The key to take down the CCP is to legally confiscate its overseas assets, says Guo Wengui


I can tell you, since we started our Expose Revolution,  our focus has been on three key things, which many of us may not have been aware of.

The greatest issue is the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rule. Yesterday on Ludepress, Luthur, An Hong, Dr. Bo, and Aili had a wonderful talk. Mr. Steve Bannon praised highly this program and will invite some of them to the War Room.

This legitimacy is the key thing in our talks for three years now.

Please remember, so long as the CCP keeps their money and intelligence network intact,  each of our warrior friends would be in great danger, including their family members.

I am not going to tell how the US legal system works,  but I am going to tell you that the power of the US is in the hands of its people, not the White House, the Pentagon, CIA, or FBI.

Before President Bush went for war in Iraq, they made an excuse: CIA said they had found nuclear weapons there. There were side effects of that war. This is a democratic country with the rule of law; everything is based on people’s opinions.

I will tell you that if we want to freeze CCP’s money overseas,  we must first take down its legitimacy. And the case shall be filed nowhere but Capitol Hill.

In the past three years, many senators have tried to do this but they were asked to shut up. If every senator submits a case for legislation, Capitol Hill would be too busy and that could also be a great challenge to democracy.

We have seen the issue of Venezuela being delayed for a long time there,  in addition to sanctions against North Korea and Iran.

Even with the cases of North Korea and Iran regimes,  Saudi Arabia in relation to the 9.11 Attacks, the US did not have the power to turn down the legitimacy of their powers in the international arena. Similar sanctions including confiscation of assets were never imposed on Iraq, Saddam or Gaddafi.

Who is going to take the lead to bring about this case? Which senator? Before this coronavirus, we had thought of the 2 trillion dollars bonds before 1949 between the US and China. It was calculated as one trillion dollars,  but President Donald Trump said it was two trillion dollars. This was the point to consider.

Do you still remember the picture I showed you?  I said we would look into this issue gradually: the bonds. We have prepared this for two to three years.

This time Senator Josh Hawley talked about the compensation.  This relates to the organization of the bonds of one trillion dollars. We are very serious about this.

Under these circumstances, as I have told our warrior friends when the CCP’s money is confiscated when they no longer have the money, no one would follow them along. When the CCP loses control of its domestic market, as well as its legitimacy of power, it will no longer be able to kidnap the 1.4 billion Chinese population, and nobody will follow it along.

Only a dozen CCP leaders at Zhongnanhai have kidnapped 1.4 billion people and threatened the world.  If they are taken down, things will be over.

When Saddam and his son came to their end, their kingdom also collapsed. When Gaddafi and his daughters-in-law were taken down, their kingdom also collapsed. When Nicolae Ceausescu died, his kingdom also collapsed.

CCP has stored a huge amount of cash overseas. Lawsuits between the two countries are not enough for their money to be seized.

Luthur raised a very good question yesterday about China’s state-owned enterprises. The CCP has formed a concrete financial system overseas.  It is like the octopus with eight limbs. When you cut off one of its limbs, it will grow another quickly. It can survive in many different ways.

The US has tried to dismantle North Korea, Iran and Venezuela;  but they are still there. This same is with the CCP regime. This is critical; do you know why?

The CCP needs lots of money as blood-supply to keep its evil machine running. Once it is cut off from the financial source, it will not be able to raise its illegitimate children overseas and its intelligence networks.

The CCP likes to show off its wealth. It always says: I have many trillions.  This is a great temptation to western financiers as wolves. The CCP has used this money power to threaten the whole world and Wall Street. 1.4 billion Chinese must work to turn this over.

Strategically at our first stage, we opened the battlefield outside China and want the world to keep away from the greed for money. We warned people not to make deals with the CCP but join hands to eliminate it. When the CCP is eliminated, the western world can get what it wants. We teach them political economics.

In the old days, Hitler promised the Germans a great future, “We want to lead the world.  We are the best race. But the Jews stole our money. We must eliminate them and seize their money!” Germans became crazy with those evil thoughts.

The CCP is doing the same today. They use much better and “correct” ways to rob our money, to steal the wealth of 1.4 billion people; it went on to steal the money from the pockets of the Americans, Europeans. It wants to destroy the US dollar and its economy. But we must stop them!

When the CCP stole and deceived, it found its partners in the US, in the west.  Without the cooperation of western financiers, the CCP would not have been able to steal so much, and deceived so many.

A few months ago in Washington, the Americans thought all Chinese are CCP members. If you go to the White House, the Pentagon or Capitol Hill to ask people there, few people would understand the CCP or the number of CCP members.

Senator Hawley is taking the lead for legislation in this respect.  It is a good thing for him to start this process. Many people will follow. This is a difficult job. Senator Hawley raised the issue; President Trump took note of that. Without a consensus from both parties, this legislation will not be passed. To bring up the case, tens of thousands of documents have been prepared. It is a difficult job.

This coronavirus or CCP virus is a gift, by God.

Originally, we had hoped that the issues of Hong Kong or Taiwan were enough to push this legislation forward. First, there was the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act;  but no actions were taken. Then came the Taiwan Protection Act; still no actions were taken.

Nothing was done in relation to state sovereignty,  the ownership and association of wealth, or the judicial legislation between two countries. But this time is different. The door has been open. Senator Hawley has opened the door. Once it is open, no one will be able to close it.

We have much greater forces, pushing from behind,  including the core force of five organizations and seven institutions. From now on, things have gone onto a legal process of how to seize or freeze the CCP’s money, of how we can break into the state sovereignty to touch its legislation and economy. No one will be able to stop this.

Hong Kongers have sacrificed too much for these achievements. From there, westerners have a clear mind of the nature of the CCP. Hong Kong’s Free Trade Zone status was not yet canceled. The CCP has a plan to attack Taiwan; the Hong Kong crisis has saved Taiwan. The fact that Taiwan has charged the WHO tells that Taiwan deserves our protection.

The CCP created the coronavirus. It carried out an overseas propaganda campaign.  It claimed that China’s system is better than the west; it claims that the world should thank the CCP; it claims that it has kept the Wuhan virus under control; it claimed that the US military had created the virus.

The CCP has done so many crimes. Now the whole world wants desinicization or decommunization, to be exact. This has given the five organizations and seven institutions the good reasons to hold the CCP accountable: because in the US, every day, every hour, every minute, there are people dying.

There must be someone taking responsibility!  The US must hold someone accountable! There must be people to pay for this!

You have seen that our Expose Revolution has differentiated the Chinese and China from the Chinese Communist Party.  This is a great contribution by Mr. Steve Bannon and our Expose Revolution.

If sanctions by this legislation target China or the Chinese people, it will be disastrous.  Every one of us shall be investigated or checked with our deposits overseas, including Hong Kong people, or even all Asians.

So, I am telling you, friends, everything is just beginning. Our aim is to let the US act to eliminate the CCP according to law. The White House is the executive body; the Pentagon is the military; execution of the legislation lies in the Congress. The US has started the process to legally eliminate the CCP.

What will this mean, warrior friends, brothers and sisters?  All of Europe, the allies, will follow suit. The allies must follow. Otherwise, they will have interest confrontations with the US. European governments won’t act against the wills of the people. No politicians would do that.

Now the CCP regime has plans to unite Europe to act against the US.  CCP leaders within Zhongnanhai are really stupid to take these steps. This will be a second gift to us.

Those CCP leaders are both stupid and arrogant. They don’t know that westerners share the same faiths and values. They are having days dreams that the Europeans would stand with them.

In the following months,  we will see the US and Europe will become more united and speed up their efforts in cooperation. With Hawley’s legislation, there will be legal confiscation of CCP’s overseas assets. This will not only happen in the US. It is all over the world. The CCP will not be able to stop this!

Western capitalists have smelt the blood; they are like hungry sharks smelling the taste.  It is impossible for them to stop.

The Los Angeles Branch of Bank of China belongs to Wang Qishan and his family.  They did not even buy insurance for their huge sum of cash deposits there. This Bank of China branch only serves Wang Qishan’s family, Chen Feng’s family, Yao’s family and a few others.

There are also branches in other parts of the US, Europe, and Japan in the name of state-owned enterprises. Besides, there are other companies playing with RMB overseas, like Jack Ma’s Ant Financial,  Ping’an Group, Poly Group, Northern Industries, Petro-China, CNOOC, Sinopec, Shenhua Group, Shenshuo Investments, Shenyun Investments, and others.

Friends, this is hard-earned money of the Chinese people in the past decades. But the kleptocrats have seized the money in the name of the state. Not a single dollar is clean. In UBS bank, Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji families have huge deposits. Do you think they can get away with this?

I am telling you, friends! Along with the Hawley legislation,  RICO Act will also play its part to deal with the CCP and legalize the confiscation.

Everything has started.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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