The intensifying global trend to take down the CCP


On May 24 in his second short video clip, Mr. Miles Guo mentioned the actions of global countries after Anthony Fauci’s speech, as well as the oil and currency market. The clip is short but contains an enormous amount of information, revealing that the battle against the Chinese Communist Party is full-blown in all sectors. This article will present the latest data and intelligence to get a glimpse of the fierce battlefield.

After Fauci’s speech, the United States essentially sent a message to the world that it would investigate the origin of the CCP virus and that all countries in the world must choose sides immediately. In the short video, Mr. Guo mentioned Japan, India, the African Union infiltrated by CCP spies, the Middle East alliance, and the South-South Cooperation Organization. Mr. Guo quoted the words of the French Chief of Staff: We must choose sides in the future war between the US and China! There are two questions confronting global organizations and politicians: one is to investigate the truth of the CCP virus, and the other is whether to side with the CCP.

Mr. Guo indicated that Ye Jianming established deep political ties with countries in Eastern Europe. Although these countries critical to energy and natural gas production and transportation are small, they are important in the political and economic landscape. These countries include small Baltic countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, which are the places Russian oil and gas must pass through in route to Europe. Also mentioned are Middle Eastern oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia. Why did these countries that the CCP took great care to infiltrate by the BGY Plan unite and turn against the CCP? On the surface, it is because the CCP cannot fulfill its promises. Is there any deal or pressure from the US and the EU behind the scene? The United States is currently facing tremendous pressure of inflation. If the US does not increase the oil supply to suppress oil prices, it will have to raise interest rates ahead of schedule, or otherwise, the US economy cannot withstand the pressure.

Let’s look at the CCP’s moves: starting from May 1, the CCP adjusted its tariffs and revoked the export tariff rebate of 146 items of steel products. (Sina Finance: Breaking news! China will adjust the tariffs on some steel products, what impact does this have): Starting from May 1, 2021, tariffs on certain steel products will be adjusted. Among them, zero import tariff will be levied on pig iron, crude steel, recycled steel raw materials, ferrochrome, and other products; provisional export tariff rate of 25%, 20%, and 15% will be levied on ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, and high-purity pig iron, respectively. Prior to the adjustment, 166 items of iron/steel products were eligible for export tariff rebates, and this adjustment removed 146 of them.

Among them, the export tariff rebate was cancelled for all hot-rolled products except steel rails, wheels, and axles; items that retained export tariff rebate include cold-rolled alloy steel sheets, cold-rolled regular wide steel strips of medium thickness, cold-rolled wide steel strips of thin thickness, electro-galvanized sheets, hot-dip galvanized sheets, tin-plated sheets, aluminum-plated sheets, electrical steel, etc. From January to March 2021, the export size of steel products retaining the export tariff rebate was 4.29 million tons, accounting for 24.3% of the total export volume; the export size of steel products no longer eligible for the export tariff rebate was 13.378 million tons, accounting for 75.7% of the total export volume.

Why did the CCP suddenly raise export tariffs and revoke export tariff rebates at the same time? If oil is the “blood supply” of industry, steel is like the “food supply” of industry. Communist China controls the “food supply” for finished industrial products. Even if the United States and Europe moved all downstream manufacturing into India, other Southeast Asian countries, and Eastern European countries, Communist China still firmly controls the upstream supply of basic steel materials. Communist China predicted that Western countries cannot establish a complete steel supply chain in such a short period of time. The CCP played this card in a fast, accurate and ruthless manner.

Three tactics are used simultaneously: imposing 15%-25% export tariffs on nearly 80% of steel exports, canceling export tariff rebates, and levying zero tariffs on imports. On the one hand, these tactics will not only promote the influx of steel raw materials into China but will also cause a shortage of supplies overseas in the medium and long term; on the other hand, canceling the export tariff rebates on steel products will be immediately reflected in the prices of exporting companies. Along with the appreciation of the RMB, this will push up the purchase prices of all products in Western countries. The CCP’s goal is to drive up global overall inflation and to crush the Western countries’ already struggling finances. Although the CCP will also experience inflation domestically, the CCP doesn’t care if its slaves (the Chinese people) starve.

The CCP is not only fighting a trade war, but also a bloody financial war. We have seen the fierce battle between the US and China for dominance in virtual currencies of the future. According to Mr. Guo, there will certainly be harsh legal punishment in the future on bitcoin speculation by Wall Street and the CCP. The US and the CCP will fight the largest legal battle in history because it (bitcoin) is a scam; it is not decentralized, but absolutely centralized. 1.4% of the owners control 97% of bitcoins. Several families of the CCP leadership control bitcoin together.

This is an all-out war. What the ordinary people see is only a fake façade embellished with makeup and lipstick. Mr. Guo affirmed that all sectors in the United States, including science and technology, knowledge, education, Hollywood, and agriculture, will fall like dominoes. The only way to save the West and the world is to take down the CCP immediately. Otherwise, the West and the entire world will be annihilated by the CCP. The middle path of catering to both sides doesn’t exist.

Author: Skagen [G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team]
Translator: billwilliam [Elite G-Translators]

Reference link:
Mr. Guo Wengui’s live video on May 24


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