinese owners, we reckon this wealth by robbery shall be part of his claims.

Let’s hear again what Miles Kwok has said yesterday:

Today I arrived at Washington D.C. at noon, urgently invited by the White House to attend the Anti-CCP Alliance, as an independent adviser.

The last two days, I have been meeting (some of the members of the alliance) in New York, after which I was invited here quite urgently.

These new people I have met here today are those who can influence the whole world. Among them there must be the next US president, the next secretary of the US Treasury, the next secretary of defense, and the next US secretary of state.

The strength of Miles Kwok in the international arena will never let you down. You have seen, from the beginning, I, Miles Kwok, have never asked for a single cent from anybody. Please take this in your mind forever to come: I shall never fight for my own profits.

You have supported me, but I have no ambitions at all in politics. And I shall never fight for my own reputation. I only fight for the righteousness and dignity of the 1.4 billion Chinese population. I shall fight for my humiliated family, employees, friends, and business partners. I shall fight for heavens that have supported me. For this, I shall never compromise!

The whole city of Washington has been awaken. The whole United States of America has been awaken. The whole world has been awaken.

I can tell you all: we are sure to win, and will win remarkably.

By Cloudy Seagail and staff writer


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