The greatness of Donald Trump to kill six birds with one arrow


With the G20 deal of 90 days delay on added tariffs, US president Donald Trump and his administration have successfully made achievements in six areas in dealing with China.

First, Trump and his team has safeguarded the interests of the American people by putting “America First”. With this deal, he has won the support of the US majority.

Second, the Trump administration has safeguarded US reputation in the international community as he has shown the world that justice is with the U.S. and thus won the applaud of the world’s majority.

Third, Donald Trump has shown his consideration for the lives of 1.4 billion Chinese. This is especially important. Many people have talked about a possible “break-down or bend” in China. With the G20 deal and concern from Trump, this will not be an economic break-down; this will only be the break-down of the CCP regime. Chinese people shall not return to the old days of “eating glass”; instead, the Chinese will have an even brighter future.

Fourth, this 90 days delay has given President Xi Jinping a face. Chinese like to save face. With the deal, Chinese state media speak in one tone that the trade war has stopped and President Xi has successfully turned the table over. Trump is giving Xi enough faces, whatever the true situation is.

Fifth, with the 90-day delay, Trump succeeded in division of the forces within CCP. This is also very important. The deal is not just about trade and tariffs; it relates to many things like intellectual property rights, internet censorship, interests of power groups, etc. We all know these problems can’t be solved within 90 days, as different parties have different interests involved.

Sixth, the apparent uncertainties far beyond the 90 days or 1.2 trillion dollars purchase, or beyond internet censorship, intellectual property theft, etc. What follows about the uncertainties is more frightening for the CCP regime. All the high ranking officials within the CCP system are very clear about these uncertainties.

Behind these uncertainties, trade or tariff is only an excuse; the aim is to change that system. And every CCP official is clear about this.

With one shot, Donald Trump has taken down six birds. That’s why we say Donald Trump is a great man. He is a man of great wisdom. His greatness is the joint success of his own moral character, vision of his administration, and the advice from Miles Kwok.

President Xi has his problems, not just domestically but internationally. Within the mainland, he has the rule by totalitarianism; his party governs everything; his cult of personality arises; he tightens his censorship; he persecutes activists; he has created a police state; there is widespread corruption and the people are suffering … internationally, his belt and road initiative is widely questioned; his military expansion in the South China Sea is challenged; his intelligence interference and ideological propaganda is condemned, etc.

With his plight , President Xi and his CCP regime is facing a containment from both inside and outside, economically, culturally, militarily and morally.

Next is the retreat of foreign investment, moving of factories overseas, the brain drain, middle class migration, outflow of capital, loss of confidence, collapse of stock market and real estate market, economic recession… etc. Finally the CCP regime is doomed.

So with the G20 deal, we see Donald Trump’s strength and President Xi’s struggle for survival. Trump advances step by step, while Xi is looking for ways out. Trump has put things up on the table, while Xi is playing more under the table.

This is not just a trade war. It is a war of life and death.

By Veteran Fang and staff writer


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