The governing philosophy behind Pence’s speech and its implications


Yesterday Miles Kwok asked his friend, a Wall Street banker, “Do you know the core points behind Mike Pence’s speech?”

Let me tell you. After the speech, the whole of China became totally blind, out of directions. Before this, the Communist Party has been fully confident with their intelligence networks, with their strength in the US built on “Blue-Gold-Yellow” (BGY). They thought such kind of things could never have happened, or could not have happened at Hudson Institute, or on October 4th, the date exactly one year after Miles Kwok was refused to make his speech at the same place. None of the so-called Big-Vs on the internet or self-media has the mind to understand the core logics behind this speech.

For such a speech of Pence’s to happen, there must be at least three fundamental preconditions: first, a consensus of the Department of the Treasury, the Pentagon, the US Federal Reserve; second, a consensus of the Senate and the House of Representatives; third, a consensus in the White House of Trump’s security advisors or strategists. If anyone of them said NO, this Pence speech would not have happened.

None of the CCP officials would think that the Americans are so united this time. In their mind, that was totally impossible, like the sun rising from the west.

If we check the history of the US, this division of power has been their founding philosophy. But President Donald Trump just made it happen. He made personal phone calls to each and every one of them, telling them, “If you disagree, please tell the American people the reason why you disagree.” None of these top officials said a word of disagreement. So a consensus was reached.

Here the first and most important implication of Pence’s speech is that it is unprecedented in US history, one hundred percent consensus in a reset of national strategy in security: from anti-terrorism to anti-communism on a global scale.

After the speech, the CCP immediately sent some secret agents in the US to find out how and why this has happened. They want to know the intention of the Trump administration. “What do you mean by this?” “This Pence speech is just crazy!” “Do you want to start a third World War?” They are in much panic.

There is another point here which is also very important. Many people might be worried that President Trump would not keep his words and might step back after coming to his sense. They are more worried that “what if Donald Trump loses his midterm elections? What if he loses the 2020 elections?”

No! We do not have to worry! Absolutely impossible! From that day on, no one in the US is to ask for a turn-back of the aircraft carriers that are out for their mission.

Some people say that the US may make a deal with Beijing, that the CCP would come again having a relationship with the Americans, calling them “brothers”. NO Way! That will destroy the accountability of America, the US image will be totally ruined!

In the past eight to twenty years, the US parties have come and gone in the White House, sometimes the right, sometimes the left, all favoring the CCP. If this time the Trump administration makes a turn around, no country on earth would ever believe in what they say.

Hence the second most important implication: a governing theme here with Pence’s speech, it defines the direction of US policies for decades to come. It is irreversible.

Thirdly, ever since President Reagan’s time, President Donald Trump is the only president who publicly announced that the US is going to act against all communist parties in the world, not just the CCP. Vice President Mike Pence has delivered the same message to the CCP of China, with the implication that nothing would stop US from taking actions in the coming months and years. So there will be breakthroughs in the policy reset in politics, economics, military, culture, religion and other areas.

Mike Pence has used the simplest words in his speech so that the whole world will understand his ideas easily, that the US government has made absolute decisions in these aspects.

One example, things will get crazy in South China Sea the following weeks. The Trump administration will say to Beijing something like, “I’ll give you 72 hours to demolish the illegal artificial islands and installations there in South China Sea. Immediately, no time for negotiations! If you don’t remove them within 72 hours, we will do the job for you!”

There is no time for massage-like military drills.

By Miles Kwok and Staff translator


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