The evil of Wang Qishan is out of everyone’s expectations, Guo Wengui warns Hong Kongers


Dear warrior friends! Have you done your exercise? Have you poured water onto your body? Have you spread the truth about Hong Kong’s crisis?

In the past 48 hours, less violence has been seen in Hong Kong when a smaller number of evil armed police was assigned to the streets. The peaceful chanting and singing of Hong Kong songs once again has moved the world.

Do you think the evil armed forces have left for preparation for the CCP’s 70 years anniversary? You must be wrong to have thoughts like this.

Please remember, in the history of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), when the CCP is ready to take actions against certain CCP cadres above the ministerial level, they must have a so-called conservation period in addition to collecting evidence of their crimes or wrongdoings and monitoring their daily movements.

This conservation is the CCP’s dirtiest method in persecution; that is to “fatten the pig before slaughter”. During this period, a certain CCP official should be praised, flattered in the media, asked to take up more responsibilities, and made a popular figure among the leadership.

Whether he was Chen Liangyu, Bo Xilai, Chen Xitong, or Chen Yi, Lin Biao, Liu Shaoqi, or other CCP leaders, before they were “slaughtered”, they had been promoted to a high position with great power over millions, but only submissive to the top leader.

During this conservation period, they shall be praised by the state media, surrounded by beautiful girls, flattered by other officials and have more opportunities for taking bribes. All of a sudden, an order for arrest is issued from the top leadership. This is a general practice of the CCP as a mafia gangsters-like organization.

Take a look at the lives of Li Lisan, Deng Xiaoping, Zhao Ziyang and Hu Yaobang …. How they had gone through the same “conservation period” before the persecution.

Last week, when Wang Qishan went to Guangdong, he was accompanied by the Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission, head of the armed police, leaders of Guangdong province, and local officials in charge of the crackdown in Hong Kong.

Wang Qishan said, “Close the doors and let me say a few dirty words. Have you come to the end of your wits against the protesters like little shrimps? Can’t you do something more violent? Hong Kong people fear bloodshed and deaths; they claim to honor the rule of law. Can you give any part of the law that prohibits our PLA troops to dress in Hong Kong police uniforms? We have hundreds of millions of people in Guangdong and Shenzhen. Can we send two million people there to dilute the demonstrations?”

This is why we saw the most violent confrontations on August 31 and the first week of September. That was because of a decision by Wang Qishan at the meeting. Meng Jianzhu has also stayed in Shenzhen overlooking the crackdown.

But it turned out that Wang Qishan’s plan has failed. He has underestimated the bravery and determination of the courageous Hong Kongers: they don’t fear deaths!

In recent days, the CCP leadership at Zhongnanhai came to another consensus: to create chaos in Hong Kong. Drag Hong Kong into great chaos so that they can have a “conservation period”.

Wang Qishan pledged, “We shall let the world see the chaos in Hong Kong. We shall let the world community come out to call for ending the chaos there. We must let the world community come out to request our PLA troops for a crackdown. But how to achieve this? Let there be deaths of foreigners; let there be incidents within those foreign institutions, especially the U.S. Consulate General’s office in Hong Kong.” These were Wang’s own words at the top level meeting in Beijing.

Dear Hong Kong friends! You have behaved really good these two days chanting songs in Hong Kong. But you must be fully aware of the risks and dangers ahead.

Please remember the months before the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Before June 4th, the months of April and May was a period of conservation. During the crackdowns in Xinjiang and Tibet years ago, a similar period of conservation was planned. Slaughter must come after the conservation.

You must be prepared for the worse! On the surface, you might not see more violent things happening; but under the table, the CCP is planning for more evils.

This conservation period is not a preparation for the CCP’s 70 years anniversary on October 1. It is a preparation for military crackdown sure to come.

At the same time, they are going to take away your money by manipulating the Hong Kong Stock Market. Last week in Guangdong, Wang Qishan gave orders to Pingan Group and other major state-owned enterprises to keep an eye on stability of the financial market. He requested these enterprises to play a role financially in cracking down the protests in Hong Kong.

In the coming days, Hong Kongers will find it more difficult to transfer their money out of the territory. They will find it more difficult to deal with their banks and stocks. More Hong Kongers will be charged of money laundering or other financial violations. Wang Qishan wants to use legal means to cut Hong Kongers’ connection with the outside world.

There must be martial law enforcement in Hong Kong streets.

Dear friends, do the best to protect yourselves from disasters.

God bless Hong Kongers!

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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