The honor of the title of general is no better than a warrior uniform granted by Guo Wengui


Seven Chinese military officers have been promoted to the rank of general, the highest rank for officers in active service in China, according to Xinhua.

Political commentator Lude said in his live broadcast that among the military circles in Beijing, there spreads a saying that “giving me the title of general is no better than a warrior uniform presented by Guo Wengui.” These generals will soon be cannon fodder in the face of enemy fire.

President Xi Jinping presented the officers with certificates of order at a ceremony organized by the Central Military Commission in Beijing on Thursday.

The promoted officers are Commander of the Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) He Weidong, Political Commissar of the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command He Ping, Political Commissar of the PLA’s Southern Theater Command Wang Jianwu, Commander of the PLA’s Northern Theater Command Li Qiaoming, Commander of the PLA Rocket Force Zhou Yaning, Commander of the PLA Strategic Support Force Li Fengbiao, and head of the PLA’s Academy of Military Sciences Yang Xuejun.

This is unprecedented to promote seven officials at the same time. At the time of former Presidents Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, only 2-3 officials were promoted at one ceremony. And as we know, nearly all of the generals promoted by President Hu were either executed, put into prison or committed suicide. No one has ended with a good fortune.

When Vice-president Wang Qishan was having a kidney transplantation at some secret place in Guangzhou, President Xi has taken a fatal step in their wrestling to reinforce his power with this sudden promotion. Before the ceremony, these 7 military officials must have vowed to take down Wang Qishan and defeat the United States.

We must not forget another important event happening at the same time in Beijing. The Central Economic Work Conference was held from Tuesday to Thursday. All standing members of the Politburo attended the conference except Wang Qishan, who was said to have always directed the economic work of the government during Xi’s tenure.

Without the presence of Wang Qishan, Xi Jinping looked happy and more relaxed on stage of the economic meeting. And different from former arrangements, Premier Li Keqiang was honored to a better position in the news release by Xinhua.

Lude said, “At this critical time, they put the Premier’s photo directly under President Xi. This seems to tell that the Xi-Wang alliance no longer exists, and it has been replaced with Xi-Li alliance”.

When CCP killer Guo Wengui exposed top confidential information about the murder of former HNA Chairman Wang Jian on December 9 New York time or December 10 Beijing time, he seemed to have learned about the military promotion ahead of time. And Guo’s exposure of top secret documents released from the Central Security Commission tells that the CCP’s central system is collapsing. Either President Xi is planning for Wang’s death, or Wang is planning for Xi’s death, or there is a third power group within the CCP system that wants both Xi and Wang to die.

Guo Wengui had held firm evidence of Wang Jian’s murder planned by Wang Qishan. He revealed the truth only after America passed the Hong Kong Act, Taiwan Act, Xinjiang Act, and the rest of the world is fully united. His aim is not just Wang Qishan or Xi Jinping as an individual, but the CCP dictatorship as a whole.

Political commentator Ms. An Hong said, “Whether Wang Qishan is still alive can now be a question. He might still be in hospital after his kidney operation. Or his kidney operation might have failed so that he was not able to attend the important meetings in Beijing. Or strategically, Xi Jinping has taken advantage of his kidney operation to make his sudden deployment in the military.”

An Hong told that the feet of these 7 generals must be trembling with panic when they saluted and made their oaths of loyalty to President Xi. They must have foreseen their fate of falling into victims of this political wrestling within the CCP leadership. They must not forget, just a year ago, former generals Fang Fenghui being sent to life imprisonment or Zhang Yang hanging himself to death.

Six months ago, Wang Qishan seemed to be winning over his wrestling with Xi Jinping with his power to overlook the Hong Kong crisis. As his strategies of seven guidelines failed against Guo Wengui’s intelligence and the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act signed into law by US president Donald Trump, this means Wang has lost the game. Now, Xi has to push Wang into taking the responsibilities of the failures.

Simple-minded Xi takes the pride with his Belt and Road Initiative of global ambitions and has the confidence in his so-called China Dream, but he would come to no significant accomplishments as his dictatorship is against the trend of human civilizations. Because of Guo Wengui’s Expose Revolution, the United States and the west, awakened to the threats of the Chinese Communist Party, have joined hands to take down the communist dictatorship.

Wang Qishan has been successful to build his financial kingdom in collusion with western financiers, but the courageous Hong Kongers with their continuous protests opens up the gate to the burial of the CCP leadership. Xi and Wang are actually conjoined twins. When Wang collapses, Xi has also come to his doom.

Confronting the Trump administration, Xi and Wang in an alliance might have been proud in their Arts of War, but with the intelligence from Guo Wengui, President Trump plays his Taiji ever better in trade talks. Now, a united global force has been formed to eliminate the CCP; Xi and Wang have become running mice across the streets; and the newly promoted seven generals will definitely become the cannon fodder in the face of war.

Lude told, although Xi and Wang shared the same bed as brothers in Sha’anxi province, they are doomed to fight each other as the CCP system is a meat grinding machine. This promotion of seven generals will open a new chapter in their fight.

The grant of a warrior uniform presented by Guo Wengui may well save their lives at times of war or win them an honor for supporting freedom and democracy, but this title of general will send them to hell.

An Hong said, “At this critical moment, if you are promoted by the CCP, this promotion must be affixed with a quotation mark. These seven generals are taking up the task to die for the CCP. If their families are to celebrate this with fireworks or drums of honor, they will soon see a similar procession of funerals for their loved ones. We seem to have heard the steps of US troops and other united forces of justice moving forward to eliminate the CCP. The CCP is already a beast trapped in an iron cage. The drama might take different forms, but the end must be the complete destruction of the CCP.”

Everything is just beginning.

by Cloudy Seagail


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