The Chinese Communist Party is absolutely the central threat, says Pompeo


U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has taken on Communist China strongly in another important speech at Ronald Reagan Institute on November 10 when he was asked to inaugurate this Center for Freedom and Democracy.

We know that there is no man who did more than Reagan to restore America’s confidence and advance human freedom in the post-World War II era.

When President Reagan talked about America’s founding promise at Westminster, he reminded the audience what kind of people they were: free people, worthy of freedom, and determined to not only remain so but to help others gain their freedoms as well.

Today, Pompeo recalls the legacy of Reagan, telling that “Those pillars of strength and candor are also the foundation for America’s policy towards the world’s number-one threat to freedom today: the Chinese Communist Party.”

What the Trump administration would take on this challenge during his second term in office? The secretary says “it means no more illegal claims in the South China Sea, no more coercion and co-optation of American businesses, no more consulates used as dens of spies, no more stealing of intellectual property, and no more ignoring fundamental human rights violations.  And the party’s atrocities in Xinjiang, Tibet, and elsewhere will not be tolerated.”

Pompeo told his audience today that “The fight is between authoritarianism, barbarism on one side and freedom on the other.”

We know the Secretary of State has been busy traveling across the world for a global alliance against the Communist dictatorship. Today, he shares the achievements with the patriotic audience that “From the Quad, to ASEAN, to NATO, we’ve woken them up to the threat posed by this Marxist-Leninist monster” – the Chinese Communist Party.

Pompeo told that from this day on, his colleagues, “My ambassadors, no matter where they are in the world, have China at the top of their list.”

The Chinese people have been enslaved by the Communist Party for over 70 years and even today they still don’t have the freedom of speech. The notorious Great Firewall and the increasingly strict censorship have stopped innocent Chinese from free contact with the rest of the world.

We are pleased to hear today that the Trump administration is working hard to change this when Pompeo says “It’s our fundamental effort to work to make sure that the Chinese people have access to information, data, all the things that they will need to see so that they, too, can share in these very freedoms that we all care so much about.”

The host at the Institute Mr. Zakheim’s raised the question of China’s Great Firewall, “when you think about China and you think about the great firewall, right, which reflects what China’s doing in the digital age, we’re obviously wrestling how we manage the competition with China… Maybe we should take down the great firewall and aspire for that in the same fashion that we wanted the Berlin Wall to come down.”

Pompeo’s response is, “Yeah.  In the end, the people of China will ultimately be determinative just as the people of the Soviet Union were ultimately determinative of the course of history inside of that country. ..And for us to have the capacity to permit them to tear down this firewall that has been built around China would enable the people of China to make a much different set of decisions than the one that their current leadership has taken them down – the path their current leadership is taking them down.”

After the speech, Secretary Pompeo went on in an interview with Bret Baier of Fox News the same day.

Pompeo told Bret and other Americans that “When I think about the challenges that America is presented over the next five or ten years, the Chinese Communist Party is absolutely the central threat.”

“They are here. They are influencing the way we think about the world. They have technologies that are very capable. They have stolen intellectual property that’s destroyed millions of jobs in places like Kansas and Iowa and Michigan in our heartland.” He added.

After witnessing all the evil doings of the Chinese Communist Party in interference with the US presidential election, Pompeo has encouraged the Americans to take on these threats.

“We cannot let that happen, continue to happen, and President Trump has made real progress in getting the world to recognize this threat, ” Pompeo said.

Pompeo says the Americans have been very realistic in recognizing for the first time in 40 years that the Chinese Communist Party presented an enormous threat to the security of the American people, jobs, and the American economy.

And this has to stop. And it must be stopped.

By Winnie Troppie


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