The darkest side of China’s justice: the persecution of Ma Jian and more


China’s ex-intelligence chief Ma Jian has been sentenced to life in prison for crimes including taking bribes and insider trading, the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court says.

“Ma Jian’s behaviour constituted the crime of accepting bribes, forcing others to trade and insider trading,” the court in Liaoning province announced in a statement, adding a hearing was held behind closed doors in August because of state secrets involved.

Ma Jian was vice-minister in the ministry of state security, which oversees foreign and counterintelligence operations.

From 1999 to 2014, the spy master used his position at the ministry to help Chinese billionaire Miles Kwok, or Guo Wengui, further his business interests, receiving over 109 million yuan ($15.9 million) in bribes, the court said, detailing several instances where the two had colluded.

Miles Kwok defends Ma’s innocence and tells about their relation right after the sentence.

“I am sad and furious after watching the news. The life sentence is out of my expectations, though Mr. Ma Jian has foreseen its happening. The only lucky thing is that he is still alive today after almost four years of torture within the prison. He is one of the few top CCP officials who have maintained the honor of a man.”

“Ma Jian came from a ‘red’ family in Jiangxi. His parents were both CCP members. After graduation from the University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing, he became a policeman and was gradually promoted to vice-minister of the Ministry of State Security. As a spy master, Ma has deep understanding of corruption within the CCP.”

“Ma Jian is a kind-hearted man who took good care of his sick parents. He personally cooked for them for over thirty years in a small family house in northern Beijing. He is one of the cleanest CCP officials I have ever met in my life. It is from my relation with Ma that I come to the conclusion: most CCP members are ordinary good people.”

“During the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, I was one of the few people in China who held the greatest number of tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies of the games. Countless officials and celebrities wished to stay at my Pangu Hotel for the ceremonies and press conferences. While many top CCP officials came to me for tickets for their lovers and family members, Ma Jian was the only one to keep away from my privileges. Ma Jian was very careful with our relation.”

“After Ma Jian was ordered to carry out an investigation into the corruption of Wang Qishan and Liu Zhihua (then mayor and vice mayor of Beijing City), his trouble began. When Liu Zhihua was sentenced to prison and Wang Qishan survived the investigation, retaliation from Wang was unavoidable. Ma had foreseen his persecution after Wang Qishan became a standing member of the Politburo at the 18th Congress.”

“In the case of Ling Jihua and the murder of his son Linggu in a car accident, Ma Jian had warned me not to speak out the truth. He even threatened to arrest me if I dared to tell the truth. To his astonishment, I refused to keep quiet. I have told him that it was a political murder that shall have significant impact on China’s rule of law, and that I must stand up to tell the truth. Everyone who has learned about the case, except myself, has either been murdered or put into prison by Wang Qishan and his subordinates”.

“In 2015, when I last met Ma Jian in Hong Kong, he told me he had received an order to go back to Beijing, and was not sure whether he would be arrested by Wang or promoted by President Xi. He foresaw the worst result – to be put into prison for life, only because he had known too much.”

“There is no doubt that this is a persecution by Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Fu Zhenghua, Sun Lijun and Jiang Zemin’s family. China’s police, procuratorate and courts all know if Ma Jian is convicted or not. The case was framed against him and me. Wang Qishan and hundreds of companies under HNA Group have insider trading every day. CCP has been kidnapped by just a few. They are the only evil doers.”

“Ma Jian deserves this persecution, as he must have done some evil with the CCP system. He is a man of conscience. He had hoped that the CCP under President Xi Jinping would promote him to Minister of State Security and might one day become good. But he was wrong. He was taking chances with his illusion. He had underestimated the vicious nature of CCP and its top leaders.”

“The vicious CCP has the fetters around the neck of every CCP member. If you have done a lot and known too much, you must be persecuted. Secretaries of Wang Qishan have become directors of some state-owned banks so that Wang himself can take out money anytime he wants. Every one of them has embezzled billions of state capital, much more than the so-called 109 million yuan allegedly received by Ma Jian as bribes”.

“If Ma Jian was called to testify in any court with proper rule of law or under legal conditions, I shall be fully convinced if he was convicted. This sentence is another firm evidence of CCP’s recklessness with its so-called rule of law. All 90 million CCP members should wake up with this, as any one of them might become the next Ma Jian. The vicious legal system will work against any CCP member if they do not wake up today.”

“If I had not left China, I must be the meat on their chopping board too. My sufferings and those of my family and colleagues are apparent examples that all private entrepreneurs in China are facing similar misfortunes. And they shall wake up as well.”

“With Ma Jian’s being sentenced to life imprisonment, it shall be my time now to take actions. Let’s wait and see after several months. Those traitors must pay the price; they must face justice by history.”

Apart from the case of Ma Jian, just two days ago, one of China’s most prominent human rights lawyers, Wang Quanzhang, has been put on trial at Tianjin No.2 Intermediate court also in closed doors three-and-a-half years after he was detained for allegedly subverting the Chinese state.

According to the indictment from prosecutors, Mr Wang is accused of subverting the Chinese state by conspiring with a foreign NGO to organise training for Chinese lawyers and by representing practitioners of the banned and highly suppressed spiritual movement Falun Gong.

The CCP has gone to its extremities with its recklessness and craziness. The forces of heavens won’t like to see more evil done by them.

For the good of 1.3 billion Chinese, let’s pray!

By Miles Kwok and staff writer


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