The dictatorship led by core leader Xi has done more evil than good to the Chinese people and beyond


Traditional Confucianism labels the people in two categories, “junzi” (gentleman or man of honor) and “xiaoren”(villain or man of evil), and Xi Jinping, the chairman of everything, has unfortunately been characterized into the group of villains.

The annual gathering of China’s Communist Party elites for strategy at Beidaihe summer resort has started another wrestling game making Xi a popular target for blame.

With that many titles of concentrated power, Xi has to take responsibility for all policy setbacks, economic and social failures, although many believe the scandal over vaccines, the brutal home arrest of professor Sun Wenguang, the Uighur reeducation camp in Xinjiang, and abnormal death of HNA co-founder Wang Jian are not his direct evils.

But surely Xi is to blame for making the whole country an unprecedented “digital police state”, and the banning of the plump bear Winnie-the-Pooh on all Chinese social media sites. Xi should not blame the “little ants” to give him the name “Xi JinPooh”.

President Xi has been challenged by academics with his fraudulent PHD degree from Tsing Hua University and his fondness to show off by reciting the book titles of many western civilizations. People would question how a “talent of everything” with civilized educational background can be so tough in pursuing the ideologies of autocracy and tightening curbs on public speech.

Maybe Xi has no other choice under the Communist Party run bureaucracy. The world has seen enough that a government claiming to serve the public has caused so many disasters to its people and their wonderful traditions.

The replacement of Xi Jinping’s image with those of Jesus and other popular gods across the country has rendered us to think of a revival of communist orthodoxy and Nazi-like propaganda drive.

Xi’s character of showing off has made the “China dream” his own dream; the new development zone in Xiong’an is only an example of his blowing off, although the movement on an area the size of Tokyo remains sketchy. The “belt and road initiative” showcases his ambition that has caused more evil than good to countries along the routes as he is building investment and infrastructure that have pulled many into traps of debt. And domestically there is mounting criticism of sending vast sums abroad when millions of Chinese remain mired in poverty.

There is little doubt that discontent among Chinese is real and widespread, and rising anxiety has spread into a degree of panic throughout society; Cracks among the top leadership have started to show, challenging Xi’s grip of power and mishandling of the escalating trade war with US.

Historically the Chinese have been hard working people honoring wisdom and cultural integrity. The government under CCP has caused destruction to their diverse and civilized traditions. Resentment from mismanagement and recent unrests has definitely posed challenges to government legitimacy in the country.

The dictatorship under President Xi has more to lose as the west starts to wake up and counteract against a vicious regime.

By cloudy Seagail


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