The main objective of the Belt and Road Initiative is to control the world’s oil routes, says Miles Kwok

The Guiyang, a Type 052D destroyer.

The key of the Belt and Road Initiative is the resource strategy of the Communist Party of China (CCP), said Miles Kwok during his whistle blow over the weekend, adding that CCP’s supporting Terry Gou to Taiwan’s presidency and ambitions in the South China Seas are part of the plan.

China has been increasingly aggressive in the South China Sea in order to protest the southern oil route and other ocean interests. The fact that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is one of the largest naval forces in the world, and it continues to grow –has brought about more concern in the Indo-Pacific region.

China is rapidly building and fielding increasingly capable naval vessels, weapons that could tip the scales in the US-dominated Pacific, BusinessInsider cited the US Department of Defence’s 2018 China-military-power report yesterday.

“The PLAN is augmenting its littoral warfare capabilities, especially in the South China Sea and East China Sea, with high-rate production of the Jiangdao-class corvettes….The Chinese navy is believed to have anywhere between seven and 10 of these vessels in service with more on the way,” the report revealed.

Miles Kwok has said that the Taiwan new presidential bid, the Belt and Road Initiative, the China-Africa cooperation and trade relation with Iran are all parts of CCP’s bigger strategy alongside with the military build-up in the South China Sea.

Miles said the sanctions by the US government against Iran and the meeting between Russia President Putin and Kim Jong-un of North Korea also have their focus on the trade of petrol.

We see recently the US is taking actions. If China or Russia supports Iran or North Korea with a oil deal, the US will do the same to impose its sanctions, not just in transportation and trade, but also in finance and investment.

Over the weekend, more than 35 foreign leaders and 5,000 representatives from more than 100 countries have attended China’s second Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. African countries are still President Xi’s most favored supporters for the massive economic benefits.

Amid criticisms of debt-trapped diplomacy, President Xi was noted to have spent less time talking about funding for the projects and more time deflecting rebukes from the western world, according to Beijing observers.

Much of the private talks at this Beijing Belt and Road Forum is given to the sanctions against Iran as they are aimed to cut Communist China’s financial flows into the Middle East dictatorship. It is clear the US is going to disrupt China’s ambitions across the Persian Gulf and Malacca Strait.

Miles Kwok tells that what’s most significant with the US sanctions are the efforts to stop the CCP government to control East Asia, spread its influence to the Middle East, and take over Africa’s markets. These efforts will blow off the dream of the CCP for RMB’s globalization, money laundering, expansion of production capabilities and building an economic empire overseas.

After Iran, next will be Angola in Africa, Audi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East, Miles told. What’s left for Communist China is its big brother in the north – Russia. Russia’s oil and gas are fatal for CCP, Miles said, the more oil they buy, the more problem they will have. Russia’s oil and gas are expensive and of poor quality. The Russians are difficult to deal with and they request full payment before shipment.

Miles said the CCP leaders buy foreign petrol or gas only to make more money for themselves. They never care for the benefits of the common Chinese people. Wang Qishan won’t care if Chinese use firewood or gas for cooking. Wang said during a national resources conference in 2006-2008, “China will be in trouble if the whole population started to use natural gas. How can the whole population use natural gas? We can only afford letting city residents use gas to keep the city air clean; most people in the rural areas still need to use firewood”. CCP leaders have no plan for cave-dwellers in Shanxi province or farmers in Sichuan mountainous areas to use gas for cooking; 40% of the population could be their highest target, Miles explained.

“Common people in China won’t care much about petrol, but the CCP regime takes petrol as one of the four most important weapons to maintain its administration.” The other three are the military, the money collected from tax, and the internet, according to Miles.

The US sanctions against Iran will cut the wealth sources of the communist traitors like Wang Qishan and Jiang Zemin’s family. This is the first shot by the US government against the Chinese communist dictatorship in a new round of confrontation between the two biggest powers and it will have a strong impact on the world’s future.

By Winnie Troppie


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