The communist government under vile CCP must be overthrown


If eligible 1.4 billion Chinese were granted the right to vote, over 90% of them would agree to replace the communist dictatorship with a democratic government. And don’t question this illusion number of 90% when no public voting is ever possible, the real number could be overwhelming.

Between heavens and earth, in the water, the air, and the soil, all gods and spirits would like to send the Communist Party of China (CCP) leadership, a company of gangsters and criminals, to hell.

According to Reuters yesterday, the head of China’s state-sanctioned Protestant church has claimed that western forces are trying to use Christianity to influence society and “subvert” the government, saying that Chinese Christians needed to follow a Chinese model of the religion.

Don’t just say the word “subvert”, all forces of justice and righteousness within China and in the international community want the elimination of the vicious regime. The present Chinese model of religion is to let people with faith to eat feces. The Chinese people have the right to subvert any government not in the interests of the people.

In a speech on Monday, Xu Xiaohong, the head of the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China, said there were many problems with Christianity in the country, including “infiltration” from abroad and “private meeting places”.

There is no problem with Christianity in the country; the only problem is persecution of Christians by the communist regime who is holding annual “private meetings” in the Great Hall of the People.

“It must be recognised that our movement’s surname is ‘China’ and not ‘Western’,” Xu said, according to remarks reported on Tuesday by the United Front Work Department, which is in charge of co-opting non-communists, ethnic minorities and religious groups.

China’s Constitution is the biggest joke on earth. It deceives not just the 1.4 billion Chinese population by stating that “China protects religious freedom”. The crimes of the United Front Work Department under CCP must be seriously addressed after China regains a democracy.

“Anti-China forces in the west are trying to continue to influence China’s social stability and even subvert our country’s political power through Christianity, and it is doomed to fail,’ he said, speaking to parliament’s largely ceremonial advisory body.

CCP leaders including officials in the United Front Work Department have been “skillful” in playing with words like “anti-China forces in the west”. There is only “anti-CCP” or “anti-communism” forces in the west, and in China too. Everyone loves China and the hard working Chinese people; The CCP government has kidnapped the population and it has never been legitimate to represent China or the Chinese people.

The CCP government has been notorious in cracking down on Muslims as well as underground churches, both Protestant and Catholic, even as it seeks to improve relations with the Vatican. And CCP officials claimed that the wrong view and behaviour of religious followers has seriously affected social stability, ethnic unity and religious harmony, and “has vilified the social image of the Muslim community and must be resolutely stopped.”

With such evil thought in their minds, the CCP government thus acted to lock up millions of Muslims in re-education camps, and started a nation-wide campaign to crack down Christianity across the country, demolishing temples and churches, burning the bible, and persecuting millions who follow the route of faith.

A senior official from China’s far west said on Tuesday that the internment camps for Muslim minorities there were like boarding schools and that their numbers of inmates would shrink, as the government pushed back against international criticism of the mass detentions.

My first reaction after hearing about this from the New York Times was a call to send this official and his family members to these “boarding schools”. If they are truly boarding schools, let the children and grandchildren of all CCP leaders be enrolled first into these schools.

During the two sessions, at the gathering of Xinjiang delegates of the CCP legislature, Shohrat Zahir, Chairman of the Xinjiang government, once again claimed, “In fact, our centers are like boarding schools where the students eat and live for free ..educational training centers”.

Besides sanctions already set in action by the US government against this head of CCP gangsters in Xinjiang, he should be one of the first CCP criminals to be locked up in these “training centers”.

Enough facts have been revealed to tell about the crimes of the CCP government in China, and no more are necessary. Crimes of the CCP regime against the Chinese nation and humanity have been too numerous for recording into paper. It is time for the alienated demon to leave China, to be cleared away from the beautiful land of the Middle Kingdom.

Everything is just beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


  1. i dont think you understand what the general thinking of chinese people are right now, if you think 90% would vote for democracy. That might have been true in the past but not now, especially when there is lots of propaganda on the negative sides of democracy and seeing how someone like trump can get elected. Also if the govt does a good job in making the country richer, chinese may even start thinking that dictatorship is better than democracy.


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