The most popular and important keyword for China 2018: Joke


China Foreign Ministry spokesman is the biggest joke of all

Press Conference by the Foreign Ministry spokesmen is a scenery. They are all good at telling lies as well as telling jokes. Ms Hua Chunying likes to make up stories while accusing the US of “fabricating facts”. She is good at “lifting up a stone to have her own toes squashed”. Mr. Lu Kang seems to have fears every time he comes onto the stage. Like at the G20, when he was supposed to introduce Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to speak, he makes these remarks, “Now let’s invite Miles Kwok to the stage”.

China’s Great Firewall and internet censorship is a joke

While Ms Hua Chunying is laughing at the US building walls at the Mexican border as China is building bridges, she has forgotten that China has built the notorious Great Firewall and tightened its censorship, trying to seal up everyone’s mouth with CCP propaganda.

President Xi says the Party governs everything and he is going to stick to this dictatorship. At a time of booming social media, CCP’s censorship is doomed as a joke.

President Xi Jinping has become a joke with Winnie the Pooh and more

President Xi is widely known to be the new emperor without clothes. While Xi often emphasizes his self-confidence or even 4 self-confidences in the road he has chosen, he has no confidence for Winnie the Pooh to become just a teddy bear for Chinese kids. While Xi always stresses the mission of the CCP party to strive for happiness of its 1.3 billion people, he has become a joke to expel those “low class people” from the capital on cold winter days.

We know that President Xi likes to show off his knowledge in traditional Chinese culture, he often speaks the wrong words or makes other stupid mistakes in his speeches. Now more and more people tend to call him “Xi Jinpooh”.

China’s so-called rule of law is but a joke

The most talked about word about China this year might be the term “rule of law”. While the communist government accused Canada and the US for the arrest of Huawei CFO, it recklessly detained two innocent Canadians. While it demolishes temples and churches, burns the Bibles, jails one million Muslims in re-education camps, and persecutes hundreds of lawyers standing up for human rights, the CCP firmly states that China is a country with the rule of law.

In many cases, when a court is open for an important case, we shall soon see the arrest of the top prosecutors by the Discipline Inspection Authorities; and Dalian court is one example.

The whole nation knows the top CCP officials with crimes of corruption and sex scandals are leading the country’s legal system.

The disappearance of Interpol President and so-called Red Notice is a joke

In mid-September of 2018, Meng Hongwei, the president of Interpol, disappeared in China under mysterious circumstances. Two weeks later, his wife Grace reported his disappearance to the French police. Chinese authorities then admitted that Meng was in their custody and was charged with corruption. The joke is on both the Interpol and the Chinese government.

“In fact, Interpol does not have a wanted list. It only publishes a list called Red Notice. Such a notice issued on Miles Kwok on April 19, 2017, seems to be a fake one, according to my own investigation”, said former VOA journalist Sasha Gong.

China’s diplomatic arrogance is but a joke

In 2018 the world has seen with their own eyes the performances of CCP officials in the international arena like the ASEAN summit, the APEC CEO summit, the G20 Summit and the UN General Assembly. The ignorance and arrogance of Chinese officials is not only a joke for themselves, but a disgrace for the 1.3 billion Chinese.

China is a country with five thousand years of civilizations with the finest cultural traditions. These barbaric CCP officials armed with vicious communist ideology cannot represent the common interests of the 1.3 billion Chinese population.

The belt and road initiative and common fate for humanity is a joke

With the belt and road initiative, China has claimed to bring opportunities to the poor neighbouring countries and benefit the whole world. President Xi has stressed over and over his idea of a new world order with a common fate to share to the world communities.

When people start to see more military built-ups in the South China Sea, in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, in Djbouti, in Panama and Argentina, and in the Asia-Pacific Islands, they have come to be aware of possible threats of communism and escalation of new world wars.

With the escalation of trade war and US taking legal actions against Chinese intellectual property theft and espionage hacking, the world has come to know about the real face of the CCP and what are its real purposes in spreading out cash overseas.

Jack Ma is a joke; Liu Qiangdong is a joke; Fan Bingbing is a joke.

Jack Ma claimed he would create on million jobs for Americans when meeting with Donald Trump. And this year he said he could not keep the promise because of the US starting a trade war. People never have taken his words seriously though.

Jack’s stepping down from Alibaba chairman and CEO and the reasons behind the story has let more people to question his accountability.

Recently Jack Ma was reported by Chinese state media to be a CCP member and was honored a national hero at the 40thanniversary of reform and opening up. Jack Ma has become a joke.

JD’s CEO Liu Qiangdong has made himself a joke with his sex scandal in the US. Like many other billionaires in China, Liu likes to play to the extremity; they think this is their world and they can do everything. Miles Kwok has said that Chinese private entrepreneurs are like prostitutes in the hands of the CCP.

Fan Bingbing is the most famous actress in China and may be the most beautiful in the eyes of many. But she has become a joke too with her crimes of tax evasion and mysterious disappearance.

China’s banning Christmas is a joke

According to ABC report, at least four Chinese cities and one county have ordered Christmas decorations banned this year, according to official notices and interviews. The squeeze on Christmas is an example of how efforts to “normalise” thinking bleed into the everyday lives of many Chinese.

The CCP has said the ban on Christmas is “an adherence to Chinese traditional culture”. And we are here to question-why the CCP does not ban Marxism and Communism as they also come from the western world?

By Cloudy Seagail


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