The following 30 days is critical whether we will see a military war


Dear brothers and sisters, good morning.

Today is September 23. I have been really busy these two days.

Because of the death of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, the US government has delayed some of its hammers on taking down the Chinese Communist Party.

This is bad news but since last night, things are going in another direction in our favor, which I am not going into detail today.

The internal wrestling within the CCP has strongly impacted the US presidential election.

Friends, if you have a clear idea of the nature of the CCP, you will know that their brutality not only goes to the ordinary working people, they do the same to their fellow comrades. You can see from its history of how many of its own leaders were tortured to death.

This time, suddenly, in the last one or two days, the contests among different factions of the CCP – Zeng Qinghong, Li Keqiang, Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji – these old bigwigs have all come out to show their magic powers.

They all know the next 30-40 days are the most critical time.

And, more importantly, those old bigwigs jailed in Qincheng Prison are on the move: none of them is stupid; none of them is a piece of cake.

Yesterday, I found some insider information sent to the US was fake. Some are true. I told related people not to be fooled around by them.

However, this morning, I found that there is some really big stuff.

The Pandora Box will be proved by more evidence from the CCP. The Pandora Box is one of the CCP’s 13579 plans. They told why the CCP had a brutal crackdown in Hong Kong. You have known what happened in Hong Kong and Taiwan already.

The surveillance in other countries by their network, like Zoom – Zoom will be over – Baidu, Wechat, Tiktok; they all cooperate with the CCP  to steal personal data of western individuals and politicians.

Therefore, more and more evidence has come out to prove the CCP’s threats to the world, including the coronavirus which has been discussed clearly on the table.

Once America confirms that it is a biochemical weapon, a military war will start immediately, 100%.

We should understand why President Trump hasn’t made it clear in words; lots of things cannot be said officially yet.

If he makes those official remarks, the president has to declare war. This is the American law: you have to declare war.

Now he has to prepare for the election; he has to take care of the appointment in the Justice system. The president needs the best timing to declare war.

This war will take place, absolutely. And this war will be different from all wars in the past.

The US presidential election will come to a ridiculous result that you may never have imagined.

The CCP will be beaten hard in this unprecedented war in human history. This will be unrestricted warfare, a combination of political warfare, decapitation strike and hot combats. We have never seen such a war in human history. It is a four-dimensional integration of war.

Now in the United States, you may have seen the tide have turned.

People start to question how many spies the CCP has sent to the U.S., how many media outlets the CCP has set up in the US, how many financial services of the CCP have operated in the US, how many technology and social media and internet companies are working in the US, how many government organizations have been infiltrated by the CCP, how many US officials are working for the CCP.

The United States and the west have fully understood now that the CCP is using rogue tactics, dirty tricks and other evil methods on every individual from the President to street beggars. It wants to infiltrate everybody.

The CCP is not capable of innovations, the management, or any sciences, but it has the world’s number one ability for infiltration, counterfeits, rogue tactics and dirty tricks. It treats its people this way domestically within China; and it does the same to people outside China.

So we have seen what has happened today. Internally they fight each other to death, the bloodiest fight in human history that causes brutal disasters, the result of their political fight.

Li Keqiang went to someplace called Himalaya. Is he sending us a message highlighting Himalaya?

We are not with you, Mr. Li Keqiang. You are a member of the CCP leadership. You don’t have the power or guts to challenge Xi Jinping or Wang Qishan. You are gutless; you are a loser all your life.

You want the official power but you have been treated like a puppet. Li Keqiang, you are the most feckless Prime Minister in Chinese history.

A few days ago, Wang Qishan went to meet several people secretly to show that he still cares for the lives of old comrades, saying sorry that he had not taken good care of them in the past few years due to difficult conditions.

That is bullshit! This is completely screen smoke. The truth is that he discussed with these old comrades how to unite and take down Xi Jinping. I believe Xi already knew that.

Another thing about the economy. How many more days can the fake economy of Hong Kong sustain? How many days, brothers and sisters? When the Hong Kong government is listed as a terrorist organization, its fake economy will crash immediately.

Don’t hurry, brothers and sisters. The issues of Taiwan, Tibet, Mongolia, Hong Kong, internal wrestling within Zhongnanhai, the food crisis, the economic crisis – they all come along. And I am telling you that every week in mainland China, one commercial bank goes bankrupt.

Every week!

By Miles Guo
Translated and edited by staff (G-TV)


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