The Origin of the CCP Virus and the Great Reset


On February 9, 2021, the WHO International Investigation Team stayed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) for three and a half hours. The head of the expert team, Peter Daszak, unsurprisingly, could not wait further to release their investigation result to the public, which was offered and confirmed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): “It is ‘extremely impossible’ for laboratory leaks to cause an epidemic. The transmission of viruses to humans through intermediate hosts is still the most likely path of infection. At the same time, whether cold-chain animal products may become a channel for virus introduction still needs to be further explored.”[1] The show, featuring both the WHO and the evil CCP that have been performing in front of the world, was finally over. Peter Daszak would have enjoyed Maotai (a famous brand of alcohol in China) and karaoke with Zhengli Shi and Linfa Wang and had a wonderful evening after three and a half hours of “hard work”. In their minds, the rest of the world has a low IQ and can be easily manipulated and fooled.

On January 19, 2020, the Angel of Justice, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, delivered a message to the world through Lude Media on Youtube, the leading media outlet for the Whistleblower Movement. “So far, the case found in Wuhan China is similar to SARS in 2003 and is human-to-human transmissible and highly mutant; the virus came from a laboratory and was gene-edited, using the Zhoushan bat virus as its backbone which is exclusively owned by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China, possibly a bioweapon intentionally released by PLA; if it gets out of control, it will cause a global pandemic; the WHO is working with the CCP to deliberately cover up the truth of the virus from the world.”  This could be the most important message in the history of mankind.[2]

It was from that day on that the world fell into a twisted scientific version of Rashomon. All kinds of craziness and absurdness showed over and over again, turning the whole world upside down. It’s almost impossible to see the truth of the CCP virus through such muddiness. We may be able to learn some facts by putting some puzzle pieces together and find out what’s going on out there.

That being said, let’s rewind the time back to April 2020 when Dr. Yan risked her life and embarked on a long and arduous journey to come to the U.S. from Hong Kong with the help of the Rule of Law Foundation/Society, which were founded by Mr. Miles Guo (Wengui Guo). She has both MD and PHD degrees and used to work for Professor Leo Poon, who is a top scientist studying coronaviruses in the School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong (UHK). The laboratory in UHK was a designated lab by the WHO for monitoring infectious diseases in Asia. Leo Poon also serves as a science advisor to the WHO. When the outbreak occurred in Wuhan, Dr. Yan was assigned by Leo Poon to investigate the truth of the virus for the WHO. That is why she was fully aware of the virus at a very early stage of the outbreak. Today, one year into the pandemic, all her warnings to the whole world of the outbreak have been fully verified.

After arriving in the US, Dr. Yan published two papers on Zenodo about the truth of the Wuhan virus with the help of other doctors. No one in the scientific community in the world has been able to scientifically refute and disprove her papers so far. In these two papers, she showed plenty of scientific data, scientific evidence, and scientific theories to approve that the Wuhan virus was an “unrestricted biological weapon” engineered in the Chinese military laboratory and purposely released worldwide. This conclusion has been affirmed by the biochemical-weapon experts from the US Army.[3]

Unfortunately, sometimes the facts can be twisted. When Dr. Li-Meng Yan was assigned by Leo Poon to investigate the Wuhan outbreak for the WHO in November 2019, she had already learned that the Wuhan virus was human-to-human transmissible, highly infectious, and extremely lethal. She immediately reported it to Leo Poon, the science advisor to the WHO. What surprised Dr. Yan was that Leo Poon asked her to keep her mouth shut.  “Don’t let anyone hear a single word about this matter, otherwise you could get killed.” Leo Poon warned her. So this means that as early as December the WHO already knew that the Wuhan virus was human-to-human transmissible, highly infectious, and extremely lethal. Meanwhile, the CDC of Taiwan also notified the WHO that the Wuhan virus was human-to-human transmissible in late December 2019.

It was until January 20, 2020, that the CCP finally admitted that the Wuhan virus was human-to-human transmissible, which was right after Dr. Yan warned the world through Mr. Lude’s broadcasting on Youtube. And the WHO finally issued a warning that the Wuhan virus may be transmissible among people, which was nearly one month after the WHO learned about this. What’s more, at that time the CCP had already prohibited domestic travel and locked down cities in China, but they still allowed international travel and let people fly everywhere in the world. Tedros, the Director-General of the WHO, on the one hand, unwillingly admitted that the Wuhan virus can be human-to-human transmitted at a press conference, while on the other hand, oddly enough to demand the countries around the world keep the door open to the travelers from China, which contributed the most to spreading the Wuhan Virus to the world and causing the inevitable pandemic.

More and more righteous scientists stood up to prove that the CCP virus was lab-made. Dr. Steven Quay, for example, concluded that there was a 99.8% probability that this virus came from a laboratory by using Bayesian analysis, and the probability was higher than the usual strand of “beyond a reasonable doubt”, i.e. 95-96%,[4] that’s to say, it may be used as legal evidence to show that Wuhan virus is lab-made. Dr. Steven Quay published the result on Zendo and shared it with scientists worldwide who were known to believe in the natural origin of the virus, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Zhenglii Shi, and of course the joint WHO-Wuhan expert team member Peter Daszak. Nevertheless, even though never getting inside of the Wuhan P4 lab, Peter Daszak still brazenly declared no evidence showing that the virus came from a laboratory. What is going on?

Some people may say, “Didn’t they stay at the WIV for three and a half hours?” But what really happened maybe that they were well-treated in the office of WIV and had a wonderful tea party with the staff in WIV. Note that the standard procedure for decontamination takes at least 45 minutes to get one person in and out of a P4 lab, not to mention other works like conducting the investigation and finding the evidence.  The WHO mission team was composed of ten members. So, you figure how much work they could do during the three and half hours here?

Let’s see what the so-called influential figures in the scientific community are doing. Since Dr. Li-Meng Yan first exposed that the Wuhan virus was lab-made, the leading medical journals, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine largely published articles promoting the natural origin theory from so-called scientists across the U.S. Meanwhile, they suppressed and prohibited articles from the scientists who supported the lab-origin theory. Nature even blocked Dr. Yan directly on their official Twitter account. According to an exposed email, Peter Daszak even sent emails to 27 experts in many countries, asking them to co-sign a statement and support the natural origin of the CCP virus.[5]

What’s more, these top scientific journals dare to confront the world by blatantly publishing falsified papers from some “scientists” in China. All these papers unanimously routed the origin of the virus to lots of innocent animals like bats, civets, and pangolins. They attempted to distort and cover up the fact that the Wuhan virus used the Zhoushan bat virus,which was exclusively owned by PLA of China, as its backbone, and was lab-made unrestricted bio-weapon through gene-editing.  The Bat-Woman, Zhengli Shi, even fabricated a virus called the “RaTG13” , and intended to link this one with the origin of the Wuhan virus and cover up the real track of the Zhoushan bat virus. But everything she did was utterly useless. Dr. Yan exposed what she did by using irrefutable scientific data and scientific evidence in her two papers about the truth of the Wuhan virus. Dr. Yan has confirmed that the genetic sequences of “RaTG13” were totally made up by Zhengli Shi with her computer, and is a non-existent product to confuse the public.

Who is more ridiculous is Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical expert of the White House who led the team to control the CCP virus outbreak in the US and also the top-paid government official.  Before the Wuhan Virus outbreak,  under his leadership, NIH funded numerous virus labs in Communist China including the Wuhan Institute of Virology every year. NIH also supported CCP Virologists like Zhengli Shi and Lingfa Wang to conduct “Gain of Function” experiments which were forbidden by the US government a long time ago.  The only purpose of this type of experiment is to weaponize the virus.[6,7] The Wuhan virus that caused the pandemic exactly was the result of this type of research. At the beginning of the Wuhan outbreak, Dr. Fauci was strongly against President Trump’s travel ban by saying, “Travel bans don’t work.” (quoted from Peter Navarro’s Twitter) Meanwhile, he fooled President Trump by saying that COVID-19 was similar to the flu and it was not necessary to wear masks for healthy people as they could be more harmed instead. But his latest comment was, “Wearing two masks is better for your protection.”

Dr. Fauci also ignored the treatments and results from several doctors based on their clinical trials. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is remarkably effective in the early treatment and prevention of the Wuhan virus. He strongly denied and discredited HCQ, because HCQ was not recommended by FDA for treatment of COVID-19 and thus not available for purchase in pharmacies. Ironically, he, the Voldemort, is the same guy who recommended doctors using HCQ to treat SARS patients back in ’03. Remember that SARS-COV-2 is just an enhanced version of SARS. Both of them have the same basic principles of pathogenesis. So what on earth has made this “American Zhong Nanshan (a big liar in China)” slap himself so hard?

The answer is “vaccine.” This Voldemort has done everything he could to promote a “universal vaccination program” and even lied to the public. First, he lied that 60-65% of the people being vaccinated will lead to herd immunity. When people began to take the vaccines, he constantly changed his story to raise the vaccination rate to 70-75% and 80%-85%. The latest one was over 90%. Interesting, why didn’t he say 99%?  It is even more disgusting that he shamelessly admitted he lied and it was because he was concerned the public were not psychologically ready for the facts.  He revealed himself as “I lied to you for your good”. Doesn’t it sound familiar?  The “American Zhong Nanshan”. Just a few days ago, he started to fool around about vaccinating children. Such an evil person.

Do not forget, Dr. Yan has told the world through various media a long time ago, “The Wuhan virus was not originated from nature, but an unrestricted biological weapon engineered in the CCP laboratory.” Till now, we only have a limited understanding of this virus, and it is impossible to develop an effective vaccine in such a short time. As of now, after being vaccinated, some people developed serious allergic effects, some couldn’t stop shaking, some suffered from facial paralysis, some were confirmed infected with the Wuhan virus and some died in sudden after several days, so on and so forth.  Some doctors did research on the Pfizer vaccine and found out among the 7,086 vaccinated cases, only one, or 0.01%, proved to be effective; 5,960, or 84%,  had serious side effects; 3,190, or 45%, had to take pain relievers.[8] At the same time, the Wuhan virus is constantly mutating worldwide, and new variants have been reported in Britain, South Africa, and the United States one after another. According to a study on the CCP virus, experts found out that the new variants are 70% more infectious and lethal than the original ones.

And no one in this world studies the “antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE) of the vaccine for the CCP virus. Dr. Yan kept warning us: “ Due to ADE, it is extremely likely that those who were vaccinated are more easily infected than those who were not.” This is why so far the world has not been able to develop an effective and safe SARS virus vaccine. All the Wuhan virus vaccines developed so far are completely products of the “Great Leap Forward”. Fauci urged people to get vaccinated with vaccines that were ineffective and dangerous. Isn’t it thought-provoking? What is he up to? “You may be right”! His purpose is not to save more people. On the contrary, he was meant to hurt and kill more people. Horrific![9-11]

Then here comes the question. Why are the WHO, top scientific journals and the scientific community shamelessly trying to cover up the truth of this unrestricted biological weapon for the CCP? Before we get the answer, we must first understand a familiar term that has become popular recently – “Great Reset”.

The globalist elites first brought up this entirely new idea called the “Great Reset” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in May 2020. The purpose of the Great Reset is to monitor all activities of human beings from all aspects through high tech like mega data and under the cover of disease prevention.  No matter what you do, where you go, and who you are with, you are under the watch and control of the government. They will rebuild a new economic system. Most people may think the so-called Great Reset is used to stop the pandemic. Is this really the case?

This so-called Great Reset economic model was conceived and planned a long time ago by a group of evil people and an “evil organization” (EO) with very evil purposes. These evils did not come from a particular country or industry, or race, they are scattered in every country around the world and immersed into all walks of life. Regardless of being male or female, old or young, they are all clear about what they want – to control the government and rule over the people.

Their first step may gather a group of the top scientists who are under the control of the EO to bring up new big ideas, such as environmental protection, climate change, carbon emissions, global warming, etc, and put them on high ground. Some things are going wrong and ruining the earth right now.

Second, they will provide some solutions for protecting our planet and saving mankind. All countries have to reorganize the global supply chain to control and reduce industrial emissions, and taxing on carbon emissions can force the industries of developed countries to relocate to a specific country such as Communist China. Then, the EO will curb the economic vein of developed countries. Developed countries will then be fully controlled by the EO. Next, to save natural energy, they will limit every single country to use only electricity by controlling the global telecom infrastructure and thus control the activities of each person.

Then, they will release viruses that can cause more global pandemics, and then use the vaccine as a carrier to jab some high-tech products, such as implantable chips to human bodies. These products are to monitor the movements of every person in the world. Eventually, they will turn the Earth into a giant prison to monitor all humans.

After completing the fourth step, they will start running a brand new financial system to fully destroy the current global financial system and economic operating system. Big-tech companies will issue various digital currencies to replace central bank currencies around the world, such as dollars, euro, yen, etc. They will fully control the wealth of countries and people with digital currencies. Thus, they become the “God” of the world. There will be no more religions in the world except “Scientology”. No matter how rich you are or how high your rank is, as long as you dare to challenge the “God”, they can exterminate you at any time with just one click. Eventually, all of humanity will become slaves of the EO. They can do anything they want, such as taking away your money, your freedom, your religion, your family, your life, and so forth. Everything you own will never belong to you. Right now in Communist China, there is a successful “experimental model” for this evil organization. The scariest thing is that the EO will officially start to roll out the model into the world sooner or later.

If the EO wants to take over the world, they must take down the most powerful country in the world first – the United States. This is not only because the United States has the most powerful economic, military, political, financial, and technological power in the world, it is also because once the United States is taken down by the EO, then all the rest countries will automatically bow down and no one will resist them. Also, this evil organization has the largest and most widespread followers in the United States. It is called the “Deep State”. The EO has been spending many years to layout the BGY plan (Blue: censor the media and internet. Gold: Use the money to bribe and buy influencers. Yellow: Use honey traps to compromise espionage) to infiltrate the US.  Basically, the plan is to control the Congress of the United States, Department of Justice, FBI, Supreme Court, lawmakers, mainstream media, social network platforms, high-tech companies, local officials, education systems, etc.

It looks like everything is under the control of the EO, but one – Donald J. Trump who was elected as the President of the US in 2016. Because President Trump is a successful billionaire, and he is naturally immune to “BGY,” aka the EO’s killer app. Also, because Trump is a political rookie, the EO does not have any political dirt on him that can be used to blackmail him. Otherwise, President Trump wouldn’t have been impeached by faking a “Russiagate” case.

Now the real question is: why does the EO have to get rid of  President Trump?  The answer is that President Trump is anti-globalization and anti-socialism. He always pursues liberty and democracy and puts America first. During his first presidential term, he has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the UN human rights organization. He also signed bilateral Trade Agreements with countries instead of multilateral ones, ordered the supply chain to move back to the US, and so on. Everything that President Trump has done is hurting the EO. If President Trump continued his presidency for another term, the Great Reset plan would be gone completely. This is why the EO wanted to get rid of him. They tried to impeach him but failed. They even tried to infect him with the CCP virus but that did not bring him down. The election became the only and last option for EO.

The election in 2016 was a mistake as the EO had underestimated Trump’s power and they did not pay attention to his supporters. They thought they could take down Trump easily with the Dominion Voting System by changing the voting rate. They thought they could easily send their puppet, Hillary Clinton, into the White House without questions. They even prepared a big post-election celebration event for Clinton. But unfortunately, the fireworks did not light up. Trump won too many votes. Even the crooked Dominion voting machine didn’t help. To ensure no more surprises, the EO vowed to send their other puppet, Joe Biden, into the White House.

First, the EO had to put the Dominion Voting System in all the swing states early to make sure it would work when needed. Second, they asked Mark E. Zuckerberg to fund $500M in all the swing states to rebuild and expand the ballot counting rooms and satellite offices. They funded and bribed a lot of officials and staff who worked there But just doing this is not enough to guarantee Joe Biden’s victory. What happened in 2016 was not allowed to happen again by them. The EO needed a backup plan to ensure Joe Biden would win the election. The backup plan was called the “Fake Ballots” plan. However, they could not count on organizing people to go to the voting center. The number of people and the ID verification would be a big problem. The only way to use fake ballots was to turn them in as mail-in ballots. But each state has strict rules for mail-in ballots. It is difficult to turn in several fake ballots without raising suspicion. They must change the rules of mail-in ballots in each key swing state first, such as modifying them to no longer limiting the numbers of mail-in ballots and extending the deadline to receive enough mail-in ballots. The EO had finally decided to pull the trigger.

After all the information from various sources was analyzed, it seemed most likely that the EO asked Fauci to create a preventable and controllable outbreak within the US. This way, it could give the swing states enough excuses to change the rules of mail-in ballots. Fauci immediately thought of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and someone who was loyal under his leadership, i.e. Peter Daszak. Fauci knew about WIV’s research and development. SARS-COV-2 is close to being successful. Compared to SARS, SARS-COV-2 is an enhanced version that is more lethal. It was almost certain to them that it would die out on its own when the weather temperature rose, just like SARS.

A highly infectious virus will spread in large areas in a short time and can cause panic among people. There is no way to track the virus, thus making it a perfect bioweapon. Fauci already knew that HCQ works well on SARS, so he thought HCQ would work well on SARS-COV-2 as well, then the mission of controlling the outbreak could be accomplished.

Fauci even prepared a perfect plan on how to cover up the traces that could lead to WIV and the CCP. That was where the WHO came in to cover up the truth and lead everyone in the wrong direction when real experts tried to trace the source and the origin of the CCP virus. Meanwhile, The Lancet, New England Journal of  Medicine, Nature, and other top scientific journals stood out to endorse the natural origin of the CCP virus, activated all the mainstream media and online platforms, and led everyone in the wrong direction. They suppressed all the reporters and personnel who exposed the truth of the CCP virus.[12]

When everything was ready to go, the EO finally gave an order to the CCP to unleash the unrestricted bioweapon to attack the world. This attack was the evilest one to aim at all humankind by far.

The attack successfully caused panic around the world, especially the Americans. The EO used this pandemic and successfully made local lawmakers change the rules for mail-in ballots in each swing state. The CCP virus was used to help the EO get rid of President Trump.

But, how could EO expect China to build and develop something reliable, who was known for its “Counterfeiting, Deception and Stealing”? The CCP virus did not die out on its own when temperatures rose as they had originally thought. Instead, the CCP virus got stronger and stronger, sweeping through every corner of the earth. More than 110 million people have been infected and more than 2.5 million people have been killed around the world. Remember when General Secretary Xi was so confident, patting his chest, and said to Tedros, the director-general of the WHO, “I personally guarantee to deploy everyone to control the epidemic.” He also personally told President Trump that the virus would disappear when the weather turned warmer in April. There was a reason to explain why he felt so confident.

Someone might say, “This is just another conspiracy theory.” Do you know that Stephen K. Bannon once said, “We may believe in conspiracies, but we do not believe in coincidence either.” Let’s see how everything was so amazingly coincidental.

Do the following all sound a coincidence to you?

  • The NIAID is led by Dr. Fauci, who has been funding WIV for years to research on viruses and conduct “gain of function” experiments, the only purpose of which is to weaponize the virus. This is prohibited in the US. Didn’t Dr. Fauci already know that WIV was developing a virus?
  • Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, the WHO has been trying hard to cover up the truth about the CCP virus. They even changed the naming convention of the virus, indeed of using its origin place, they named the Wuhan virus as “COVID-19” . Isn’t this to leave room to falsify history in the future?
  • As of March 7, 2020, the head of the WHO’s International Investigation Expert Team, Dr. Peter Daszak has been cooperating with WIV for 15 years. Stanley Perlman was the author of an article published on The Lancet, which says, “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.” How was he so sure about that considering he had never been to Wuhan?
  • The WHO International Investigation Team members were approved by the CCP. Isn’t the WHO an independent international agency?
  • When the CCP virus broke out in the US at the beginning, Fauci, Pelosi, Joe Biden, and almost every mainstream media in the US slammed and criticized President Trump for his travel ban on Communist China. Were they trying to allow the CCP virus to enter into the US easier?
  • The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, and other top scientific journals stood out to endorse certain papers about the CCP virus; some papers were even fabricated. Scientists and articles which suspected the virus came from the laboratory were banned. Shouldn’t science allow different voices to express themselves freely?
  • Dr. Fauci has reversed his viewpoint that HCQ is effective against SARS, and promoted the vaccine instead. Also, The Lancet, Nature, the FDA, and the WHO have endorsed his viewpoints. Even some hospitals fired doctors who prescribed HCQ to patients who were infected with the virus. Were they trying to make more panic within the United States by making it more difficult to control?
  • Dr. Ralph Baric, who works for the University of North Carolina, School of Public Health, has been a long-time collaborator with Zhengli Shi from WIV, engaged in conducting experiments like the extremely dangerous gain-of-function experiment. On Dec 12, 2019, Dr. Ralph Baric also got authorized to review and test the mRNA vaccine produced collaboratively by the Moderna company and the NIAID. It had been 41 days since Jan 22 when the WHO finally announced that the CCP virus could be human-to-human transmissible. Hadn’t he already known the outbreak of pandemic was on its way.
  • Almost all of the mainstream media in the US have unanimously blocked any media, report, and scientist who suspected that the CCP virus came from a laboratory. Any media, reports, and scientists who believed HCQ is effective in treating the CCP virus were also blocked. What happened to our freedom of speech and journalism?
  • Almost all of the mainstream media in the US suddenly turned blind to Hunter Biden’s “hard drive from hell” during the election, along with censoring any news and reports related to the hard drives. Didn’t the Americans want a fair, legal election?
  • Almost all of the mainstream media in the US went out of their way to help Biden falsify poll data before the election. Then, after the election, they were once again blind to the countless amounts of evidence, witnesses, and testimonies about the election fraud. Isn’t it the media’s job to uncover the truth of the government?
  • The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI have obtained Hunter Biden’s “hard drive from hell” nearly a year before the election, but they had done nothing about it. Even though everyone in the world had seen the video showing how the observers were evicted and suitcases full of countless illegal ballots were pulled out in a polling center in Fulton, Georgia.[13,14] The FBI and DOJ still did not “see” it. Isn’t it William Barr’s job to defend the law and fight against criminals?
  • The Supreme Court had rejected all lawsuits against election fraud for millions of reasons before Jan 20, 2021. Most recently, the Supreme Court still rejected lawsuits challenging the election result in swing states. “Because the election has been done already,” they said. What about Justice? Aren’t the Supreme Court and Justices the last shield for the Constitution and the Americans?[15,16]
  • Even the Dominion Voting System was unable to pass the security certification by security experts, but swing states still picked them for the 2020 election. Does Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff who owns shares of Dominion really have nothing to do with Pelosi?
  • On the election night, all of the swing states decided to suspend the vote count at around the same time for various reasons. After the observers were evicted, all of the swing states suddenly found millions of mail-in ballots within a couple of hours. They created the world’s famous “Biden Curve” at the last moment. The different states have done the same thing around the same time and gotten the same result. Did the swing states receive an order from the same boss?
  • The observers were evicted from a lot of polling centers in the swing states. The observers had been told to stay outside of the counting rooms and the officers had covered the windows with cardboard. It was almost impossible to monitor the ballots counting through the windows outside, and almost all of the counting centers had received fundings from Mark Zuckerberg. Isn’t it the government’s job to count the ballots legally due to the Rule of Law?
  • There were about 133 million registered voters in the US during the 2020 election. It was verified that President Trump won about 75 million votes and Biden won about 80 million votes. All mainstream media agreed that 75 million plus 80 million equaled 133 million. Did they all have the same math teacher?
  • On the first day during his term, Biden signed executive orders to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, recommitted the WHO, reinstated Fauci for his role in the pandemic control, repealed President Trump’s executive order that banned the United State’s power grid company to purchase power generation equipment made in Communist China, repealed President Trump’s executive order that closed the Confucius Institute in the universities in the US, removed Yemen’s Houthis armed forces from the terrorist list, etc. What surprised everyone was that when Secretary Pompeo determined that the People’s Republic of China committed genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, China, and targeted Uyghur Muslims and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups, Biden just disgracefully said: “Culturally, there are different norms,” on CNN.[17]
  • After the Biden administration determined that the CCP committed genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, China, they still announced that they would be cooperating with the CCP. Is it legal for the US government to cooperate with criminals?
  • The Trump administration always said that China will be held accountable for creating the pandemic which killed many American citizens, but Biden always criticized that President Trump was too weak on China. The Biden administration never said they would hold China accountable. Is he on the same side with the CCP?
  • After John Ratcliffe, who was the Director of National Intelligence appointed by President Trump, released a report confirming the Chinese meddling and interfering in the 2020 election, Biden broke the law and refused to sanction the involved individuals and Chinese government. Is this because Biden is afraid of what will happen if he exposes himself?
  • Eventually, Biden got all the benefits from the coincidences. Remember that Biden once said to the public, “I do not need you to vote for me. No matter what, I will be your president.” Why was he so confident that he would win? And he eventually won too.

All of the coincidences pointed out one major fact: the EO had given an order to the CCP to unleash the “unrestricted bioweapon” against the world and prepare to steal the 2020 US election. If you look closely, you will find out other hidden truths as well. (1) Dr. Fauci, Dr. Daszak, The Lancet, Nature, and the WHO were dedicated to endorsing the CCP virus originated from nature and covering up the truth of the CCP virus. (2) The mainstream media, network platforms, and high-tech companies were dedicated to manipulating public opinions and censoring the viewpoints they did not like. (3) The DOJ, FBI, and the judges were dedicated to protecting the bad guys who were involved in the illegal election crimes. (4) Local officials and counting center staff were dedicated to specific work such as counting fake mail-in ballots. (5) Democrats and the Establishment of Republicans in Congress were dedicated to verifying the false election result and impeaching President Trump.

Causing the pandemic was the first major step to the Great Reset plan.  I always believe that “Justice may be late, but it will never be absent.” When the EO opened Pandora’s box for their evil purposes, they did not expect that the released demon would get out of their control and would eventually kill themselves. After one year of the outbreak, the CCP virus has killed more than 530 thousand people and more than 29 million people were infected in the US. Around the world, more than 115 million people were infected and more than 2.5 million people were killed. This is only for one year, what will the pandemic lead to in two or ten years? This is why the consequence scared them to death; the EO knew that even though the election was successful, the CCP virus would not die out on its own. On Feb 23, 2021, after President Trump was removed from the White House, the American Medical Association (AMA), finally approved HCQ as a treatment for the CCP virus. Because the EO knows that now is the only window of opportunity to stop the demon. Pfizer and BioNTech just started to develop a third type of vaccine as the previous vaccine did not work on the new mutated strains.[18]

How can humans be saved from the virus? First, take down the EO. Second, take down the CCP. Third, develop effective medicine to counterattack the virus.

How can we take down the EO? You first have to know who are in the organization. It won’t be very difficult if you take a look at who sided with the Supreme Court when they refused to investigate the election fraud and declared the CCP virus originated from nature. Then the list would include Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Democrats and the Establishment of Republicans in Congress who verified the false election result, those who covered up the election fraud, the majority of Justices in the Supreme Court who rejected lawsuits against the election fraud, and those who covered up the truth of the CCP virus. If they were still in charge, the second step would never happen, not to mention the third step.

If the EO stole the election, the Rule of Law, democracy, and Freedom of Speech, the US would be gone forever. President Trump was naive to think he would come back in 2024. Nancy Pelosi tried to pass an H.R.1 act. If the act is passed,  how many votes will Trump need to win? Biden already told us that every vote must be counted, no matter they were legal or not. Someone may ask, “What about the Rule of Law?” This is a good question, but have the DOJ and FBI done something about it?  If someone asks, “What about the Constitution?” Please check our Justices in the Supreme Court. Have they cared about the Constitution? “What about the media?”  Yes, they have done something for you. They censored and blocked the truth. The United States is already a dictatorial country.

The United States is currently under an unrestricted bioweapon attack by the EO. Please, wake up. We do not have too much time. More people are dying by the day. Prepare yourself to keep you and your family safe and healthy. If Joe Biden is still in the White House and the election fraud still cannot be investigated, then the good days are not yet to come.

Who is going to save us? This is another question.

This article is translated from my original Chinese version; All  information sources are from the internet;

Acknowledgment: Thank you Angela for editing this article for me, I know that I could not do this without you.

Translated by: 美国漂移, Angela
Edited by: Angela

[1] UN news COVID-19 ‘extremely unlikely’ to have come from a lab, experts say
[2] Lude’ Youtube on Jan 19, 2019 (in Chinese)
[3] Dr. Li-Meng Yan two reports about truth of COVID-19
The 1st Yan report
The 2nd Yan report
[4] Dr. Quay paper
[5] US Gov & scientific covering up the origin of COVID-19
[6] Shocking! US gave $3.7 million to China’s Wuhan lab that conducted coronavirus tests on bats
[7] Covid-19 was funded by NIAID
[8] Doctor in Germany vaccine
[9] CDC vaccine adverse event report link
[10] Natural news about vaccine side effects
[11] More than 1170 people have died after COVID vaccines in US
[12] Dr. Fauci’s email tied to WIV
[13] Fact-checking claims about election in Fuiton county
[14] Ballots in AZ shredded
[15] Supreme court rejects lawsuits
[16] Supreme court dumps last of Trump’s election appeals
[17] Mike Pompeo determined genocide
[18] AMA approved HCQ
[19] Dr. Navarro interview about bioweapon
[20] BBC report about Chinese vaccine
[21] Dr. Yan interview with Dr. Navarro 3/6/21
[22] Lude’ Youtube on 1/29/2020 was the first time the world knew that HCQ works on the CCP virus” (in Chinese)
[23] Scientists find cancer drives hiding in RNA


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